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Web designs appearing in the following Nominees gallery have been placed in the running for a CSS Web Design Award and are awaiting judgement.

Le: 31 12 2014 à 09:01

Usually ”Hanakotoba” (Language of flowers) is what gives the words from the flower. However, flower is drawn by the image of words in ”kotobana ー言花ー". Let’s draw a flower that matches your words!

Le: 30 12 2014 à 09:02

Portfolio site of Moeko Abe, a Photographer based in Tokyo.

Le: 29 12 2014 à 09:02

Bidirectional and responsive onepager for the German TV-Series "Tannbach", produced by the ZDF.

Le: 28 12 2014 à 09:01

One pager promoting the sold-out 'JSConf.ar' event held in Buenos Aires. It features an intro animation, event agenda, a fully functional console and a multiplayer game in the header.

Le: 27 12 2014 à 09:02

Aleman's Design creates memorable experiences on the web and beyond. We push the full potential of our customers to communicate it to the new consumer today, through experiences online brand vibrant and relevant at every level.

Le: 26 12 2014 à 09:02

Live Brighter with L'Avenir, Dental Clinic. Their philosophy, ability to listen and attention to detail will make your visit at the dentist an experience that is sure to live up to your expectations.

Le: 25 12 2014 à 09:02

Discover the Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport's whishes for 2015. Available on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Le: 24 12 2014 à 09:01

Inspired by this retro spirit, Belle Epoque creates unique digital products. Hand-crafted, custom made, passion for the web: these few words summarize the spirit of Belle Epoque.

Le: 23 12 2014 à 09:02

Boutique interaction design agency website, specializing in web & mobile platforms and products.

Le: 22 12 2014 à 09:02

DOOR Shibuya is a casual dining bar with a 'New York style' concept.

Le: 21 12 2014 à 09:01

Diagnosite is the first platform in the world that helps you analyze your website and learn how to make it effective in 3 easy steps.

Le: 20 12 2014 à 09:01

Do you have what it takes to be a globetrotter? “Traveling The World”, created by KRDS for Air France, offers users an immersive world tour experience using the Google Street View Technology through 157 challenges on 40 destinations and 5 continents!

Le: 19 12 2014 à 09:04

Oops, the new Citroën C4 Cactus is lost in the time! Take it back today and try to win the refund of your brand new Citroën C4 Cactus and one of the 500 Samsung tablet with the game #C4CactusTimeLine.

Le: 18 12 2014 à 09:10

Nikito Caça Biscoitos is a stunning adventure game in which you need to help our hero recover the disappeared cookies. Be prepared to face some of the hardest obstacles and tricky enemies in this amazing journey.

Le: 17 12 2014 à 09:02

Discover or rediscover your favorite lives and share your emotions 2014.

Le: 16 12 2014 à 09:03

Discover the Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport's future terminal 1 in a interactive website. Available on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Le: 15 12 2014 à 09:02

With Lidl's Deluxe Christmas Card maker you can send uniquely personalized season's greetings by subtitling your chosen film clip. The subtitles are burned into the videos so you can download them and then upload them to Youtube/Vimeo/Facebook etc.

Le: 14 12 2014 à 09:03

AQuest inspires minds and hearts by transforming the most beautiful dreams into a magical digital experience.

Le: 13 12 2014 à 09:03

New agency website for demodern

Le: 12 12 2014 à 09:02

Video based promo web site where you can buy special and exclusive BMW Motorrad Russia scooters and motobikes.

Le: 11 12 2014 à 09:19

This site is the content of "AN ELEMENT" in BEYOND BY LEXUS Magazine Issue 4.

Le: 10 12 2014 à 09:02

This holiday each employee at Ai chose one thing to make or do to support a cause close to our heart – the wellbeing of animals. Leveraging Angular, Stripe, and custom CSS (with some help from Compass), this commerce site helps raise money for Bideawee.org

Le: 09 12 2014 à 09:03

2014-2015 Portfolio

Le: 08 12 2014 à 09:01

HARIBO Dragibus France celebrates Halloween with a funny and innovative digital comic strip called "Paranormal Dragitivity". FCINQ designed & led the digital operation through 6 episodes starring the famous DRAGIBUS candies family.

Le: 07 12 2014 à 09:03

Basically Parallaxis is a little (sure it will grow bigger in a very few time) editorial project about horror, sci-fi and new magic realism tales, astonishing photos and illustrations.

Le: 06 12 2014 à 09:04

What are you made of? is a rich and mind-bending interactive film experience for the launch of Far Cry 4. Reveal your personality through 4 rites where every decision you make changes the course of the experience!

Le: 05 12 2014 à 09:03

03 July, a startup dedicated to the mobile to store, made this website as its image : playful and sparkling. Kickass illustrations to make it inviting for the pleasure of your eyes.

Le: 04 12 2014 à 09:02

Earls restaurants are known for customer service. This new responsive website extends that world class service to the web through smart data management and anticipates customers’ needs with seamless localization.

Le: 03 12 2014 à 09:03

In 2009 Giacomo Morelli creates his own shoe line and his brand GIACOMORELLI. Innovative design, high level of fabric and color research combined with an cutting-edge vibe are the main features of the stylistic DNA of this brand.

Le: 02 12 2014 à 09:03

Brazilian digital agency that focus on creativity, technology and strategy to connect brands and people.

Le: 01 12 2014 à 09:02

You wash with it, you brush with it, you toast it, it's in 50% of what you buy - but what's the real story of palm oil? Use the interactive below to trace the journey of palm oil from the rainforest through to your kitchen cupboard.