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We wish our readers Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year! We will be back early January with more news and stories!

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Adobe’s general counsel shares more about the decision.

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On December 11, WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg traveled to beautiful Madrid, Spain, to deliver his annual State of the Word keynote.

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If you look closely, you’ll find decades-old technology. And it’s not limited to outdated websites. The fingerprints of the past are all over cutting-edge sites as well.

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A canvas in Art & Time.  Visit & see 1 image per sec for each sec of the day. Repeats every day. Forever. Tell a joke, promote a webcomic or grow business in this fun, creative format. There are 86,400 seconds in a day. Which are yours?

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Jakob Nielsen’s message to all designers (past, present and future).

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As 2023 comes to a close, we decided to highlight some typefaces and foundries that have caught our eye, compiling them into a handy list.

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But as I’ve learned in 20+ years of writing code, there’s always going to be a drawback to using any tool that “makes life easier”. In this case, AI-based tools that use ChatGPT or some other AI-based foundation are similar to the frameworks we’ve been using for years.

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Urban planners have been designing for human experiences for nearly 200 years, and UI/UX designers can learn from this.

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Here are the web design trends that will innovatively allow you to stand out from the competition.

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Best-in-class Design Systems with components and foundations references from top-tier tech companies and leading UI teams

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Swedish broadcaster SVT and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) are proud to reveal the theme art for 68th Eurovision Song Contest: ‘The Eurovision Lights.’

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An efficient Figma file organization is key for maintaining productivity and collaboration. Not sure how to organize Figma files? This tutorial is here to help!    

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Built on the CSS grid foundation, the Advanced Columns plugin is the most powerful and flexible layout builder block for professional WordPress websites

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The makers of Copilot, which include OpenAI Inc., Microsoft Corp., GitHub Inc., and other top AI companies, are now facing nearly a dozen lawsuits from authors, artists, and programmers. They claim the industry has vacuumed up their creative work—without consent or compensation—to train AI chatbots and image generators that are already beginning to replace them.

Le: 18 12 2023 à 19:40 Auteur: walter153

Rethinking the Carousel: A User Experience Perspective

Le: 18 12 2023 à 19:32 Auteur: admin_dev

Documentation in the design system guides designers, developers, and other team members, providing step-by-step instructions on incorporating accessibility guidelines into the design. Furthermore, well-crafted documentation facilitates collaboration and enhances consistency in work, ensuring that all crucial aspects of accessibility are considered and effectively implemented.

Le: 18 12 2023 à 18:47 Auteur: walter153

Under pressure from regulators, Adobe calls off its plans to acquire a leading competitor.

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It was the first commercially developed web browser, and it forever changed how people would use their computers. It enjoyed a few years in the spotlight, though it was ultimately discontinued in 2009.

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Looking at the seams and ergonomics digital craft

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A brief comparison and a practical guide on loading and displaying data or handling errors in enterprise vs consumer applications.

Le: 15 12 2023 à 22:04 Auteur: walter153

A data storytelling experience for The New York Times about a life-altering disease.

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The 3-click rule states that any desired information should be accessible to the user in not more than three clicks.

Le: 15 12 2023 à 20:15 Auteur: walter153

In this roundup, we continue our review of 2023 with a collection of notable rebrandsand logo redesigns, including Twitter’s switch to “X” and a revamped look for the “I ♥ NY” logo.

Le: 15 12 2023 à 20:01 Auteur: walter153

Want to know what 2024 will look like? Us too! So we spoke to the experts at JDO, and they’ve identified six visual themes to watch out for – all guided by recent cultural shifts.  

Le: 15 12 2023 à 19:59 Auteur: walter153

Ever feel like creating an effective marketing website is harder than it should be? You’re not alone — and you’re not wrong.

Le: 15 12 2023 à 18:09 Auteur: walter153

If you’re browsing some NSFW content and someone walks in the room, hit the panic button.

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Visual identity and website for a pioneering company building technology that gives robots human-like vision, and unlocking insights into spatial analytics.

Le: 15 12 2023 à 17:07 Auteur: walter153

Elevate your brand with AI Magicx Logo Designer! Tailored logos crafted by AI for your unique identity. Eye-catching designs, Fast, easy, and personalized – the perfect brand companion. Immerse in creativity, let AI bring your vision to life!

Le: 15 12 2023 à 16:54 Auteur: walter153

Designing for shared experiences: from personal computing to computing environments

Le: 14 12 2023 à 22:00 Auteur: walter153

Indents or gaps between blocks came from typesetting (see “reglets”). When applied to graphical user interface, they are obsolete. And here’s why.

