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Le: 10 01 2013 à 04:53 Auteur: aditia rahman

Few months ago I have showcased  some ecommerce site design created using prestashop, and today I compile another ecommerce showcase created using magento. Magento is the first free ecommerce platform I knew, which have the same popularity with prestashop. And today it seems magento are becoming more complex to use and they targeting more forContinue Reading

Le: 09 01 2013 à 04:22 Auteur: aditia rahman

No doubt wordpress is world most popular blog platform today, many wordpress hobbyist are became an expert, this make a new jobs as wordpress consultant and most of them make good money. Today I share somw blogs I found to learn more about wordpress, for you to become an expert in customizing wordpress, creating themesContinue Reading

Le: 04 01 2013 à 03:54 Auteur: aditia rahman

Mockup design in a web development project are one of important part, mockup design usually described the placement user interface widget of the application. Most common mockup widget in all application are similar, but it become more specific when applied to variety of device and sometimes it depending to the device OS default widget, forContinue Reading

Le: 03 01 2013 à 01:40 Auteur: aditia rahman

Lately I’ve been playing with some jquery plugin, one of them is flipbook jquery plugin. And I have an simple idea to creating an online application that look like a book that can be edited on the fly, which mean do not need admin area to edit the content. This example only presenting the frontContinue Reading