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Le: 29 03 2019 à 21:40 Auteur: Admin

Zwicon is a growing library with 566 icons in 26 different categories. Created by Zwoelf on a 24px grid that works perfectly with 8pt grid system. Carefully designed with 1px line weight, a 2px corner radius, and rounded line caps. Delivered as SVG, JPG, PNG, PDF, Webfont & Iconjar

Le: 29 03 2019 à 18:57 Auteur: Admin

A navigation menu that slides into/out the screen from an off-canvas position on your website. Among other features, it: Hides nav open btn when the nav is open, adding/removing open classes to nav and content. Includes navigation and a content block. Available for CSS, HTML, and Javascript.

Le: 29 03 2019 à 18:07 Auteur: Admin

Laxx is a lightweight and simple Vanilla JavaScript plugin that will let you create smooth animations that run swiftly when you scroll!

Le: 29 03 2019 à 17:20 Auteur: Admin

Personal portfolio is an elegant and minimal open-code template that can be used for any purpose, even commercial. It is provided under a MIT license and can be used on Bootstrap v4.


  • Responsive design
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Ionic Icons
  • Compatibility between web browsers
  • Free updates
  • Free support

Le: 28 03 2019 à 23:52 Auteur: Admin

Take a look at our latest logo design pack featuring 150 unique & colorful stock logo templates made with adobe illustrator and delivered in Ai vector file format.

Shapes based on repetition, symmetry & dynamism, 100% adaptable and easy to apply within apps, websites, branding designs, portfolios & more

Grab this pack today with a commercial use license to use them in all your projects for just $9


You Will Receive:

  • 150 stock logo templates
  • Each design is unique
  • Vector Ai file format for Adobe Illustrator
  • Trendy color palettes & designs
  • Layered & organized files
  • Commercial use license

Check Out The Contents


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Le: 28 03 2019 à 19:06 Auteur: Admin

Create all of your UI components to perfectly suit the aspect, design style, and layout of your Vue applications. With a top-down view of all the relationships, data flow, and application routes from your project's components. Easily Export your designs to create a complete Vue application with all the features.

Le: 28 03 2019 à 18:30 Auteur: Admin

A growing icon collection repository that allows designers and developers targeting various platforms to download icons in the format, color and size they need for any project. Use them as a Webfont, SCSS asset, also on JavaScript and React as well as SVG format.

Le: 28 03 2019 à 17:48 Auteur: Admin

A fun and practical icon pack for wireframe designers. Includes 90 vector icons at 32x32px and 50 icons in 16x16px. They're all free for personal and commercial use and they cover as diverse themes that it even has a cool pizza icon. This set, created by Spovv, is delivered as AI & SVG vectors, as well as PSD, PNG & PDF's format files.

Le: 27 03 2019 à 23:49 Auteur: Admin

Check out this bundle featuring 37 unique display fonts from 17 differnt font families! The pack contains different font styles like serf & sans-serif, slab-serif, rounded fonts, thin & tall fonts and many more, suitable for all kinds of purposes

You will receive OTF & TTF files, and the fonts feature multilanguage support, you can use them in all your personal and commercial projects!

Regularly priced $272, if purchased separately, today you can grab all of these awesome fonts in one fell swoop for just $21!

In Short, You Will Receive:

  • 37 unique display fonts
  • 17 font families
  • OTF & TTF files
  • Multi-language support
  • Many styles: serifs, sans-serifs, slab-serifs, thin, tall & more
  • Uppercase & lowercase characters
  • Commercial use

Fonts Included

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Le: 27 03 2019 à 23:36 Auteur: Admin

Find absolutely everything you need to create wireframes inside this useful kit: More than 200 resizable and content-ready symbols for real life as well as 8px-fitted components. Based on an adaptive grid bootstrap-based grid which is easy to use with 4 breakpoints.

Le: 27 03 2019 à 23:03 Auteur: Admin

Find here a brand new resume template in multiple file format (AI, WORD, and PDF) with a fresh and elegant style. Professionally designed with labeled and organized layers by Spovv, so you can easily change all of its features and adapt it to your next job opportunity. Ready to print, including free fonts. Use it on personal and commercial projects.

Features included

  • A4 and US Letter size
  • 300 DPI print-ready
  • Easy to Use
  • Free fonts
  • AI, PDF, and Word file format
  • Cover Letter

Le: 27 03 2019 à 22:00 Auteur: Admin

Rastazm is a hand-lettered designed font that features a double-stroke modern lookalike, delivered directly as OTF and TTF files. Get yourself a great asset for branding, logos, social media or e-commerce projects. Free for personal and commercial use. Created by Syaf Rizal.

Le: 27 03 2019 à 00:46 Auteur: Admin

Awesome Illustrations & Animated Business Icons

This pack features stunningly beautiful animated icons, trendy illustrations & animated background patterns, lightweight & fully editable!

You will receive a pack with 170+ unique assets including 660+ SVG, AI, AE, GIF, JSON & PNG files to use in your web projects. They all feature organized file & layer structure, 100% vector shapes, scalable, adjustable colors & are easy to work with.

The pack also includes a license to work with these files in any personal or commercial project.

Regularly priced $273, today you can grab this pack for just $24! Over 91% off the regular price!


This Bundle Contains:

  • 170+ assets
  • 668 files
  • File formats include SVG, AI, AE, GIF, JSON & PNG
  • Outline illustrations, patterns, animated patterns, animated icons
  • 100 animated SVG icons
  • 10 animated patterns
  • 10 seamless web patterns
  • 40+ trendy illustrations & animated concepts
  • Lightweight & scalable
  • Adjustable colors
  • Source files for all assets
  • Commercial use license

Check Out The Contents!