Le: 14 12 2023 à 20:04 Auteur: walter153

Here are five simple yet effective ways to leverage Midjourney for better web design…

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Spending a lot of time searching for the right image? Snapby AI generates super-realistic images instantly! With Snapby AI’s prompt optimizing system, you can simply type in a few keywords to get a high-quality image. Designers, Be Efficient

Le: 14 12 2023 à 18:53 Auteur: walter153

Nearly four out of ten users will only engage with a website with good design or content aesthetics. On the other hand, a favorable first impression can enhance overall user satisfaction by as much as 39%. Microinteractions can craft a memorable first impression and entice users to engage further.

Le: 14 12 2023 à 17:52 Auteur: walter153

Natasha Tenggoro tells us about her day, from making meetings fun to launching Figma’s new AI tools.

Le: 14 12 2023 à 16:52 Auteur: walter153

Don’t let inconsistent typefaces or subpar spacing impede accessibility or hurt your brand. These mobile typography guidelines will help enhance user experience and increase engagement.

Le: 14 12 2023 à 16:51 Auteur: walter153

Chrome is testing Tracking Protection, a new feature that limits cross-site tracking.

Le: 13 12 2023 à 22:46 Auteur: walter153

What’s next for Texts.com? The all-in-one messaging app was acquired this fall by WordPress.com owner Automattic for $50 million, marking the company’s first official expansion into the world of private messaging — outside of its startup investments, at least, which have included Apple’s recent foe Beeper and Element, a Matrix-powered app.

Le: 13 12 2023 à 21:36 Auteur: walter153

Individual menus made by hand using stationery stickers for the prestigious ‘Royal Designer for Industry’ award ceremony.

Le: 13 12 2023 à 20:41 Auteur: walter153

Get a personalized video of your GitHub statistics for 2023. Choose between three themes and download an MP4 to share on your socials!

Le: 13 12 2023 à 19:24 Auteur: admin_dev

Polychrom is our free Figma plugin allowing for more precise control over UI text readability. It involves automatically detecting contrast levels between selected items and their background layers using the APCA method.

Le: 13 12 2023 à 18:32 Auteur: walter153

Discover favorite tools, unique approaches, and top tips from best-in-class experts.

Le: 13 12 2023 à 18:30 Auteur: walter153

Love it or hate it, there are actually some design waves that are smart and functional. These functions could range from including more information in less space, to build more engagement with the users.

Le: 13 12 2023 à 17:53 Auteur: walter153

Imagen 2 is our most advanced text-to-image diffusion technology, delivering high-quality, photorealistic outputs that are closely aligned and consistent with the user’s prompt. It can generate more lifelike images by using the natural distribution of its training data, instead of adopting a pre-programmed style.

Le: 13 12 2023 à 17:30 Auteur: walter153

Explore the fundamentals of Three.js Instancing in this tutorial, learning how to optimize GPU performance and efficiently render large numbers of objects.

Le: 13 12 2023 à 17:13 Auteur: walter153

Gemini Pro is available today. Today, we’re making Gemini Pro available for developers and enterprises to build for your own use cases, and we’ll be further fine-tuning it in the weeks and months ahead as we listen and learn from your feedback.

Le: 12 12 2023 à 22:41 Auteur: walter153

Built in collaboration with Work Louder, the Figma Creator Micro is preconfigured with Figma shortcuts to give quick access to your most-used tools.  

Le: 12 12 2023 à 21:43 Auteur: walter153

Today we launched the Most Searched Playground, an explorable world where you can uncover 25 of the most searched people, places and moments of the past 25 years — along with a lot of hidden gems from Google’s history.

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What makes a website great? Is it the design, the functionality, the subject? Or is it specific design elements like the typography, or colors?

Le: 12 12 2023 à 19:32 Auteur: walter153

Design systems can be of immense help, but failure to adopt them invalidates the hard work that goes into building the thing in the first place! In this two-part series of articles, Luis shares his experience with design systems and how you can overcome the potential pitfalls, starting from how to make designers on your team adopt the complex and well-built system that you created to what are the best...

Le: 12 12 2023 à 19:13 Auteur: admin_dev

Icons are beacons guiding the users through your app. Discover the latest icon design trends to level up your mobile UI and product branding.

Le: 12 12 2023 à 18:47 Auteur: walter153

It is no surprise that the creative insights for 2024 present a balance of speed and sustainability, highlighting techniques and visuals that will not only excite and delight your customers but also offer elements of relaxation and respite to counter the frantic pace of daily life.

Le: 12 12 2023 à 18:30 Auteur: walter153

There’s a narrow window for effective design system work. It sits squarely in the center of a spectrum that’s too easy to slide towards one end or the other.

