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Le: 28 12 2019 à 00:13 Auteur: Admin

80+ Cool Display Fonts Bundle, Only $19: Files For Desktop & Web, 40 Distinctive Font Families, Unique Designs, OTF & TTF Files, Futuristic Stencils, Minimalistic Designs, Rounded & Geometric Fonts, Commercial Use

Le: 26 12 2019 à 21:23 Auteur: Admin

300+ Essential Textures Megabundle, Only $24: PSD & JPG Files for Photoshop, Grunge, Vintage, Wood, Metallic, Textile, Paper & Concrete, Commercial Use

Le: 26 12 2019 à 18:26 Auteur: Admin

Konstruktor is a constructivist font created by Ivan Filipov, to develop a narrowed & condensed version of the Red October’s typeface.

Le: 26 12 2019 à 16:05 Auteur: Admin

Vanta.js is a free tool that lets you add 3D animated digital art to any webpage with just a few lines of code. Self-described as a wrapper around a digital artwork that allows it to be inserted into an HTML element as a background. The effects can interact with mouse/touch inputs.

Le: 24 12 2019 à 16:32 Auteur: Admin

Monica is an open-source web application to organize the interactions with your loved ones. Self-called as a PRM, or Personal Relationship Management. Monica allows people to keep track of everything important about their friends and family.

Le: 24 12 2019 à 15:46 Auteur: Admin

This library supports more than 100 languages, automatic text orientation, and script detection, a simple interface for reading paragraph, word, and character bounding boxes. Tesseract.js can run either in a browser and on a server with NodeJS.

Le: 23 12 2019 à 23:18 Auteur: Admin

Tomkin Font Family Bundle, Only $12: Professional Sans-serif Typeface with 54 Fonts, Matching Italics, OTF File Format, 9 Weights from Thin to ExtraBlack, Normal, Narrow & Condensed Variants, Commercial Use

Le: 20 12 2019 à 23:46 Auteur: Admin

150+ Photoshop Actions & Brushes Pack, Only $17: Delivered in ABR & ATN File Formats, Includes Comic Book, Glitch, Cartoon Effects, Skin Retouches, Clouds, Scattering Effects, Moons, Planets, Art Brushes & More

Le: 18 12 2019 à 20:50 Auteur: Admin

Android UI Kit, 1100+ Elements & 120+ Premium Templates, Only $19: For Adobe XD, Sketch & Figma, 520+ Vector Icons, 10 Popular Categories, 100% Vector Shapes, 8px Pixel Perfect Grid, Commercial Use

Le: 18 12 2019 à 17:45 Auteur: Admin

A detailed pack of simple-line based icons for UI, in SVG format, created following the standards of the material design style. Created by Behance user Ahmed Agrma

Le: 18 12 2019 à 16:20 Auteur: Admin

A clever CSS-based rotating effect for the texts on your website. Created by Codepen user Alphardex

Le: 17 12 2019 à 17:49 Auteur: Admin

Mind Waves is a collection of free high-resolution wallpapers using a holographic color palette. Designed by Behance user Kirill Maksimchuk .

Le: 17 12 2019 à 17:08 Auteur: Admin

Falco helps you, monitor, analyze, and optimize your websites. Automatically run audits multiple times a day in many conditions, letting you see the evolution of key performance metrics to spot regressions easily. Also suitable for teams. Development sponsored by Theodo.

Le: 16 12 2019 à 23:31 Auteur: Admin

Crater is an open-source web & mobile app that helps you track expenses, payments & create professional invoices & estimates. Made using Laravel & VueJS while the Mobile Apps are built using React Native. Created by Byte Fury.

Le: 16 12 2019 à 23:12 Auteur: Admin

480+ Watercolor Design Tools Bundle, Only $16: Premade Templates with Smart Objects, Patterns/Textures, Brushes & Shapes, Custom Fonts & More, Commercial Use License

Le: 16 12 2019 à 21:59 Auteur: Admin

A new free font based on geometrical lines and with a thing long display. Delivered in multiple font formats. Created by Behance user Igor Stepanchenko

Le: 13 12 2019 à 23:32 Auteur: Admin

130+ Cool Vector Illustrations for T-Shirt & Poster Design, Only $16: Delivered in Fully Editable Ai & EPS Vectors, Includes Transparent PNG Files, Print-Ready

Le: 13 12 2019 à 23:32 Auteur: Admin

130+ Cool Vector Illustrations for T-Shirt & Poster Design, Only $16: Delivered in Fully Editable Ai & EPS Vectors, Includes Transparent PNG Files, Print-Ready

Le: 13 12 2019 à 23:27 Auteur: Admin

Newport Tracks is a color font that includes three different color palettes: one pastel variation & two minimal greyscale variations (light & dark). Shared by Huebert World.

Le: 13 12 2019 à 16:24 Auteur: Admin

Credit card form with smooth & sweet micro-interactions. Includes number formatting, validation, and automatic card type detection. Built with Vue.js and also fully responsive. Created by Muhammed Erdem.

