Webdesigner Depot - Archives (mars 2024)

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Le: 29 03 2024 à 13:30

Consumer expectations for a responsive, immersive, and visually appealing website experience have never been higher. In fact, 72% report that a badly designed website affects their opinion of a business.

If your website is badly designed, you may lose potential customers, waste money, increase bounce rates, decrease conversion rates, and damage your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings.

Le: 27 03 2024 à 15:30

Is searching for the best web design tools to suit your needs akin to having a recurring bad dream? Does each “promising ad” look like any other, and you find yourself reading them over and over again?

We published this list to give you some temporary, and hopefully permanent, relief.

Le: 25 03 2024 à 13:30

Ready to jump into some amazing new design ideas for Spring? Our roundup has everything from UX to color trends covered.

Le: 20 03 2024 à 13:30

Planning a new website can be exciting and — if you’re anything like me — a little daunting. Whether you’re an experienced freelancer, a team of hardened developers, or a small business owner, a well-structured plan is critical for success.

Le: 18 03 2024 à 13:30

Welcome to March’s edition of our roundup of the best new fonts for designers. This month’s compilation includes interesting new uses for variable font technology, some warm, approachable typefaces, and a couple of excellent scripts.

Le: 13 03 2024 à 13:30

Generative AI is a fascinating technology. Far from the design killer some people feared, it is an empowering and creative tool, especially when the entry-level is reduced.

Le: 11 03 2024 à 13:30

Welcome to our pick of sites for March. This month’s collection tends towards the simple and clean, which goes to show that minimalism never truly goes out of style. Whether it’s about getting a lot of information across, or using space to create a sense of luxury, keeping things appear simple is an approach that solves many design challenges. Enjoy!

Le: 01 03 2024 à 14:30

It hardly seems possible given the radical transformations we’ve seen over the last few decades, but the web design landscape is evolving faster than ever.