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Le: 12 12 2023 à 17:29 Auteur: walter153

We chat with Rapha Abreu, VP of design at The Coca-Cola Company and Kristie Malivindi, creative director at John Knowles Ritchie, to learn how they collaborated on a new holiday campaign identity for the world’s most popular beverage.  

Le: 12 12 2023 à 16:52 Auteur: walter153

Twitter was many things: a news accelerator, a harassment engine, and an infinite joke machine. It will be missed.

Le: 12 12 2023 à 16:40 Auteur: walter153

Adobe today launched an update to Spectrum, the design system the company has used as the basis for all of its app and web experiences for the last 10 years. Called Spectrum 2 (no surprise there), this new design system backs off a bit from the austerity of the current Spectrum design and adds quite a few more splashes of color  to, as the company says, “make Adobe tool

Le: 12 12 2023 à 16:29 Auteur: walter153

Hand-curated brand guidelines from around the world

Le: 11 12 2023 à 22:10 Auteur: walter153

The Browser Company announced today that it is onboarding the first set of users for its Windows client — launching today as a beta version. Users and observers have been demanding a Windows version for Arc, especially after the company made the Mac client available to everyone after being in invite-only mode since 2022.

Le: 11 12 2023 à 21:18 Auteur: walter153

Criticism stings, but would the profession be worse off without it? We canvass opinions from up and down the design industry.  

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Generate custom SVG starry skies with ease!

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Le: 11 12 2023 à 18:08 Auteur: walter153

Create images from sketches, icons, photos, or your webcam in real time. Amplify your talent with AI wrapped in this super-easy-to-use tool. Make any idea a reality and have fun while doing it.

Le: 11 12 2023 à 18:00 Auteur: admin_dev

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Telegram? I wouldn’t be surprised if drugs, sex, or crypto are your first associations. Throughout the years, Telegram earned a shady reputation, perhaps not strategically, but for a “good” reason.

Le: 11 12 2023 à 17:30 Auteur: walter153

This article will explore the most common navigation practices in the market as of the end of 2023.

Le: 11 12 2023 à 16:52 Auteur: walter153

Whether scroll fading is more distracting than usable depends on the following factors: its persistence, responsiveness, and how sparingly it is applied to elements on the page. When used right, this design pattern can improve brand perception, optimize page loading, and make content more digestible.

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Le: 08 12 2023 à 22:57 Auteur: walter153

A video showcasing the capabilities of Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) model which seemed too good to be true might just be that.  

Le: 08 12 2023 à 20:55 Auteur: walter153

Wow! 2023 was a huge year for CSS. From #Interop2023 to many new landings in the CSS and UI space that enable capabilities developers once thought impossible on the web platform

Le: 08 12 2023 à 19:54 Auteur: walter153

Starting in March 2024, Interaction to Next Paint will formally replace First Input Delay as a Core Web Vital metric. Learn how the two metrics differ, why we needed a new way to measure interaction responsiveness, and how you can start optimizing the performance of your site now for a seamless transition to the latest Core Web Vital metric.  

Le: 08 12 2023 à 19:03 Auteur: walter153

Photoshop is probably the best-known and best overall image editing program on the market. But we’ll tell you why Canva is still better.

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Le: 08 12 2023 à 17:53 Auteur: walter153

To keep the list manageable, we’ve limited the list to twelve. Throughout 2023, there were many more great releases, that aren’t on this list, but rest assured, we’ll continue to highlight those in the coming weeks and months.

Le: 08 12 2023 à 16:53 Auteur: walter153

Design has entered a new era, and so has the Design Tools Survey. We take a first look at how tools are evolving with the use of AI, which we’ll continue to watch year over year. We appreciate our community and their participation this year, as always! The raw data is freely available for download.

Le: 08 12 2023 à 16:51 Auteur: walter153

In the digital world, especially on the web, we’re used to things being stacked vertically. Scrolling, scrolling, through boxes of content…

Le: 07 12 2023 à 22:55 Auteur: walter153

Built on patented technology, this award-winning tool generates lightning-fast animations with unparalleled accuracy and precision.

Le: 07 12 2023 à 22:03 Auteur: walter153

Uncover a collection of recently discovered websites that showcase exceptional design.

Le: 07 12 2023 à 22:01 Auteur: walter153

In early 2023, Discord users began discovering a hidden Easter Egg in the mobile app that enabled a brand new, fully redesigned layout…

Le: 07 12 2023 à 21:52 Auteur: admin_dev

SVG spinners: you’ve seen them all over, giving us as a visual cue when elements are loading or data is being fetched. They are practical, scalable, and can enhance user experience. This guide will walk you through how they can be implemented using only a few simple SVG attributes like stroke-dasharray and stroke-dashoffset.