Le: 13 12 2019 à 16:07 Auteur: Admin

A collection of preload animations made using only two triangles, whether they look like practical ones or just plain weird. Created by Codepen user Jon Kantner.

Le: 12 12 2019 à 21:17 Auteur: Admin

30+ Retro, Modern & Futuristic Display Fonts Pack, Only $17: Delivered in OTF Format, Neon Signage, Futuristic Designs, Outline, Brutalist, Stencil Fonts & Many More!

Le: 12 12 2019 à 18:55 Auteur: Admin

A modern and creative sans typeface featuring 12 weights from air to black; with a complete set of glyphs. Created by Tapiwanashe Sebastian Garikayi.

Le: 12 12 2019 à 18:27 Auteur: Admin

A web card collection featuring a parallax tilt-effect to easily switch images or to add information. Created by Codepen user Abubaker Saeed.

Le: 11 12 2019 à 23:15 Auteur: Admin

2D Vector Landscapes, Backgrounds & Scenes Pack, Only $17: Game-Style Compositions, Ai & EPS Vector Files, High-Res JPG & PNG Files, Includes Generators with Loose Elements to Create Unique Scenes, Commercial Use

Le: 11 12 2019 à 18:59 Auteur: Admin

A Web dashboard UI kit that includes responsive screens for admin, user, and agent panels. Including light & dark version, infographics & illustrations. Use it on Figma. Created by Behance user Cr8tiv Yemmy.

Le: 11 12 2019 à 18:19 Auteur: Admin

YDKJSY is a series of books diving deep into the core mechanisms of the JavaScript language. Sponsored by Frontend Masters.

Le: 11 12 2019 à 16:10 Auteur: Admin

Flowy helps you creating WebApps with flowchart functionality with simplicity. Build automation software, mind mapping tools, or simple programming platforms in minutes. Created by Alyssa X.

Le: 10 12 2019 à 18:55 Auteur: Admin

Akaunting is a free, open-source and online accounting software designed for small businesses and freelancers. It is built with modern technologies such as Laravel, VueJS, Bootstrap 4, RESTful API.

Le: 10 12 2019 à 18:27 Auteur: Admin

Grold Font Family Pack, Only $12: Delivers 40 Post Geometric Sans-serif Fonts in OTF File Format, 10 Weights from Thin to Extrablack, Matching Italics & Normal/Slim Versions for Each Font

Le: 10 12 2019 à 18:18 Auteur: Admin

A library with a modern approach to spring-based animation. Inspired by Christopher Chedeau’s animated and Cheng Lou’s react-motion. It inherits animated’s powerful interpolations and performance, as well as react-motion’s ease of use.

Le: 10 12 2019 à 00:03 Auteur: Admin

Solway is a contemporary font family available in five weights, suitable for a variety of projects. Created by The Northern Block.

Le: 09 12 2019 à 23:49 Auteur: Admin

Revolink Lifetime Deal: Create Conversion-Focused Mobile Landing Pages, URL Tracking, Shortening, Full Analytics & Integrations For FB, GA, Calendly, ThriveCart & Many More!

Le: 09 12 2019 à 21:43 Auteur: Admin

Geo is a retro Twitter Bootstrap theme with a Windows 95 remembrance built for the modern web. Created by Divshot.  

Le: 06 12 2019 à 23:10 Auteur: Admin

A concept of launch button featuring a swift animation of a rocket. Created by Codepen user Aaron Iker

Le: 05 12 2019 à 21:45 Auteur: Admin

220+ Memphis, Abstract & Geometric Patterns Pack, Only $19: Vector EPS Source Files, Premade Compositions, Seamless Repeating Patterns & Isolated Vector Elements, Commercial Use

Le: 05 12 2019 à 17:20 Auteur: Admin

Fresh Food is a UI Kit for Adobe XD inspired by making real food more accessible to everyone. Created by Behance users Daniel White & Lindsay Munro

Le: 04 12 2019 à 23:10 Auteur: Admin

A free typeface developed from a letter-set, by the Behance user Daler Mukhiddinov. Modernia is a geometric font with a stencil appearance.

Le: 04 12 2019 à 21:39 Auteur: Admin

Chevrola is a rounded, geometric near-monoline constructed sans serif typeface with display details. Including TTF & OTF file formats. Created by Aluyeah studio.

Le: 04 12 2019 à 17:48 Auteur: Admin

BigBro is a sans serif display font with the ideal visual weight to highlight your titles. Created by Behance user Tapiwanashe Sebastian Garikayi

Le: 03 12 2019 à 17:57 Auteur: Admin

A CMS framework for Node.js that supports in-context editing, schema-driven content types, flexible widgets, and much more. Hint: start with the docs and use apostrophe-cli.

Le: 03 12 2019 à 17:30 Auteur: Admin

680+ Textures, Abstract 3D Objects, Shapes & Scenes Pack, Only $24: Source Ai & PSD Files, High-Res Transparent PNG, Trendy Aesthetic Scenes, Hands, Abstract Shapes, 3D Objects & More, Commercial Use