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Le: 30 09 2021 à 14:48 Auteur: Iggy

It is almost October again, can you believe that? Don’t be sad though, as you still have some time to rest and enjoy the nice weather. While you were relaxing, we decided to prepare a collection of 20+ free editable lesson plan templates in Google Docs for teachers and students. These templates will facilitate your […]

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Le: 28 09 2021 à 18:19 Auteur: Iggy

Looking for the relevant education or science template in Google Slides? Fall is coming which means that studying-related templates are in demand again. Of course, it is better to look for the templates in Google Slides because they are easy to use. However, let’s agree that it is not so simple to find an appropriate […]

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Le: 27 09 2021 à 18:20 Auteur: Harsh Raval

Some excellent stone and tile textures can be very helpful for related industries like architecture, material, interior, trading, mining, and geology. There can be an end number of purposes, and you may need different stone textures for every new project. You can find some fantastic textures online created by various artists and taken as a […]

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Le: 23 09 2021 à 14:54 Auteur: Iggy

Here’s a common scenario: you came up with the perfect domain name, but someone’s already taken it. In 2019, the internet grew to 362.3 million domain names. This number only continues to increase, so it’s no surprise if you’re having trouble securing the right domain name. However, just because someone else has your desired domain […]

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Le: 22 09 2021 à 19:45 Auteur: Harsh Raval

Creating an eCommerce website has become a lot easier now, thanks to the special plugins and features of WooCommerce and other platforms. In addition, over time, they have been equipped with very reliable tools that help solve any problems that the developer may come across.  However, as a developer, you cannot wholly rely on the […]

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Le: 20 09 2021 à 18:00 Auteur: Harsh Raval

Creating a stunning logo is an art in itself. Time and again, we come across such logos that leave a lasting impression on us. This is the very objective of the logo that it helps create a sustainable brand recall amongst the viewers. Designers give in all their creativity to come up with meaningful and […]

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Le: 15 09 2021 à 15:39 Auteur: Iggy

Modern web designers are like a jack of all trades because they possess lots of soft skills, and know how to design, test, and even sell their designed projects to big companies. When looking at the open vacancies where employers seek web designers, there are now also basic requirements of coding. If you have never […]

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Le: 13 09 2021 à 15:46 Auteur: Harsh Raval

Halloween is the fun beginning of the holiday season. Halloween is associated with parties, themes, celebrations, activities, and enjoyment. And to support you in your invitations, cards, banners, decorations, and other designs, we have curated this post of 21 scary fonts to give a horror feel to your designs – right in time for Halloween. […]

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Le: 08 09 2021 à 15:32 Auteur: Harsh Raval

Good quality creative textures can make an excellent background as they act as the primary foundation or help any other object to achieve its perfect look. Textures can be related to any theme and nature, so to narrow down the discussion, we have listed 23 fantastic industrial textures that you should have in your collection. […]

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Le: 06 09 2021 à 13:47 Auteur: Iggy

For years, website builders have been derided for underdelivering on what they promise to provide. Many claim to be capable of creating the so-called “professional-looking” sites on the fly, but they fail to live up to expectations virtually all of the time. Shawn Hessinger, the Executive Editor of Small Business Trends, lists a number of […]

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Le: 03 09 2021 à 17:03 Auteur: Bogdan Sandu

It might be tough to develop a name brand in an industry as competitive as graphic design. With excellent figures indicating that viewers recall 95 percent of a message with video vs only 10 percent with text alone, it’s no surprise that businesses are increasingly embracing motion graphics. They are a mainstay in the startup […]

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