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Use AI Prompts to help with coding, marketing, research, product management, and much more.

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Your branding may be polished with a few clicks and swipes using online graphic design tools like Canva and Adobe. But what if you could create a professionally designed artwork from a blank canvas with just a few words?

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Forget your title, this is about how to work cross-functionally and make an impact. “UX design” was a necessary variation, but now it boxes us in. You can practice the same skills but reformat your communications.

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On ecommerce apps, livestream helps answer user questions in real time. On social-networking apps, it encourages shopping as a new way of entertainment.

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No-Code Ninja: 780+ no-code tools for startups. Marketing, design, finance and more. Easy-to-use interface and organized categories. Try free version with 110+ tools or upgrade to pro for 380+.

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Ironhack challenged us to create a Wellness app to understand people’s relationship with mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and develop a tool to drive them to action.

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No physical or visual interaction needed

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DiskCopy est un outil de clonage de disque/partition moche mais idéal pour migrer vos données ou faire de la sauvegarde. Il dispose de fonctionnalités cool comme la possibilité de changer de MBR à GPT, toujours bootable et options de gestion complète de disque/partition. Testez-le dès maintenant, en version bêta !