Animated Seamless Patterns

Animated seamless patterns by Outlane is a completely unique pack of graphics to be used in digital design. All pattern consist of handcrafted sets of animated icons.

  • 10 patterns
  • File types: gif, ae
  • Source files are included
  • Regular Price: $49

Patterns Included In This Set

  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Communications
  • Design
  • E-commerce
  • Food
  • Games
  • Mechanisms
  • Space
  • Sustainable Energy


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Animated SVG Icons

The pack includes 100 hand-crafted animated vector icons that you can use on any website or app. Based on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and Javascript (Lottie), the icons are lightweight and modern, have cross-browser support and look gorgeous on any screen size.

  • 100 vector animations
  • Files: svg(json), gif, ae
  • Source files are included
  • Regular Price: $59

100 Animated Icons

  • Business (10 icons)
  • Chemistry (10 icons)
  • Communications (10 icons)
  • Design (10 icons)
  • E-commerce (10 icons)
  • Food (10 icons)
  • Games (10 icons)
  • Mechanisms (10 icons)
  • Space (10 icons)
  • Sustainable Energy (10 icons)


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People at Work Illustrations Set

Outlane vector characters are a great way to make your content look more user-friendly. These fun, colorful and unique characters will make an amazing impression on your website/app visitors.

You’ll also receive 4 GIF animations of the following characters: Programmer, Gamer, Writer, Support Girl.

  • 10 vector illustrations
  • File types: svg, png, ai
  • Source files are included
  • Regular Price: $29

Illustrations included in this set:

  • Artist
  • Bartender
  • Cashier
  • Chef
  • Designer
  • Gamer
  • Lawyer
  • Programmer
  • Support
  • Writer


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Workspace Illustrations Pack

The pack is dedicated for financial and business type of websites and landing pages, it’s a great way to add some visually appealing details and to make formal content easier to comprehend.

  • 14 vector illustrations
  • File types: svg, png, ai
  • Source files are included
  • Regular Price: $29

Illustrations included in this set:

  • Cabin Workspace
  • Casual Workspace
  • Coffeeshop Workspace
  • Creative Workspace
  • Gamer Workspace
  • Home Workspace
  • Office Workspace
  • Programmer Workspace
  • Standing Desk Workspace
  • Student Workspace


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E-commerce Illustrations

The set includes 9 premium vector illustrations for e-commerce websites. The graphics from this set will help you deliver the information about your online store in the most elegant way.

  • 9 vector illustrations
  • File types: svg, png, ai
  • Source files are included
  • Regular Price: $49

Illustrations included in this set:

  • Cash Register
  • FAQ
  • Free Delivery
  • Handmade
  • Mobile E-commerce
  • Online Store
  • Perfect Quality
  • Shipping & Handling
  • Special Offers


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Cryptocurrency Illustrations Pack

These cryptocurrency-themed vector illustrations can be used in your social media campaigns, blog posts, landing pages, apps and other marketing materials.

  • 10 vector illustrations
  • File types: svg, png, ai
  • Source files are included
  • Regular Price: $29

Illustrations included in this set:

  • Bitcoin City
  • Control Room
  • Convey
  • Fast Delivery Rocket
  • Incubator
  • Mine Cart
  • Mine
  • Miner
  • Safe
  • Slot Machine


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Seamless Web Patterns

Seamless patterns by Outlane can be used for any design project. Each pattern is made of a set of handcrafted icons that are related to a specific theme.

The pack includes 10 unique seamless patterns in 10 color variations. The seamless patterns can be used for any kind of presentation.

  • 10 patterns
  • File types: png, ai
  • Source files are included
  • Regular Price: $29

Patterns included in this set:

  • Coffee
  • Creative Tools
  • E-commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Famous Buildings
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Space
  • Travel
  • Work


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Le: 26 03 2019 à 22:08 Auteur: Admin

A simple and stylish collection of 120 vector admin dashboard icons in two different linear styles with a material feel. Find PSD files that will display pixel-perfect at 16x16px and 38x38px, featuring its respective AI vector files to easily adapt to your project's requirements.

Le: 26 03 2019 à 21:03 Auteur: Admin

A fresh new pack of fully editable wedding invitation templates in PSD file format, designed with the styled look of blush and gold accents. Including the download links of every font employed on the templates. Swap the white for blush on your next wedding theme and get that young and edgy feel, use it on digital and also on print projects

Le: 26 03 2019 à 18:38 Auteur: Admin

Viksi is a clean and professional modern script font, that resembles a calligraphic style. Use it freely for logos, branding, advertisement or anything that you’ll need. The font is delivered in TTF file format and you'll be allowed to use it commercially! Created by Rizal Khurasan.

Le: 26 03 2019 à 01:38 Auteur: Admin

This pack features 1026 cartoon avatars & portraits, split in different categories like teenagers, children, old people and more. They are delivered in vector Ai & EPS file formats, and feature a variety of different characters from various nationalities & ethnicities, you'll find both male & female asian, african, european, arab, and indian characters, with completely editable features.

Every character is unique and features a variety of facial expressions like happiness, joy, surprise & more.

These are all compatible with adobe illustrator, photoshop, and alternative software like inkscape & gimp, and this huge pack would regularly cost over $600, so get it today with this limited time deal for just $14!