Le: 07 12 2023 à 20:54 Auteur: walter153

Learn terminology, and become a better communicator

Le: 07 12 2023 à 20:00 Auteur: walter153

The open-source sans-serif typeface is renowned for its versatility and modern aesthetic. It is an ideal choice for businesses aiming to modernize their brand image

Le: 07 12 2023 à 19:48 Auteur: walter153

Prior to variables in Figma, the Headspace design system was not only incredibly manual to create, but also prone to misinterpretation, unintentional editing, and time-consuming fixes.

Le: 07 12 2023 à 19:30 Auteur: admin_dev

Last week I published the report on designer layoffs, this week I want to take a look at the other side — why do designers leave? It’s the second iteration of last year’s report but with additional data and insights.

Le: 07 12 2023 à 18:47 Auteur: walter153

In this article, we’ll talk about what five top tech companies are doing for app icon design – and what you can learn from these amazing designers.

Le: 07 12 2023 à 17:47

Le: 07 12 2023 à 17:46 Auteur: walter153

“The UN logo has remained unchanged for 78 years, but the world hasn’t”, says designers at the communications agency Publicis Norway.

Le: 07 12 2023 à 16:46 Auteur: walter153

PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others. It’s a velvety gentle peach tone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul.

Le: 06 12 2023 à 22:45 Auteur: walter153

The generative AI tool had a choke hold on public interest. So did cricket.

Le: 06 12 2023 à 22:16

Le: 06 12 2023 à 21:43 Auteur: walter153

The America250 design aims to be celebratory while keeping things simple and playing it safe (although inevitably some are already seeing unintended NSFW references). There are ribbons…

Le: 06 12 2023 à 20:51 Auteur: walter153

This case study examines the app’s clean visual identity, great presentation of its menu items, and well-designed functionalities that echo the brand’s value of “real ingredients, real purpose, and real flavour”.

Le: 06 12 2023 à 20:41 Auteur: walter153

A digital brand platform for creatives and clients, ToolKit™ could be the answer. Far beyond outdated PDF guidelines, and even beyond standard off-the-shelf brand guideline platforms, ToolKit™ is a completely tailored digital branding solution, encompassing five distinct areas…

Le: 06 12 2023 à 18:48

Le: 06 12 2023 à 18:38 Auteur: walter153

We are thrilled to introduce StyleX. StyleX is an expressive, deterministic, reliable, and scalable styling system for ambitious applications. We’ve taken the best ideas from the styling libraries that have come before to create something that is simultaneously familiar and uniquely new.

Le: 06 12 2023 à 17:47 Auteur: walter153

Discover the Library, ultimate resource hub for designers, developers, and digital professionals. Find countless projects and resources to save time and enhance product creation. No more searching; use filters and find what you need in a few clicks.

Le: 06 12 2023 à 16:56 Auteur: walter153

Gemini is built from the ground up formultimodality — reasoning seamlessly across text, images, video, audio, and code.

Le: 06 12 2023 à 16:38 Auteur: walter153

Five-second testing is a popular method of usability research used in the industry. It is a quick and effective way to test concepts of visual designs, yet in essence, its core belief boils down to virtually a superstition.

Le: 06 12 2023 à 16:34 Auteur: walter153

Gemini is also our most flexible model yet — able to efficiently run on everything from data centers to mobile devices. Its state-of-the-art capabilities will significantly enhance the way developers and enterprise customers build and scale with AI.

Le: 05 12 2023 à 23:06 Auteur: walter153

The updated Alexa app adds new customization options and puts the smart home controls and Alexa features you use most at your fingertips.  

Le: 05 12 2023 à 22:03 Auteur: walter153

A collection of distinctive fonts from Behance

Le: 05 12 2023 à 21:01 Auteur: walter153

This upcoming Smart Search feature in Google Files should save you from having to dig through documents based on their file names.  

Le: 05 12 2023 à 20:07 Auteur: walter153

The major challenge set for our team for Nibble Health was to create the design system that translates the brand’s messages: employees should feel protected and encouraged to actually use the healthcare benefits that their companies provide.

Le: 05 12 2023 à 19:55 Auteur: walter153

Visual Electric, a company backed by Sequoia Capital has launched its generative AI-based image-generation tool aimed at designers.

Le: 05 12 2023 à 17:54 Auteur: walter153

As we near the end of 2023, we wanted to take a look back over all the tools we collected over the past year, to pick out our favorites.

Le: 05 12 2023 à 16:51 Auteur: walter153

A scroll-triggered sliced text animation, where segmented elements reunite while scrolling.

