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Le: 29 10 2019 à 14:30 Auteur: Harsh Raval

It is Halloween time! And having a scary makeover is a must. However, in reality, this can be very expensive and also complicated. Even for experienced makeup artists, achieving a scary makeup that passes the test of time and partying can be difficult. Thereby, we have come up with a perfect tutorial for you, which lets […]

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Le: 22 10 2019 à 17:52 Auteur: Harsh Raval

‘Less is more” is a frequently used phrase these days across various industries such as interior design, fashion, art, website design, and even packaging design. When we talk about graphic design, many people have drawn influences and adapted the less is more approach in their design style. This is known as Minimalism. British Philosopher Richard […]

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Le: 18 10 2019 à 19:04 Auteur: Harsh Raval

Just like other commercial businesses, the health and fitness sector has started reaching an online audience. Today, people have become more health-conscious. They care more about what they drink and eat. Some set reminders on their phones to exercise 30 minutes daily while some buy fitness watches to count their steps all day. There are […]

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Le: 16 10 2019 à 18:08 Auteur: Iggy

Web design is constantly growing and evolving. Staying current can seem like a full-time job — today’s hot design trend could be tomorrow’s cause for mockery and disdain. But at the same time, an outmoded website can send the message that you’re out of touch, or worse, just don’t care. Here are a few ways […]

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Le: 14 10 2019 à 19:48 Auteur: Harsh Raval

With the pace of change in trends and design world, it at times gets very exhausting for both designers as well as their audience to adapt and accept the ever-changing trends and to keep up with them. This is where Vintage design gains its popularity. By inculcating vintage design practices, you allow the audience to […]

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Le: 09 10 2019 à 17:16 Auteur: Harsh Raval

Event Organizers/Managers do project management to create and develop large-scale events such as conferences, festivals, weddings, ceremonies, concerts, formal parties, or conventions. They have to study the brand, understand its target audience, plan the concept, and coordinate the technicalities before the actual launch of the event. Many large organizations and individuals often rely on such […]

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Le: 07 10 2019 à 18:11 Auteur: Harsh Raval

For every individual across the globe, their Wedding Day is extremely important. They value and cherish this day to the end of their lives. If you are working on creating a website for such a joyous celebration, you should ensure you have a beautiful, welcoming website that puts extra light on this beautiful and happy […]

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Le: 03 10 2019 à 17:56 Auteur: Harsh Raval

More than 15,000 practitioners of yoga graduate each year from teaching training.  With the growing competition in this ever-growing popular field, it becomes essential to use all the tools in one’s power to stand out from the rest. One such important and powerful tool is a yoga website. However, just having a website won’t cut […]

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