This Pack Contains:

  • 1026 vector avatars
  • 198 kindergarten child
  • 210 primary school child
  • 186 high school child
  • 222 teen
  • 210 old people
  • Editable Ai & EPS files
  • 100% vector shapes
  • All designs are unique & different
  • Compatible with adobe illustrator, photoshop, and alternative software like inkscape & gimp
  • Commercial use

Bundle Previews:


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Le: 24 03 2019 à 23:34 Auteur: Admin

Live Interactive Cross Browser Testing

This deal offers you 1500 minutes of live interactive real time testing in 2000+ desktop & mobile browsers on cloud, with tons of utilities & tools to make sure your websites & apps are responsive on all resolutions, debugging tools on desktop & mobile, regression tests, visual testing with automated comparisons, full page screenshots on multiple devices, integrations with Jira, Asana, Trello & Slack, and much more

LambdaTest is a cloud based platform that helps you perform cross browser compatibility testing of your web applications or websites to make sure they look pixel perfect across all browsers, browser versions, resolutions, OS, desktop & mobile devices.

Perform live interactive cross browser testing of your public or locally hosted websites & web apps on 2000+ real mobile and desktop browsers running on real operating system. Debug in real time on both desktop and mobile browsers with integrated debugging tools.

Ensure your web app looks pixel-perfect with 1500 minutes of real-time compatibility testing for all browsers, resolutions & more, no expiration date so you can use them as you need whenever you require (lifetime access)

Regularly priced $ 200

This Deal Features

  • 1500 minutes of live interactive real time testing
  • Lifetime acces: your minutes will never expire
  • Perform real time testing on cloud
  • 2000+ combinations of desktop & mobile browsers with native browser behaviour
  • Test the responsiveness of your webpages across multiple mobile devices
  • Execute automated screenshot and responsive testing of your website
  • Auto-generate full-page screenshots of web pages across multiple devices
  • Debug with native debugging tools on desktop and mobile browsers
  • Visual Testing with automated comparison
  • Test your locally or privately hosted website using SSH Tunnel
  • Smart UI testing to identify visual regression bugs
  • Quickly identify visual regression bugs w/ smart UI testing
  • Test custom display resolutions
  • Integration with Jira, Asana, BitBucket, GitHub, Microsoft VSTS, Slack, Trello & more
  • Enjoy one-click bug logging to your favorite bug tracking tools, like Asana & JIRA
  • One click bug logging to your favorite bug tracking tool like Asana, BitBucket, GitHub, JIRA, Microsoft VSTS, Slack, Trello etc.
  • 24x7 support

Live Interactive Cross Browser Testing

Perform live interactive cross browser testing of your public or locally hosted websites & web apps on 2000+ real mobile and desktop browsers running on real operating system. Debug in real time on both desktop and mobile browsers with integrated debugging tools.

Reduce Build Time With Parallel Testing

Our Selenium Grid Cloud is optimized for parallel testing and faster test execution speed. Drastically cut down your build times by running your automated test scripts in parallel on our test grid. No longer would you need to compromise with browser test coverage to improve test build execution times.

Online Responsive Testing Tool for Pixel to Pixel Accuracy

Now with just one click, you can test responsiveness of your web pages across multiple latest mobile devices and sizes.

Automated Screenshots for Accelerated Web Layout Testing

Auto-generate full-paged screenshots of your web pages across multiple devices, operating systems, browsers, and resolutions in a single click to perform visual cross browser testing.

Automated Selenium Cross Browser Testing Online

Run Selenium automation tests on a scalable, secure, and reliable cloud based Selenium grid. Perform automated cross browser testing across 2000+ browsers and ensure that your users get perfect experience across all browsers, browser versions and operating systems. We build automation testing infrastructure for you on a scalable selenium grid so that can focus on what you do best, build awesome products.

Cross Browser Testing of Locally Hosted Pages

Now you can spot cross browser compatibility issues of your locally hosted or privately hosted pages without making them live. Take automated screenshots or perform responsive layout testing of locally hosted pages on real browsers and operating system.

Seamless Collaboration and Testing

Log issues instantly during test sessions and collaborate with your team through our in-built issue tracking tool while performing cross browser testing. You can create, view, edit, and and assign issues to team members

Interface Previews


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Le: 23 03 2019 à 00:20 Auteur: Admin

The Flower Wedding Invitation Set is part of a collection of nine print-ready templates easily adaptable for any kind of wedding. Fully editable and layered PSD files, modify all the text and font colors. Simply click and replace with your content. The color of the watercolor elements can be modified by changing the hue and all the fonts employed are free.

Templates Included:

  • Save The Date – US A2 card size
  • Invitation – US A7 card size
  • Menu – 4 x 9″
  • Details – US A2 card size
  • Place Card 3.75 x 2.25″
  • RSVP – US A2 card size
  • Table Number – US A7 card size
  • Wishing Well – US A1 card size
  • Thank You – US A1 card size

Le: 22 03 2019 à 23:13 Auteur: Admin

Fontjek is a hand-written font elegantly based on brushes, 100% free for personal use and also to implement in your commercial projects. Featuring OTF and also TTF font formats. It was created by Khurasan

Le: 22 03 2019 à 19:06 Auteur: Admin

Mirror is a brand new trendy style resume template that includes multiple file formats, between AI, WORD, and also PDF. This resume template professionally designed so you can easily edit and adapt it to your needs effortlessly.


  • A4 and US Letter Size
  • AI, PDF and Word file formats
  • 300 DPI Print Ready
  • Using free fonts
  • Well Labeled and Organized Layers
  • Including Cover Letter

Le: 22 03 2019 à 00:31 Auteur: Admin

This bundle contains 150+ beautiful mockups & styled photos with various themes like wedding, valentine's day, autumn, vintage & more! Perfect resource for shop owners, artists, calligraphers, creative people or bloggers who want to showcase their latest design, for wedding stationery presentations, branding & social media.

