cssdesignawards.com - Archives (décembre 2015)

Web designs appearing in the following Nominees gallery have been placed in the running for a CSS Web Design Award and are awaiting judgement.

Le: 31 12 2015 à 09:01

We're a design + digital agency based in Providence, Rhode Island. We work by a simple credo: deconstruct, discover, deliver.

Le: 30 12 2015 à 09:02

Discover the story of Apator, the last & legendary Gallic through 6 illustrated innovative and immersive scrolling episodes.

Le: 29 12 2015 à 09:02

An online museum experience of artwork created by 30+ chefs, inspired by the launch of our packaging in collaboration with Pantone

Le: 28 12 2015 à 09:01

For a luxury brand producing objects of exception, we developed a desktop and mobile website that proposes an immersive experience.

Le: 27 12 2015 à 08:59

Our all-in project. Sound design, animation, custom video & bold development. Enjoy our Bar Cavour.

Le: 26 12 2015 à 09:01

Italian passion&vibes where core inspiration for this social based website, emphasising Anita's "Social Ambassadors" experience.

Le: 25 12 2015 à 09:01

The official website for “The Big Short,” the critically acclaimed film adaptation of the bestselling book by Michael Lewis.

Le: 24 12 2015 à 09:01

Cryptaris is a game-based WebGL mission testing users on STEM skills required for the U.S. Army's most unique career opportunities

Le: 23 12 2015 à 09:01

Passion for cycling, a feverish search for new solutions, hi-tech quality products... Assos!

Le: 22 12 2015 à 09:01

New Corona Extra website for winter campaign in 2015.

Le: 21 12 2015 à 09:01

Send your very own New Year greetings with body-made typography!

Le: 20 12 2015 à 09:02

Every part of the Trefecta e-bike is hand built to perfection. BiA strived to do the same when creating their e-commerce platform.

Le: 19 12 2015 à 09:01

Interactive race film to promote the new Peugeot 308 GTi Sport.

Le: 18 12 2015 à 09:01

OT-24 uses 18 interactive illustrations, parallax storytelling and an animated quiz to breakdown the key value propositions.

Le: 17 12 2015 à 09:02

Bonne Marque's new portfolio is 'Born from the chaos of Makers.' This is the new Bonne Marque.

Le: 16 12 2015 à 09:01

Our microsite utilizes rich interactive experience mixing technologies like WebGL and HTML5 video.

Le: 15 12 2015 à 09:01

An agency site for Molamil specializing in high-end interactive projects and web applications.

Le: 14 12 2015 à 09:01

The music label Because Music is ten years old. For this anniversary, discover Because Recollection through an interactive journey.

Le: 13 12 2015 à 09:02

THENERO design is the online portfolio of Marco Grimaldi, digital art director and visual designer.

Le: 12 12 2015 à 09:01

We are an experienced digital studio driven by mixing design and technology. We create innovative content for online and mobile.

Le: 11 12 2015 à 09:01

Dazzling holiday magic awaits the dreamers, romantics and connoisseurs alike, in the Tiffany & Co. Holiday Gift Guide.

Le: 10 12 2015 à 09:01

At Lawrence Boone Selections we discover and import the finest wines, from those of the most renowned wine regions in the world.

Le: 09 12 2015 à 09:02


Le: 08 12 2015 à 09:01

Ferdinand Humberg - UI & UX Designer

Le: 07 12 2015 à 09:01

Behind Nespresso capsules there’s a great story. We shrunk the stories down to fit onto a capsule. Explore it now!

Le: 06 12 2015 à 09:01

Follow the boat in real time, explore the history of this legendary Trophy and retrace the steps of the previous record holders.

Le: 05 12 2015 à 09:01

So Active invites young adults to make the first step in their professional lives.

Le: 04 12 2015 à 09:04

World's Easiest Decision uses simple "yes" or "no" questions to show that it really is an easy decision to save the Earth.

Le: 03 12 2015 à 09:01

Interactive & sound experience for the launch of John Williams's Star Wars album. Be the master of the melody.

Le: 02 12 2015 à 09:01

alpharobe inc. is a digital retouch studio in Tokyo, Japan.

Le: 01 12 2015 à 09:06

6th Sense is a unique story of rebranding a spirit into an inspiring new concept. Their new image is fun, fresh and audacious.