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Le: 30 12 2016 à 16:48 Auteur: Iggy

Here is a nice collection of 40 festive brochure templates that you can use for the holiday season. Download and use all of these beautifully designed items and use them to promote various holiday events such as Christmas plays, musicals, pageants, banquets, and more. They can also be used to promote businesses or to inform the public about […]

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Le: 29 12 2016 à 19:46 Auteur: Sara Reynolds

From the first known color used in art, red ochre, found in prehistoric cave paintings, to the gambit of paints available at your local craft store, color has always had its place in the world of art and design. In design, we use color to add emphasis, evoke emotion, and communicate meaning. The subject of […]

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Le: 28 12 2016 à 18:58 Auteur: Iggy

The holiday season is always a busy time for designers. Designing graphics for Christmas sales, creating Christmas presentations, newsletters, landing pages, brochures, flyers and even Christmas cards can be very time consuming to make from scratch. That’s when Christmas templates like these come in handy!  We decided to gather here in this large roundup, some […]

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Le: 27 12 2016 à 18:18 Auteur: Iggy

Take a look at this excellent collection of 40 Christmas After Effects templates that you can use to create festive corporate presentations, animated Christmas cards and more. There are multiple ways you can use these great elements: for websites, newsletters, as Christmas greeting cards, or simply customize and send them to friends or family. These items […]

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Le: 26 12 2016 à 14:29 Auteur: Iggy

Winter is here! Take a look at these 20 winter-themed infographic templates that you can use for both digital and printed projects. You can choose between various file formats: PSD, AI, JPG, etc. to make your job easier. All the infographic templates contain fully customizable vector elements that can be edited to fit your needs. […]

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Le: 23 12 2016 à 16:50 Auteur: Iggy

Take a look at this excellent bundle of 20 free shopping bag mockups that you can download and use for free. These mockups were created by experienced designers and will definitely make your packaging design project look professional. You can use these pre-designed templates to save time, and not start creating a new layout from scratch. These […]

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Le: 22 12 2016 à 18:10 Auteur: Sara Reynolds

The world of design is ever-evolving. Styles and aesthetics ebb and flow as new eye-catching designs come in and old favorites lose popularity. Some trends stick around awhile, while others start with a bang but quickly burn out. While we predict that some of the trends from 2016 will have some staying power for the […]

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Le: 21 12 2016 à 18:44 Auteur: Iggy

Digital marketing tools are extremely important for your business, be it online or offline, and can help you improve your online performances. Whether you need assistance for your website, social networks, email, customer chat, etc. there is a marketing tool that assists you at every step and helps you grow your business. These great digital marketing […]

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Le: 20 12 2016 à 17:47 Auteur: Iggy

Take a look at these beautiful winter pictures that were taken by experienced photographers. These are high-quality images that can be downloaded and used for free for both personal and commercial purposes. Browse through these 20 magical free winter stock photos, choose your favorites and save them to your design collection or use them in your […]

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Le: 19 12 2016 à 17:18 Auteur: Iggy

If you are planning to send your friends, employees or family Christmas cards this year, you definitely need to take a look at these beautiful cards that you can edit yourself. You can choose between lots of pre-designed layouts. These freebies are available for download and they come in PSD format which makes them easily […]

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Le: 17 12 2016 à 09:21 Auteur: Iggy

Today we will be reviewing A2 Hosting, a website hosting provider that has been helping thousands of websites with reliable, affordable hosting since 2003. A2 Hosting isn’t like your typical hosting company. When you visit their home page, you will immediately see that they advertising speed. Website loading speed is extremely important in this day and […]

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Le: 16 12 2016 à 17:56 Auteur: Iggy

Whether you are just beginning to work with Photoshop or you’re an experienced designer, these free post-processing Photoshop tutorials are perfect if you are looking forward to learning new effects or finding easier ways on how to create them. This is a hand-picked selection of various effects and Photoshop tricks that you can use to […]

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Le: 15 12 2016 à 18:25 Auteur: Iggy

This round-up contains 15 awesome Joomla templates developed by Joomla is an open source CMS that powers millions of websites. You can read more about it here. Each Joomla template from TemplateMonster can boast the following features: Responsive designs. Joomla themes contain 14 module position rows that allow you to have over 80 module […]

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Le: 14 12 2016 à 17:29 Auteur: Iggy

Fonts are essential elements in the designing process that can really make your website or any graphic design project stand out. It is important to choose the right fonts combinations according to your project’s overall look. When you need to use more than one font for a project, it may be difficult and time-consuming to […]

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Le: 13 12 2016 à 20:36 Auteur: Iggy

As a freelancer, it can be quite a challenge to find great jobs that best fit your skills and are paid the right amount according to your qualification. Here is where this selection of websites comes in handy. These were created specifically to connect companies and entrepreneurs for various short or long term projects. Using […]

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Le: 12 12 2016 à 19:40 Auteur: Iggy

Here is an excellent selection of 20 lightweight web design markdown editors that can be very useful for developers. These editors come with lots of amazing features that will assist you in coding faster and better. Some of the best features are folder navigator, live preview, various fonts, multi-tabs, custom styles, great themes, multilingual, 100% responsive, […]

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Le: 09 12 2016 à 18:37 Auteur: Iggy

Social media tools are perfect for maintaining a powerful marketing campaign, promote your brand and keep your audience engaged. There are lots of well-known social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and sometimes it gets time-consuming to use all of them at the same time. For this particular reason, these great social media marketing […]

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Le: 08 12 2016 à 18:03 Auteur: Iggy

Take a look at this selection of gorgeous, free weather icons you can use for your website, apps or any kind of web related projects. Browse through these 20 icon sets, select the ones you like and use them in your current or future projects. This hand-picked selection offers a variety of free weather icons, […]

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Le: 07 12 2016 à 17:48 Auteur: Iggy

It is important for any designer to have as many fonts as possible, to help them get inspired and create beautiful graphic design projects fit for any kind of niche. This selection of free chunky fonts can be easily used to catch the reader’s attention in headlines or for delivering important messages. These chunky typefaces are […]

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Le: 06 12 2016 à 17:52 Auteur: Iggy

If you’re a self-proclaimed read-aholic, you probably run a book review blog in addition to writing your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. (If you don’t already have a blog set up, it can be tons of fun, giving you a platform to share your ideas and connect with a community of authors and readers.) Your […]

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Le: 05 12 2016 à 16:46 Auteur: Iggy

When you want to create stunning effects in Adobe Photoshop, a really great and fast way is to use brushes. Working with pre-designed light effects brushes will save you a lot of time and you can rapidly make amazing artworks. These are great to use for both digital or printed projects and are meant to […]

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Le: 02 12 2016 à 17:28 Auteur: Iggy

Check out this excellent compilation of 40 directory WordPress themes that you can use to rapidly create powerful directory websites. These amazing templates can be used for car dealerships, real estate, travel, jobs, restaurants, hotels, and more. WordPress templates are perfect for designing a professional online directory quickly and easily!  These themes are easily customizable and have various […]

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Le: 01 12 2016 à 18:38 Auteur: Iggy

Apps can become great tools for any designer as they can be used to quickly create sketches, draw simple plans, edit colors and fonts for your device, socialize with others from the design community, showcase your designs and more. Android apps can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store and rapidly installed to your device. […]

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