You will receive PSD mockup files with smart layers for object/text placement as well as high resolution JPG photos, clean looking & easy to work with.

Regularly priced $160, today you can get this bundle for just $18!

This Bundle Contains

  • 153 Mockups & Styled Photos
  • PSD mockup files
  • Smart layers to place your content
  • High resolution JPG styled photos
  • 4500x3000px
  • Various cards: aprox 5'' x 7'' (13 x 18 cm), 3,5” x 5” (9 x 13 cm), 4” x 6” (10 x 15 cm)
  • Spring wedding nockups
  • Vintage peony weddinh mockups
  • Valentine's day mockups
  • Charming Autumn mockups
  • Blush Wedding mockups
  • Olive & anemone mockups
  • Vintage pumpkin
  • Holly Christmas mockups

Check Out Some Previews


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Le: 21 03 2019 à 17:53 Auteur: Admin

This is a set of fitness icons with a flat color style and vector format. Each icon come in SVG file format portraying different fitness activities, and can be easily scaled up to be used as illustrations. Designed by Dribbble user Eugen, free for personal and commercial use.

Le: 21 03 2019 à 17:12 Auteur: Admin

A beautiful, stylish and feature-packed WordPress theme, well-suited for creating websites of any kind. Its design is modern and enticing, capable of attracting those who share the same passion regarding fashion. It contains custom sections for featured content, hero content, portfolio, services, testimonials, logo/branding, and more! Created and shared at WordPress by Catch Themes.

Le: 21 03 2019 à 17:00 Auteur: Admin

This is an endless scroll receipt element that gets real product names from CVS. Its basic layout and style are based out of plain CSS and HTML while the web scrapping process is handled via vanilla JavaScript. Created by CodePen user Garrett W. (@garrettbear).

Le: 21 03 2019 à 00:18 Auteur: Admin

Best Instagram Scheduling Tool

Get lifetime access to Planagram, one of the best tools to manage your instagram presence and build an engaged audience by keeping your account & your client's accounts consistent & active.

Schedule your posts, galleries, albums, videos, stories & more to go live automatically whenever your audience is most active, keep them engaged & keep your accounts active with the content you want to post, when you want to post it

You can integrate with Dropbox, manage up to 25 instagram accounts, check out statistics, and schedule any kind of content, all from one dashboard to keep things simple and completely secure through instagram's API

Regularly priced $2940, today you can get access to Planagram forever for a one time payment of $49! Over 98% discount on the regular price!

With This Deal You Will Get:

  • Lifetime access plan: pay once, use forever
  • Schedule posts, galleries, stories, albums, videos & more
  • Schedule up to 10 images at once
  • Automated posting
  • Completely secure management through Instagram's API
  • Statistics dashboard

Plan Details:

This deal gets you lifetime access to Planagram's Agency plan, which includes:

  • Manage up to 25 Instagram accounts
  • 3 GB Disk Space
  • Photo Posts
  • Video Posts
  • Album Posts
  • Album Video
  • Story Picture
  • Story Video
  • Dropbox Integration

Interface Previews


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Le: 20 03 2019 à 17:56 Auteur: Admin

This is a set of 20 carefully crafted colorful logo designs. The logo set comes in vector AI (Illustrator) and EPS file formats, which makes them fully customizable and super simple to modify with the aid of Illustrator. The logos can be used in the creation of label, badge, and branding solutions. Designed and shared at ibrandstudio.

Le: 20 03 2019 à 17:44 Auteur: Admin

A complete and diverse library of profile photos for your UI designs in Sketch. It includes 160 male and female thumbnail photos embedded in a square and circular shape. This diverse avatar photo collection was created by DiverseUI.

Le: 20 03 2019 à 17:27 Auteur: Admin

Imperfect is a handwritten brush font with a bold design and wide brushed swipes. It contains basic Latin uppercase characters and some special symbols. The wide aspect of this font makes it work for single letter designs, sentence or full texts, proving to be perfect for branding, poster design, bold statements, quotes and prints that stand out. Created by Behance user Karina Ķelle, free for commercial and personal use.

Le: 20 03 2019 à 00:09 Auteur: Admin

Megabundle featuring 820 creative logos, completely unique designs, 100% vector shapes and with a variety of different styles & colors to fit all kinds of niches & businesses like design studios, restaurants, start ups and more.

The bundle contains separate Ai & EPS vector files for each logo, compatible with Adobe Illustrator & other alternative software like Inkscape & Gimp; you can easily scale them, recolor, and modify as necessary to fit your needs.

Regularly priced over $2300, today you can get this entire pack for just $21!

This Pack Contains:

  • 820 vector logo designs
  • Editable Ai & EPS files
  • 100% vector shapes
  • Different styles & color palettes
  • All designs are unique & different
  • Compatible with adobe illustrator, photoshop, and alternative software like inkscape & gimp
  • Commercial use

Full Logo Previews


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Le: 19 03 2019 à 18:00 Auteur: Admin

A modern hamburger menu icon for web UIs with nice transitions between its closed, hover, and open states. The button on-click events are controlled via jQuery, and styled with CSS compiled through Sass to keep it well organized and cross-browser compatible. Created by CodePen user Akshay (@akshaycodes).

Le: 19 03 2019 à 17:39 Auteur: Admin

This is a set of 55 icons with a line style art that are fully editable within Sketch.app. The icons are a composition of a basic shape (circle) that encapsulates the final representative figure to bring space and centrality in proportions to each icon. Designed by Dribbble user Renato Mattos, free for personal projects.

