Webdesigner Depot - Archives (mai 2024)

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Le: 27 05 2024 à 14:30

Summer is off to a fun start with some highly dramatic website design trends showing up in projects. Let's dive in!

Le: 20 05 2024 à 14:30

Every month we put together this collection of the best new fonts we’ve found online in the previous weeks.

Le: 16 05 2024 à 14:30

On average, a web page produces 4.61 grams of CO2 for every page view; for whole sites, that amounts to hundreds of KG of CO2 annually.

Le: 13 05 2024 à 14:30

Welcome to May’s compilation of the best sites on the web. This month we’re focused on color for younger humans, monochrome for sophisticated humans, and (surprisingly) SWF-style loading screens.

Le: 08 05 2024 à 14:30

Web designers employ user testing to evaluate a website’s functionality and overall UX (user experience). Various methods are used to gather feedback, but they all boil down to observing how users interact with the UI (user interface).

Le: 06 05 2024 à 14:30

This year, we’ve seen a wave of groundbreaking apps and tools. AI is reshaping the industry, enhancing productivity, and helping us work smarter, not harder.

Le: 01 05 2024 à 14:30

Design trends evolve at a blistering pace, especially in web design. On multi-month projects, you might work on a cutting-edge design after the kick-off meeting, only to launch a dated-looking site.