Webdesigner Depot - Archives (avril 2024)

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Le: 29 04 2024 à 14:30

Just like web design, type design follows trends. And while there’s always room for an exciting outsider, we tend to see similar fonts released at similar times.

Le: 22 04 2024 à 14:30

Integrated navigation elements, interactive typography, and digital overprints are three website design trends making waves this month. Let's take a look at each design trend with some fun examples.

Le: 17 04 2024 à 14:30

Writing for the web is different from all other formats. We typically do not read to any real depth on the web; we scan-read.

Le: 15 04 2024 à 14:30

Welcome to our sites of the month for April. With some websites, the details make all the difference, while in others, it is the overall tone or aesthetic that lifts the standard. In this collection, we have instances of both.

Le: 08 04 2024 à 14:30

Welcome to our April tools collection. There are no practical jokes here, just practical gadgets, services, and apps to make life that little bit easier and keep you working smarter.

Le: 05 04 2024 à 14:30

The digital landscape is evolving rapidly. With the advent of AI, every sector is witnessing a revolution, including web design.

Le: 01 04 2024 à 14:30

User Experience (UX) is one of the most important fields of design, so it should come as no surprise that there are a multitude of tools available to help UX designers succeed.