Le: 19 03 2019 à 17:21 Auteur: Admin

ArchiveBox is a self-hosted website archive similar to what WayBackMachine does. It takes a list of website URLs you want to archive and creates a local, static, browsable HTML clone of the content from those websites, saving HTML, JS, media files, PDFs, images and more. Developed by GitHub user Nick Sweeting (pirate), released under the MIT license.

Le: 18 03 2019 à 21:48 Auteur: Admin

Display Fonts Pack

Big typographic pack featuring 64 display fonts with multi language support, tons of different styles like monolines, grunge & scripts and a variety of extras like logos, brushes, swashes & elements that you can use for display compositions and other projects.

The pack includes TTF & OTF files for desktop use as well as Woff & Woff2 files for web use. OpenType features include neat ligatures, swashes, & character alternates for you to pick according to your needs, and they include a commercial use license agreement to use the fonts in commercial print/web projects.

Regularly priced over $250, today you can get this display fonts pack for just $17!


This Pack Features:

  • 64 display fonts
  • Multi-language support
  • Desktop files in TTF & OTF file formats
  • Web font files available in Woff & Woff2 formats
  • OpenType features like ligatures, swashes & alternates.
  • Several styles: monoline, handwritten script, brush, grunge & more
  • Commercial license

Font Previews


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Le: 18 03 2019 à 18:15 Auteur: Admin

A mobile UI kit for based on an online courses platform. It includes 28 screens in light and dark color schemes made for iPhone X resolution and with each component separated for improving its usability. All the elements are fully editable as vectors and come well organized and layered. Designed by Behance users Dilan Gunasekara and Chinthaka Sandaruwan for Arimac Lanka.

Le: 18 03 2019 à 17:58 Auteur: Admin

This is a responsive mobile landing page template created with Bootstrap 4. It features a semantically organized HTML5 and CSS3 code, with Ionic icon set, free updates, free support, and cross-browser compatibility. Developed by GitHub user Diego (diegovr7), released under the MIT license.

Le: 18 03 2019 à 17:43 Auteur: Admin

This is a set of checkbox and radio buttons with a nice flat design and fluid contrasting animations. The buttons have a round structure and the animations used are really compelling with the way they bring and deploys interactions to users in an interface. They are created as components out of Javascript and CSS precompiled through Sass. Created by CodePen user Valery Alikin.

Le: 17 03 2019 à 23:48 Auteur: Admin

Landing Page Drag & Drop Builder

Create your landing pages easily with Infinity Pages, a modern static landing page builder for startups that features dozens of premium templates & components, fully responsive deigns, and an user-friendly drag & drop interface that you can use to have a landing page ready to deploy in minutes.

Infinity Pages was made for developers, designers and marketers alike, to save time when creating elegant landing pages & websites for your mobile apps.

The builder features blocks for Navigation, Headers, Hero, Features, Subscribe, Clients, Video, Gallery, Team, Testimonials, Actions, Social, Footers & more, just drag the components you need, drop them where you want them and done!

You can easily export the templates as code, and include your own analytics & CSS code, hassle free, and this lifetime access includes hosting of your website to deploy as soon as you're finished building!

Regularly priced over $300, today you can get lifetime access to this great builder for just $25!

This Deal Includes:

  • Lifetime access to Infinity Pages, pay once, use forever
  • Create unlimited landing pages
  • Builder with an awesome drag-and-drop builder
  • Website hosting
  • Builder features mobile, tablet & desktop view
  • You can use the blocks/templates available and/or include your own CSS & Analytics code
  • Create unlimited websites
  • Dozens of premium templates
  • Export your websites
  • MailChimp etc. integration
  • Enjoy free tech support

With Infinity Pages, You Can:

  • Build
  • Build your landing page in seconds with their drag-and-drop builder

  • Host
  • Host your landing page on their cloud servers with 99.9% uptime

  • Export
  • Possible to export and host your landing pages on your own server

  • Analytics
  • Pinpoint your core visitors and focus on converting them

  • Templates
  • Choose from a wide range of different designs to suit your individual taste. We have handpicked and carefully designed numerous templates for you to choose from

  • Design
  • Rest assured that their templates look beautiful on all manner of devices. Each template has been meticulously tested on a wide range of browsers & screen sizes

Check Out Some Interface Previews


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Le: 15 03 2019 à 17:50 Auteur: Admin

This is a set of 60 icons with a glyph line art style for general purposes. The stroke on each icon is fully adjustable on Sketch and Adobe XD. The icons can be made symbols which makes them easily to organize and to be ported to any kind of project. Designed by Dribbble user Tatyana Andreyeva for Magora.

Le: 15 03 2019 à 17:22 Auteur: Admin

A simple server for sending and receiving messages in real-time per WebSocket that can be self-hosted. It features a WebUI and functionality for sending messages via a REST-API, subscribing/receiving messages via a web socket connection, and managing users, clients and applications. Developed and shared at GitHub by the Gotify team, licensed under the MIT license.

Le: 15 03 2019 à 17:04 Auteur: Admin

This is an isometric font that can help you make creative logos in no time. It is in OTF file format, making it easy to install. Each character is structured in perspective over three of the faces of a cube. Only basic Latin characters were used for the development of this font. Designed by Behance user Saqib Ahmad, free for personal and commercial use.

