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Le: 29 07 2020 à 14:23 Auteur: Pasquale Vitiello

Featured image of Redaction font

Redaction is a free serif typeface available in 3 styles (Regular, Italic, Bold) and 7 grades of degradation, for a total of 21 fonts.

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Le: 22 07 2020 à 11:57 Auteur: Pasquale Vitiello

GoSurf presentation image

GoSurf is captivating website template for Sketch made of dark backgrounds, cool images, and bold typography.

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Le: 15 07 2020 à 11:48 Auteur: Pasquale Vitiello

Tabler Icons preview

Tabler Icons provides 550+ free highly customizable vector icons in SVG format.

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Le: 08 07 2020 à 13:13 Auteur: Pasquale Vitiello

266 icons for user interfaces

A free set of 266 icons in 3 sizes (16/20/24px) for building user interfaces or wireframes, designed and released by Tetrisly.

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Le: 01 07 2020 à 12:28 Auteur: Pasquale Vitiello

Vending Machine preview

Vending Machine is a free UI kit for payment apps designed by Massimiliano Bolognesi.

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