Webdesigner Depot - Archives (septembre 2023)

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Le: 28 09 2023 à 14:30

We’re all familiar with rebrands going wrong, but what happens when they go right? From McDonald’s health kick to Burberry’s iconic turnaround, hold on to your hats as we explore the ten most successful rebrands of all time.

Le: 25 09 2023 à 14:30

Every now and then, website design trends can leave you scratching your head. This month’s collection includes some of those.

Le: 24 09 2023 à 14:30

Every Sunday, we round up the best stories from webdesignernews.com. This issue features UX principles to improve your sites and apps, typography trends, a social rebrand, the best logos from the 1960s, and AI news. Plus, tons more! Let’s dive in!

Le: 20 09 2023 à 14:30

For anyone working in a digital creative field, whether design, illustration, animation, video, or a combination of them all, one of the most powerful tools for getting work is a good portfolio site.

Le: 18 09 2023 à 14:30

Nothing upgrades your designs like selecting the right font. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of using the same typeface over and over, so every month, we publish this roundup to freshen up your font menu.

Le: 16 09 2023 à 14:30

Le: 15 09 2023 à 14:30

When you hire graphic designers to create your company's logo, what do you expect? Professional designs, culturally sensitive icons, creativity, and originality don't sound like too big an ask. Unfortunately, these brands got more than they bargained for.

Le: 12 09 2023 à 14:30

If you’re looking for the most exciting way to launch a career in AI-generated art, then you’re in the right place.

Le: 11 09 2023 à 14:30

Are you in need of design inspiration? Are you looking for the best websites designed in 2023 to pull ideas, techniques, and trends from? Do you just love web design and enjoy seeing what’s out there? Whatever your reason for being here, welcome!

Le: 08 09 2023 à 14:30

As web designers, our role in crafting user-friendly digital landscapes is critical. We are tasked with creating user experiences that make visitors feel comfortable and respected. This, in turn, creates benefits for our clients by improving repeat visits and achieves the site’s ultimate aims, whether that is sales revenue or some less tangible form of metric.

Le: 07 09 2023 à 16:30

You plan to set up shop with an online store. You know there’ll be competition. And to compete with or beat that competition your online store must showcase products people want to buy. And provide them with an engaging shopping experience that will encourage them to do exactly that.

Le: 06 09 2023 à 14:30

Yes, designers do need marketing tools. From freelance graphic designers who need to land more work to designers who work for another company, there’s always a need to understand basic marketing.

Le: 04 09 2023 à 14:30

At the end of another summer, we are all getting ready to knuckle down for some serious work in the fall. But we want to help you work smarter, not harder, so to that end, we’d like to present you with this latest round of exciting new tools for designers and developers.