Le: 15 03 2019 à 00:41 Auteur: Admin

A bundle of 100 professionally designed CV/Resume templates that you can use to upgrade your & client's curriculum! It contains fully editable files in PSD & Docx file formats to customize in Adobe Photoshop & MS Word

You will find several different layouts suitable for different professional fields, they include cover letters & other goodies like icon sets to decorate your new resume and give it an edge over the competition

Several templates also include Ai & EPS files to work them on Adobe Illustrator and other alternative free software

Regularly priced $119, you can get this entire pack today for just $12!

This Pack Contains:

  • 100 vogue style resume templates
  • 2625×3375 pixels (8.75×11.25 inches)
  • Print ready (CMYK, 300 DPI)
  • Easy to change color
  • Well organized and named layers
  • Easy to edit and fully customizable
  • File formats include PSD & Docx
  • Fully editable in Adobe Photoshop & MS Word
  • Several templates include Ai & EPS files
  • Many also include icon sets for decorations
  • All text are editable
  • Commercial use

Content Previews:


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Le: 14 03 2019 à 17:26 Auteur: Admin

This is a compact chat box with smooth transitions and a material design aesthetic built with jQuery and CSS. This chat bar is fully interactive with all its events are controlled via jQuery and its animations and general style achieved through CSS precompiled through SCSS with some SVG elements to keep it fast and ready. Created by CodePen user Aaron Iker based on Oleg Frolov's Interaction design.

Le: 14 03 2019 à 17:15 Auteur: Admin

This is a Sketch website template for travel websites or creative blogs with a clean style. There are 6 artboards included, all fully editable, layered and carefully organized. Designed and published on Behance by Tran Mau Tri Tam for Mass Impressions.

Le: 14 03 2019 à 17:01 Auteur: Admin

A translation management platform for improving team workflow. Once you setup your project you can import and export your translations to various formats, work together with your team, instantly deliver translation updates over the air, and soon automatically translate your project via third-party integrations. Developed and shared at GitHub by the Traduora team, licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.

Le: 14 03 2019 à 00:43 Auteur: Admin

Trendy Seamless Patterns & Floral Designs

Check out this bundle featuring 260+ super trendy & beautiful abstract patterns, animal prints & botanical floral designs! This pack contains awesome seamless patterns, animal skins & elegant chains as well as floral patterns & elements, editable PSD files & high resolution PNG files with transparent backgrounds.

These designs are perfect for stationery, wallpapers, paper bags, textiles, clothing like scarves, shirts, skirts, accessories & more!

Separated these assets would be priced over $133, however, with this limited time deal you can grab them today in one big pack for just $19!

This Pack Contains:

  • 260+ design products
  • 100+ seamless patterns
  • Layered PSD files
  • 160+ botanical flowers
  • Transparent PNG files
  • Classical & abstract prints
  • Print repeat at 300 dpi
  • 50 x 50 cm
  • Commercial use

Content Previews:


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Le: 13 03 2019 à 17:48 Auteur: Admin

Social Meetup UI Kit is a very unique set of elements for mobile interfaces. It is fully customizable with Adobe XD and includes screen layouts for sections like onboarding, profile, chat instances, statistics, social networks, menus, sign in/up, welcome, verification, payments, several prompts and more! All the screen layers are already animated with XD to create a complete Meetup app UI experience mockup. Designed by Dribbble user Aurélien Salomon.

Le: 13 03 2019 à 17:23 Auteur: Admin

This is an "essential" vector icon set with a bold line style art. It features 100 high-quality icons suitable for any project in Adobe Illustrator, XD, SVG, and PNG file formats. Published by Deemak Daksina at mousecrafted.

Le: 13 03 2019 à 17:01 Auteur: Admin

This is a creative presentation template as colorful and festive as the Holi spring festival which is from where this template takes its inspiration. All elements are easily editable from shape to colors in Powerpoint. Designed by Behance user RRGraph Design.

Le: 13 03 2019 à 00:31 Auteur: Admin

Grow Your Twitter Following Organically

Tweet Ninja is the smart social media tool that boosts your engagement on Twitter & organically grows your followers by automatically tweeting and retweeting interesting contents, from the right people at the right moment!

In short, you can automate your Twitter feed so that the app will automatically tweet, retweet & favorite the most engaging content that your target audience is interested in.

Set it up in minutes, unleash its power on Twitter and sit back and relax: Tweet Ninja will save you hours of tedious work & will discover for you the most valuable tweets for your target audience, constantly producing new updates on your account.

Tweet Ninja is super convenient for single accounts & even more so for agencies & social media managers, allowing them to focus on the fun & cool stuff while intelligently taking care of the boring yet useful content curation activities

With this deal you can get lifetime access to Tweet Ninja, unlimited tweets & retweets, up to 10 hashtags & RSS feeds, for a single account, for a one-time payment of $39! Hurry up, this deal will only last for a few days!

In A Nutshell, This Deal Is:

  • Lifetime access to TweetNinja
  • Manages 1 twitter account
  • Unlimited tweets, retweets & favourites
  • Supports up to 10 hashtags & RSS feeds
  • Full social media analytics
  • Content management
  • Customer engagement
  • Tweet like a PRO
  • Get more followers organically
  • Automate your engagement smartly
  • Do Twitter marketing effectively
  • Engage with influencers on autopilot
  • No hidden fees, pay once, use forever

What does it do?

Tweet Ninja is a social media marketing tool that helps influencers and marketers organically grow their followers and naturally increase their engagement on Twitter with automatic, intelligent, targeted and effective retweet and like suggestions

All you have to do is pick a list of people you want to engage with on Twitter and refine it with hashtags and keywords: celebrities, clients, prospects, influencers - all it takes is a couple of clicks!

Tweet Ninja will pick the best tweets & the hottest contents from the list you have chosen, and from the people that interact with them, re-tweeting and engaging automatically for you.

