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Le: 31 12 2013 à 09:22 Auteur: Cameron

Fluidbox is a lightbox module with fluid transitions as seen on Medium. It’s versatile, easy to use, and even works with floating images.

Le: 30 12 2013 à 09:11 Auteur: Cameron

Brainy.io lets you write a Backbone client application without regard for the server, because it creates the server for you. It relies on REST and Backbone best practices.

Le: 29 12 2013 à 09:38 Auteur: Cameron

Makeappicon makes it incredibly quick and simple to generate properly sized icons for your Android or iOS apps. Just drag and drop your icon file (JPG, PNG, or PSD) onto the page and you’ll get all the formats you need.

Le: 28 12 2013 à 09:08 Auteur: Cameron

Zotonic is an open-source framework for full-stack web development, from front-end to back-end. It’s powered by Erlang, allowing it to be fault tolerant and have excellent performance.

Le: 27 12 2013 à 09:31 Auteur: Cameron

HornetQ is an open-source multi-protocol messaging system that’s built in Java with a POJO-based design. It offers high performance, its own messaging API, and a comprehensive management API.

Le: 26 12 2013 à 09:12 Auteur: Cameron

Ever wanted to add fast, non-polluting, jQuery-like features to RubyMotion? RubyMotion Query allows you to do just that, including support for gestures and events, animations, stylers and stylesheets, image utilities, and much more.

Le: 25 12 2013 à 09:07 Auteur: Cameron

Myth is a preprocessor that lets you write pure CSS without regard to slow browser support. It adds prefixes for common browsers automatically, as well as giving you the benefits of LESS and Sass and the ability to future-proof your CSS.

Le: 24 12 2013 à 09:29 Auteur: Cameron

Koa is a next-generation web framework for Node.js, designed by the team behind Express. It aims to be a more expressive and more robust foundation for web applications and APIs, while also being smaller than similar solutions.

Le: 23 12 2013 à 09:22 Auteur: Cameron

Zepto Builder is an online version of Zepto’s ./make dist. Choose which modules you want to include from the list and get your own custom build.

Le: 22 12 2013 à 09:13 Auteur: Cameron

Lazy Load XT is a jQuery plugin for loading effects on images, videos, and other media. It works with YouTube videos, jQuery mobile, the Zepto library, and much more.

Le: 21 12 2013 à 09:44 Auteur: Cameron

Rails Assets acts as a frictionless proxy between Bundler and Bower that automatically packages components into gems. They can then be easily dropped into your asset pipeline and stay up to date.

Le: 20 12 2013 à 09:33 Auteur: Cameron

Chainvas is a modular library that allows you to add chaining capabilities to virtually any API that isn’t natively chainable. It’s 1-2kb minified and fully documented.

Le: 19 12 2013 à 09:59 Auteur: Cameron

Slow.js makes it possible to slow down your CSS transitions when a key is pressed, based on a predefined factor. It’s currently compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, has no dependencies, and supports multiple transition speeds, among other features.

Le: 18 12 2013 à 09:52 Auteur: Cameron

.NET Fiddle simplifies the viewing and testing of .NET code online, without having to open up Visual Studio. It’s based on JSFiddle and includes tools for collaboration.

Le: 17 12 2013 à 09:37 Auteur: Cameron

Validatious 2.0 offers up easy, unobtrusive form validation with JavaScript. It has no required dependencies (though it works fine with libraries), is cross-browser compatible, customizable, extensible, and easy to use.

Le: 16 12 2013 à 09:11 Auteur: Cameron

Spark.js is a lightweight 3D particle engine and library in JavaScript that’s compatible with both Three.js and Tween.js. It’s simple to use and fun to play with.

Le: 15 12 2013 à 09:23 Auteur: Cameron

Envision.js is a library for creating dynamic, interactive, and fast HTML5 visualizations from your data. Create time series visualizations with real-time or existing data, financial charts, and much more.

Le: 14 12 2013 à 09:15 Auteur: Cameron

Ever wanted to add Easter eggs (like the Konami code) to your websites? Cheet.js makes it super easy to do so—and not just the Konami code, but virtually any kind of code you want.

Le: 13 12 2013 à 09:41 Auteur: Cameron

Videogular is an HTML5 video game player for AngularJS that includes bindable properties, and an API for developing your own plugins. It includes native fullscreen support, as well as mobile support.

Le: 12 12 2013 à 09:13 Auteur: Cameron

Soulmate is a tool to help you build an autocomplete feature faster, using Redis’s sorted sets. It builds an index of partially completed words and their corresponding top matching items, and then provides a simple Sinatra app to query them and finish your sentences.

Le: 11 12 2013 à 09:30 Auteur: Cameron

Plates is a fast, easy to use, and easy to extend native PHP templating system. It aims to bring modern template language functionality to PHP, to allow developers to create native templates rather than having to work with compiled ones.

Le: 10 12 2013 à 09:27 Auteur: Cameron

If you work with Batman.js, this Batman.js Devtools Chrome extension is an invaluable tool. It includes a variety of tools useful for developing with Batman.js right in your browser.

Le: 09 12 2013 à 09:21 Auteur: Cameron

Zas is “the most zen static website generator ever” that uses nothing more than some markdown files and a layout for creating static sites. It’s highly configurable and very stable.

Le: 08 12 2013 à 09:16 Auteur: Cameron

Simple Invoicing is a free invoicing app built on AngularJS that you can use as a web app or clone and customize. It has no heavy duty features, no monthly fees, and is very easy to use.

Le: 07 12 2013 à 09:04 Auteur: Cameron

Yaf is the fastest PHP framework, and the first PHP MVC framework that was written in C and built as a PHP extension. It’s well-tested and consumes very few resources.

Le: 06 12 2013 à 09:51 Auteur: Cameron

DynoSRC lets you minimize HTTP requests for your JavaScript files and serve differential updates to your users on the fly. This saves on both the number of HTTP requests it makes, as well as the size of those requests, saving you bandwidth and more.

Le: 05 12 2013 à 09:24 Auteur: Cameron

Nette Framework is a modern PHP framework with revolutionary security, an object-oriented design, exceptional performance, and an easy learning curve. It also has an active community, and gives you plenty of flexibility to do what you need to do.

Le: 04 12 2013 à 09:15 Auteur: Cameron

UUhistle.org is a program visualization tool for beginner programming education. Use UUhistle.org to improve your code-tracing skills, as well as your understanding of programming concepts and programming-language constructs.

Le: 03 12 2013 à 09:19 Auteur: Cameron

Object Playground is a visualization and experimentation tool for JavaScript objects. It works right in your browser and is easy to use.

Le: 02 12 2013 à 09:02 Auteur: Cameron

jQuery ReStable is a jQuery plugin that makes your tables responsive by turning them into UL lists when necessary. It’s lightweight, around 1kb, and very simple.

Le: 01 12 2013 à 09:45 Auteur: Cameron

NudgePad is an in-browser development environment that makes prototyping much faster. It includes tools for collaborating and working with a team, and it’s expandable.