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Zend Press Releases

Le: 22 12 2015 à 12:51 Auteur: Dima Zbarski

Running a cluster of PHP servers on AWS can be a complex task to say the least, and in this article we will look into the various tasks involved in managing a PHP clustered environment. We will look into why it can be a complex and tricky task and how Zend Server help alleviate the pain involved. Introducing […]

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Le: 10 12 2015 à 12:07 Auteur: Daniel Berman

One of the most exciting features introduced in Zend Server 8.5 is the Zend Gallery – an online marketplace for plugins that extend Zend Server’s and Z-Ray’s functionality, and that have been developed by other users for the entire community to use. Zend Server was opened to community innovation, and the PHP community as a whole […]

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