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Le: 31 12 2014 à 09:05 Auteur: Cameron

Update Your Footer makes it simple to add a dynamic timestamp to your site’s footer, using either JavaScript or PHP. This way your copyright year or other timestamp update automatically.

Le: 30 12 2014 à 09:22 Auteur: Cameron

Chroma.js is a JavaScript library for doing all sorts of color manipulations. It lets you initiate and manipulate colors, work with all kinds of color scales, and much more.

Le: 29 12 2014 à 09:54 Auteur: Cameron

Particles.js is a lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles. It’s easy to configure and plenty of parameters to configure it to meet your needs.  

Le: 28 12 2014 à 09:13 Auteur: Cameron

Liberio is an excellent extension for Google Docs that makes it easy to create and publish your design and development (or any other) ebooks. Just write, import, and publish.

Le: 27 12 2014 à 09:43 Auteur: Cameron

Materialize is a front-end framework based on Material Design. It’s easy to work with and speeds up development.

Le: 26 12 2014 à 09:12 Auteur: Cameron

Decimal.js is an arbitrary-precision Decimal type for JavaScript, with a simple but full API. It has no dependencies and is only 8kb minified and gzipped.

Le: 25 12 2014 à 09:16 Auteur: Cameron

Thaw.js offers synthetic asynchronous processing in JavaScript, which defers processes until the browser is ready for them. And unlike web workers, it gives you access to the DOM.

Le: 24 12 2014 à 09:04 Auteur: Cameron

Tweene is a JavaScript animation proxy that is used as a wrapper for your chosen library. It currently works with GSAP, Velocity.js, Transit, and jQuery, with a single API to handle them all.

Le: 23 12 2014 à 09:37 Auteur: Cameron

Elf is a small, powerful Stylus grid that’s built with calc(). It offers unlimited nesting with consistently sized gutters, ratio based sizing, and more.

Le: 22 12 2014 à 09:45 Auteur: Cameron

Strip CSS Comments makes it easy to do just that: remove comments from your CSS files, reducing file sizes. It’s also available as a gulp/grunt/broccoli plugin.

Le: 21 12 2014 à 09:07 Auteur: Cameron

Taunus is a micro isomorphic MVC engine for Node,js that focuses on delivering a progressively enhanced experience to the user. It focuses on usability and performance, as well.

Le: 20 12 2014 à 09:32 Auteur: Cameron

PencilBlue is an open source Node.js content management system that’s fully responsive and completely scalable. It’s extendable, easy to use, and is great for more than just blogs.

Le: 19 12 2014 à 09:59 Auteur: Cameron

Pioneer is an easy to understand JavaScript DSL to interact with your app using a real browser, for testing its state compared to expectations. It makes it easier to write and debug your interaction tests, and it’s stack agnostic.

Le: 18 12 2014 à 09:14 Auteur: Cameron

Enyo is a framework for building native-quality HTML5 apps. It’s cross-platform compatible and battle tested.

Le: 17 12 2014 à 09:22 Auteur: Cameron

Front-end Boilerplate is an easy way to get your web projects started, that’s pre-configured for LESS and SASS. It’s agnostic for front-end dependencies, so you can use it with the framework of your choice.

Le: 16 12 2014 à 09:44 Auteur: Cameron

Squire is an HTML5 rich text editor that includes cross-browser normalization. It’s lightweight and flexible, and was written as a component for writing documents rather than web pages.

Le: 15 12 2014 à 09:08 Auteur: Cameron

MNML is a responsive website template for designing in the browser. It’s less than 2kb minified and 1.2kb gzipped, and includes smarter type defaults.

Le: 14 12 2014 à 09:01 Auteur: Cameron

Foundation for Apps is a frontend framework for creating fully responsive apps. It lets you build any kind of web app, with a completely new grid system for building flexible, immersive apps.

Le: 13 12 2014 à 09:41 Auteur: Cameron

CSS Burrito is an organizational Sass template that includes four main elements: application.scss, libs, six core components, and modules. It’s goal is to keep your code organized so that projects will scale better.

Le: 12 12 2014 à 09:12 Auteur: Cameron

Su is a DIY Sass grid engine, used for building Susy. You can use it to build whatever grid system you choose.

Le: 11 12 2014 à 09:14 Auteur: Cameron

If you’ve considered building your own CSS framework, then check out Skyline, a starter kit for doing just that. It provides basic structural tools that you can then use to create your own designs.

Le: 10 12 2014 à 09:31 Auteur: Cameron

MetricsGraphics.js is a JavaScript library built on D3 for laying out time-series data, currently supporting line charts, scatterplots, and histograms, plus features like rug plots and basic linear regression. All you have to do is plug in a few default parameters, as well as one or more optional parameters to get started.  

Le: 09 12 2014 à 09:17 Auteur: Cameron

101 is a modern JavaScript utility library that’s maintained to have minimal overlap with Vanilla JS. It removes the need for custom builds; just import naturally and what you use is bundled.

Le: 08 12 2014 à 09:36 Auteur: Cameron

SmartUnderline is a JavaScript library that makes it easier to create cross-browser descender-aware underlines. It searches your page for links and with CSS underline applied, and replaces them with more beautifully styled underlines.

Le: 07 12 2014 à 09:34 Auteur: Cameron

FKit is a functional programming toolkit for JavaScript that includes tools for solving common problems with functions, arrays, objects, and strings. It focuses on everyday utility while providing reusable building blocks.

Le: 06 12 2014 à 09:19 Auteur: Cameron

Soma.js is a framework for building scalable and maintainable JavaScript apps. It offers tools for creating loosely-coupled architecture that can be made up of modules, models, views, plugins, or widgets.

Le: 05 12 2014 à 09:55 Auteur: Cameron

Blip is a JavaScript library that wraps around the Web Audio API, simplifying node creation and audio routing. It also offers flexible methods for looping and manipulating samples, with both temporal precision and musical expressiveness.

Le: 04 12 2014 à 09:07 Auteur: Cameron

Lazysizes is a fast, jank-free lazy loader for images, including responsive ones, iFrames, and scripts or widgets. It detects visibility changes triggered through user interaction, CSS or JavaScript without any configuration on your part.

Le: 03 12 2014 à 09:02 Auteur: Cameron

Way.js is a lightweight, persistent JavaScript library that lets you bind to DOM elements to an in-memory datastore, for easy two-way databinding. It’s simple to use and framework agnostic.

Le: 02 12 2014 à 09:04 Auteur: Cameron

Laroux.js is a jQuery substitute library for modern browsers and mobile devices. It provides helper functions to provide the same objectives as Zepto and jQuery, while maintaining a file size around 30kb.

Le: 01 12 2014 à 09:42 Auteur: Cameron

Paperclip.js is a powerful template engine that’s built for extensibility and speed. It creates compiled templates for the browser and Node.js.