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Le: 23 12 2013 à 15:00 Auteur: WebDesignShock

It’s been a long wait, but it’s finally here. We’ve got the solution for those who’ve been after a quality UI kit for website and app design needs: it’s PixelKit, a powerful library offers amazingly high quality UI kits and many other resources for discerning designers.

Le: 17 12 2013 à 16:30 Auteur: WebDesignShock

There’s no doubt that one of the most awaited products of the decade has been Google Glass. There’s also no doubt Google Glass will change the way we see the world. The step Google is about to do is just enough to engage humanity with augmented reality, which is the ability of a system to adding or subtracting information in order to manipulate the perception of reality. The possibility for applications of this technology are huge, and they range from motion systems helping drivers move safely across the city, to information systems for solving all kinds of issues in a wide range of scenarios. The most important of its kind so far, taking into account that it’s not the first attempt to create an augmented reality device, is Google Glass. For what it represents, its design, the way the device works and most of all, its promising future, it has become part of the popular culture, and it isn’t even out yet.

Le: 05 12 2013 à 15:20 Auteur: WebDesignShock

Nowadays, there are countless mobile devices for all kinds of users, and that wide range of appliances is making more companies get interested in a piece of the cake. The most popular of the operating systems created for them are iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Both have great features, and that’s why they have become so popular, but of course, the influence of every company behind their own creation plays a fundamental role in their development, deployment and success, no wonder these companies are Apple, Google and Microsoft respectively.