Le: 05 12 2023 à 16:50 Auteur: walter153

Preserving Reddit’s innate creativity stood as the cornerstone of the redesign process, focusing on refining the company’s brand positioning. Reddit boasts a distinctive authenticity reflected in its platform’s unique features and iconic alien mascot, Snoo.

Le: 04 12 2023 à 22:49 Auteur: admin_dev

On October 3, 2023, a significant announcement from Gmail and Yahoo marked a turning point in email communication standards. These leading email service providers introduced new sender requirements, set to be implemented in February 2024, aimed at combating the ever-increasing challenge of spam and enhancing email security.

Le: 04 12 2023 à 22:28 Auteur: walter153

Designers might be at a crossroads with flat design and more detailed and three-dimensional design elements. Here are some recent examples of it to give you a heads-up of what to expect in user interfaces soon.

Le: 04 12 2023 à 21:24 Auteur: walter153

It’s different now than it has been in years past.

Le: 04 12 2023 à 20:47 Auteur: walter153

A study of Google’s code review tooling (Critique), AI-powered improvements, and recent statistics

Le: 04 12 2023 à 20:01 Auteur: walter153

Remember when Comic Sans wasn’t the butt of the jokes? Long for the days when we actually enjoyed using the Impact font? In this list, we’re going to condense down ten of the most despised typefaces of all time.

Le: 04 12 2023 à 19:14 Auteur: admin_dev

Your human-generated guide to boosting your UX team’s ability to build trustworthy and ethical AI-powered experiences.

Le: 04 12 2023 à 18:19 Auteur: walter153

Overall, emoji accessibility is an aspect of website accessibility that is overlooked. If used without care, emojis can make it harder to access and understand web content…

Le: 04 12 2023 à 17:39 Auteur: walter153

Explore 500 Doodles and Scribbles: a vibrant collection of 500 hand-drawn vectors. Ideal for presentations, website design, or educational content, it’s your creative spark.

Le: 04 12 2023 à 17:28 Auteur: walter153

Uber Eats’ customers are sizzling the app for marketing a restaurant’s menu with unappetizing imagery that appears to have been cooked up by artificial intelligence.

Le: 04 12 2023 à 17:24 Auteur: walter153

Some designs from over 100 years ago are still recognisable in 2023. Experts offer insight on the best 1910s logos.

Le: 04 12 2023 à 17:19 Auteur: walter153

I am passionate about collecting and reading quotes, especially relevant to UX design. These quotes serve as valuable guidelines, aiding me in learning more about UI/UX. They offer insightful solutions to the challenges I encounter in my work.

Le: 01 12 2023 à 23:23 Auteur: walter153

According to a new study, turning text into images with programs like Midjourney or Dall-e comes with a significant carbon footprint.    

Le: 01 12 2023 à 22:27 Auteur: walter153

The campaign was partly inspired by chaos. And yet the visual identity has to be robust enough to work across countless countries, languages and formats. We hear how the team at Spotify grappled with this tricky challenge.  

Le: 01 12 2023 à 21:20 Auteur: walter153

Animotion lets you create CSS animations visually, by dragging, resizing, rotating, clipping and more, including a keyframes editor, a collection of ready-to-use animations and 29 built-in easings  

Le: 01 12 2023 à 20:27 Auteur: walter153

Pick one of three fonts and this Python-generated open source typeface will create serial-protocol square waves to match.

Le: 01 12 2023 à 20:14 Auteur: walter153

In 2023, AI—and specifically generative AI—has unequivocally gone mainstream. It seems like everyone has played around with large language models (LLMs)—and, with upwards of 100 million weekly active users, ChatGPT has practically become a household name.  

Le: 01 12 2023 à 19:42 Auteur: admin_dev

By understanding these formats and their appropriate use cases, pros, and cons, you can ensure that your website’s images look great and load quickly, resulting in a better user experience. Check out this comprehensive guide on image formats for the web!

Le: 01 12 2023 à 19:13 Auteur: walter153

With Spotify Wrapped all over social media, I created GitHub Trends to view and share your own (unofficial) GitHub Wrapped! See your repositories and languages sorted by lines of code, your activity grouped by time and day, and more!

Le: 01 12 2023 à 18:29 Auteur: walter153

Many of these code quirks shouldn’t work, but somehow they do. We’re highlighting 10 hacky website coding strategies—some big, some small.

Le: 01 12 2023 à 18:11 Auteur: walter153

Introducing ParrotPDF – where your PDFs come to life! Ask questions, get answers, and explore your documents in a whole new way. It’s like having a conversation with your files!