Once setup, the system will continue to engage on Twitter for you, boosting your presence and constantly adding real followers ready to be contacted and nurtured!

Why do we need it?

Engaging with the right people at the right time on Twitter can be extremely rewarding in terms of traffic and branding but also incredibly time consuming. Tweet Ninja smartly automates all this and frees up hours of your time - each day

Who is it for?

Everybody willing to use Twitter more effectively for boosting their digital reach, connecting with influencers, buyers or potential employers, automatically finding new leads and organically growing their businesses or personal brand

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

If you want to use Twitter to build powerful connections, you either spend hours sifting through tons of tweets picking the right ones at the right moment - or you use Tweet Ninja. No alternatives, today and in the foreseeable future


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Le: 12 03 2019 à 17:37 Auteur: Admin

This is a collection of CSS effects made with Vue.js. Among the diverse elements, you will find hover effects for links and buttons, loading loops animations and some other UI elements. Designed by GitHub user Emil Kowalski (emilkowalski), free for personal and commercial use.

Le: 12 03 2019 à 17:00 Auteur: Admin

This is a clean and responsive Bootstrap 4 template with a minimalist style. It is a one-page design perfect for creating landing pages for Saas, StartUps, Small business, but it will also fit most of the launching app websites. Created by Github user Diego (diegovr7), licensed under the MIT license.

Le: 12 03 2019 à 16:56 Auteur: Admin

This is a parallax element created with the use of CSS exclusively. The effect takes place when the page is scrolled, hiding the previous element over the next with a subtle slide action on the background and the content in the element. As mentioned, no Javascript required, just plain CSS and HTML. Created by CodePen user Yago Estévez.

Le: 12 03 2019 à 01:42 Auteur: Admin

40+ Presentation Templates For Powerpoint

Deliver your presentations & ideas to your audiences & capture their attention using these 3800+ creative slides! This pack contains 46 ready made templates & 100+ color variations in XML so you can easily change them up to fit your needs.

They are available in PPT & PPTX file formats and feature retina & full HD resolutions, aspect ratio 16:9 & widescreen, overlay picture effects, masonry portfolios, master slide based layouts, animations, pixel perfect design, icons, object placeholders, device mockups included within the presentations & more

You'll find presentations perfect for many niches, and the entire collection (regularly priced $600) can be yours today for just $19!

Content Previews

  • 3800+ unique creative slides
  • 40+ ready made presentation templates
  • 100+ color variations in XML
  • Retina & Full HD
  • PPT & PPTX
  • Aspect ratio (16:9 & widescreen size)
  • Easy to edit
  • Overlay picture effect
  • Masonry portfolio
  • Layouts based on master slides
  • Fully animated slides
  • Resizable vector elements
  • Pixel perfect progressive design
  • Use free font
  • Print ready
  • Mockup devices (included in presentation)
  • Infographics (Included in presentation)
  • Icon includes
  • Object placeholders
  • Commercial use

Content Previews


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Le: 11 03 2019 à 18:00 Auteur: Admin

This a creative stylish WordPress theme built to create stunning e-commerce and online stores. It comes with an archive layout and 4-page layouts with deep WooCommerce integration and all its features. Along with being fully SEO optimized, the theme is also fast loading and translation ready. Created and shared at WordPress by Access Keys, licensed under GPLv3.

Le: 11 03 2019 à 17:11 Auteur: Admin

jsPDF is a library to generate PDFs in client-side JavaScript. It is perfect for event tickets, reports, certificates, and more! PDFs are ubiquitous across the web, with virtually every enterprise relying on them to share documents. We generate documentation from the source code. If there’s anything you need, it’s likely in here. Created by GitHub user James Hall (MrRio), licensed under the MIT license.

Le: 11 03 2019 à 16:25 Auteur: Admin

Stanley is an elegant stencil typeface that combines rounded and rectangular forms. This font is multilingual and is perfect for branding, posters, letterhead, packaging designs, and much more. Designed by Behance user Jérémie Gauthier.

Le: 10 03 2019 à 23:21 Auteur: Admin

Best Infographics Pack

The most complete infographic packs featuring 1500 templates for 20+ industries, these are compatible with Adobe photoshop & illustrator, powerpoint & keynote, as well as free alternatives like Inkscape & Gimp

File formats include PPT, PPTX, KEY, PSD, EPS & Ai, completely editable vectors, easy to export/import as well as mix & match to create new unique templates

Easily the biggest infographic bundle out there. Separated, these assets would cost over $650, but with this deal you can take them home today for just $29! Over 90% off the regular price!

You Will Receive:

  • 25k+ vector elements
  • 1500 infographic templates
  • 20+ template categories
  • Perfect for any industry, from social media & marketing to medical & education
  • File formats PPT, PPTX, KEY, PSD, EPS & Ai
  • Commercial use

Template Categories Include:

  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Ecology
  • Startups
  • Business
  • Maps
  • Arrows
  • Abstract
  • Banners
  • Geometry
  • Social Media
  • Timelines
  • Medicine
  • Strategy
  • Charts
  • Alphabet
  • Circle Diagrams
  • Minimalism
  • Calendars
  • Puzzles

Content Previews


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Le: 08 03 2019 à 18:02 Auteur: Admin

A responsive multipurpose WordPress theme, suitable for any kind of blog or business. It features multiple homepage layouts with trendy animations that serve as a good looking and informative media for corporate and news websites. It is SEO optimized and easy to customize with options to even choose the general color palette of the theme. Created by blazethemes.

