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Le: 28 04 2021 à 18:45 Auteur: Bogdan Sandu

You need attendees if you want a successful event. Nowadays, it’s easy to create an event on Facebook and invite people there. Yet, if people click ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘maybe’, that doesn’t show the actual attendance. Even websites are willing to provide users with general information, give them event education, and the reason for actually […]

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Le: 26 04 2021 à 18:49 Auteur: Harsh Raval

Taking the design world up by a storm, flat designs are the most popular trend which is going around today. Every icon and company logo is going through a flat-design revamp in order to appeal to the audience that is taken away by the minimalist design of the Flat Design style.  Even Apple has succumbed […]

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Le: 21 04 2021 à 19:10 Auteur: Harsh Raval

As important as small and light fonts are, strong and bold fonts are equally essential to a web designer. No designer can solely work with light fonts, as that limits their creativity and means of communication. Bold fonts help to attract the viewer’s attention and draw them towards your product or service. From newspapers to […]

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Le: 16 04 2021 à 15:24 Auteur: Iggy

UX design is a very crucial element as far as app development is concerned. UX design defines the user experience and can therefore make or break your application. Whether it is a mobile, website, or desktop app, you ought to ensure that your UX design seamlessly attracts customers/users or risks thrown out of the game. […]

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Le: 14 04 2021 à 16:42 Auteur: Harsh Raval

Designing an icon is very different from designing a graphic. In icons, you have certain limitations and rules which you can not avoid. On any platform and for any design, icons play the role of a communicator. Icons are small designs that reduce the use of words and enhance the overall design. In websites and […]

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Le: 12 04 2021 à 14:50 Auteur: Harsh Raval

Even though people struggled to cope with isolation and an anti-social lifestyle in the past year, creative individuals never ceased to dazzle the world with their innovative ideas. From musicians to illustrators, everyone channelized their energy to create something new. And web designers were no different.  By exploring different mediums of visual communication and creating […]

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Le: 08 04 2021 à 16:37 Auteur: Kate Dagli

You can fail to deliver a product on time for any of several reasons. A fairly common one is a situation in which your work comes to a halt. It is because you don’t have the means to satisfy a client’s specific requirement or specification. It could be that one your design tools isn’t quite […]

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Le: 07 04 2021 à 18:34 Auteur: Harsh Raval

A well-performing website has to meet a number of parameters decided by search engines, developers, and designers. Building and maintaining a website is a huge task, and it requires great precision and effort. There are so many essential elements that make your website perfect, and CSS is one of them. CSS helps you to decide […]

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Le: 05 04 2021 à 16:01 Auteur: Harsh Raval

One of the most widely used applications of Adobe Suite would be InDesign. Primarily, it is used to create a variety of publications, be it lifestyle magazines, technical brochures, or entire novels. It may not appear to be as fancy as Photoshop or CorelDraw, but it has a lot of potential. While playing around with […]

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