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Le: 29 06 2023 à 14:30

The AI community has been shaken by a class action lawsuit, launched in the Northern District of California on the 28th June, that alleges OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT has breached copyright laws by training its AI using private content without consent.

Le: 28 06 2023 à 14:30

Tattoos are a long-term commitment. Sure, you can get them removed with a laser, but let’s be realistic: if you get inked, you will have the design on your body for the rest of your life.

Le: 27 06 2023 à 14:30

The D&AD Awards are amongst the most prestigious in the design industry, and owning a D&AD pencil is envied across the industry. While most awards get flashed around on social media for 24 hours and then stuffed in the back of a drawer, D&AD pencils have a permanent place in the lobbies of the biggest names in the design industry.

Le: 26 06 2023 à 14:30

3 Essential Design Trends, July 2023

While the summer season seems to be the time when trends slow down some, there are still new things happening in website design. Often this is a season of design evolution, rather than complete overhauls of standard design practices.

Le: 21 06 2023 à 14:30

Future-Proof Your Writing With Bear Blog

There’s no escaping it: the biggest obstacle writers face is that blank page. Sometimes that white rectangle seems like such a lonely place that we’d do almost anything to avoid it. When you’re a blogger, the number one form of procrastination is “working” on your site.

Le: 19 06 2023 à 14:30

15 Best New Fonts, June 2023

Choosing the right font is essential not just because it conveys a tone of voice or a personality for your text but because some typefaces are more simply more readable than others. We write this roundup of the best new fonts we’ve found online each month, to give you a place to start.

Le: 14 06 2023 à 14:30

Using Color Wheel Combinations in Your Designs

Have you ever looked at a beautiful website but thought, “I hate those colors?” No? Of course, not. That’s because color, and more specifically, color combinations, are integral to our notions of beauty — you wouldn’t find a design appealing if you disliked the colors.

Le: 12 06 2023 à 14:30

20 Best New Websites, June 2023

Every month we take the opportunity to look at some of the most creative and innovative website designs to be launched in the previous four weeks.

Le: 07 06 2023 à 14:30

Are Simple Websites Better For Business?

As web design technologies raise the bar on what it is possible to achieve on a realistic budget, there’s a rising debate about whether increasing features and functionality offer increased value or whether simple websites are better for businesses.

Le: 05 06 2023 à 22:30

Apple Opts for AR over VR at WWDC

An Apple VR headset has been one of the most widely-rumored devices of the last few years, and it was finally settled as Apple unveiled its AR headset at WWDC today.

Le: 05 06 2023 à 14:30

Exciting New Tools for Designers, June 2023

We’re halfway through 2023 already, and the number of incredible apps, tools, and resources for designers is mounting.