Le: 08 03 2019 à 17:49 Auteur: Admin

This is a set of subtle text link animations created making use of plain CSS. The design approach used with these elements is more on the sober, nothing major, nothing overly fancy, just enough to provide the feedback interaction in a user interface. Created by CodePen user Josip Psihistal.

Le: 08 03 2019 à 17:35 Auteur: Admin

PureCSS is a lightweight set of CSS modules that can be used in every web project. It features a customizable responsive grid with sets of built-in vertical and horizontal menus, including dropdowns, buttons that work with ❬a❭ and ❬button❭ elements, flexible form alignments, and an overall clean, minimalist look that can be easily extended. Free to use under the Yahoo! Inc. BSD license.

Additional components can be found at Pure CSS Components

Le: 08 03 2019 à 01:29 Auteur: Admin

This pack contains over 10,000 light leak photo overlay effects for adobe photoshop, simple to use and well documented to make everything easier.

You will receive over 7GB of overlays for you to use with an action in photoshop, a completely non-destructive process that results in an organized layered image with the desired effect applied to it.

You can use these in all kinds of imagery to apply great effects & have beautiful compositions made in seconds! Today you can get this entire collection for just $19!


  • 10k+ overlays
  • Well systematised layers
  • Fully editable layers
  • Easy to customize
  • Non-destructive actions
  • Well documented instructions
  • This action can be use on Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC and CC 2018 (tested in English version)
  • Suggested to use high resolution photo sizes between 1000 – 5000px (min resolution: 72dpi)
  • Over 7GB of content
  • Unrestricted commercial use

Important Details:

  • Make sure you are using the ENGLISH version of Photoshop;
  • Go to: Image / Mode and check the "RGB colour" and "8 Bits/Channel"
  • For CS5 and higher versions, click on menu icon at the right on "LAYERS" panel and go to "Panel Option...",and check the "Add "copy" to Copied Layers and Groups".

How To Use Overlay

  • Open Adobe Photoshop.
  • Install Overlay Action.atn
  • (Window > Actions > Load Actions)
  • Open photo.
  • Play Overlay Actions.
  • Place a suitable file with overlay effect, rotate, and scale the if necessary.
  • You can use multiple overlays on one photo.
  • Enjoy with results!

How To Play Action

  • Open the action (for that go to: Window / Actions, click on menu icon at the right and choose in list "Load Actions" then find the action on your computer and open it;
  • Open your background image;
  • Find action in the action list and open it and click play
  • Wait a few seconds that Photoshop make all actions (speed of action work depends of the power of your computer);
  • Then change the colors and Effects if you need
  • You're done!


Le: 07 03 2019 à 17:49 Auteur: Admin

This is a 3D model representation of the Scandinavian-inspired Edelweiss chair. This chair is made in ash wood with a curved wood seat designed to bring comfort and style to your spaces. The download includes FBX model and the Cinema4D (C4D) file formats. Designed by Behance user Alfonso Mastrangelo.

Le: 07 03 2019 à 17:30 Auteur: Admin

This is a modern and responsive WordPress theme with a block style layout for blog posts. It's developed to work seamlessly with the WordPress 5 Gutenberg editor and custom blocks. The theme options are located within the WordPress customizer for a simple setup process. Block Lite is perfect for photography blogs, portfolios, writers, and more. Created by Organic Themes.

Le: 07 03 2019 à 17:22 Auteur: Admin

Kenfolg is a serif typeface with a modern stylish look that will give your designs a professional and artistic look. It is an OpenType font (OTF) and can be used for designing brochures, flyer, book title, magazines, blog posts, posters, and more! Shared at Dribbble by user Jessica Elle, free for personal use.

Le: 07 03 2019 à 00:11 Auteur: Admin

Uptime & SSL Certificate Monitoring

Be the first to know when your websites are down with lifetime access to DownNotifier.com, the service that will constantly monitor your websites for outage or other errors!

With this deal you can pay once & use forver; you'll have access to the premium package that offers 1 minute monitoring intervals for fast notifications so you can take actions immediately, you can configure multiple recipients for the monitoring alerts, as well as SSL certificates expiration & correct configuration monitoring. You will never be too late to renew your SSL certificate again!

This limited time offer gets you lifetime access to Downnotifier.com for just $49, so what are you waiting for? Get your peace of mind back today!

You Will Get:

  • Lifetime access, pay once, use forever
  • Monitor up to 10 websites
  • 1 minute monitoring interval
  • Alerts for your colleagues - multiple recipients per monitor
  • Supports username & password
  • Supports SSL & HTTPS
  • Extended reports
  • Unlimited history
  • Configure alert limits
  • Monitor on specific text
  • Compare your uptime with others

Frequently asked questions

What is counted as down?

Besides connection errors, any HTTP status code above 399 (or under 200) is considered as down. So, with a 500 error or 404 error, a down notification will be sent.

Is SSL / HTTPS supported?

Yes, of course. Make sure you enter the URL including https:// when you add your monitor.

Is username / password supported?

Yes, enter the URL as: http://username:password@www.mydomain.com

Please note that passwords are not stored encrypted and visible when you edit the monitor in our control panel.

Can I whitelist DownNotifier.com in my firewall?

Please go to our whitelist page for whitelisting options: https://www.downnotifier.com/list/ips

Does the monitoring affect my analytics / statistics?

The monitoring does not affect tools which use JavaScript or pixel tracking, like Google Analytics. In case your tool uses server logs, DownNotifier.com may be included in the statistics.

Make sure to check out DownNotifier's terms here https://www.downnotifier.com/pages/terms


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Le: 06 03 2019 à 18:04 Auteur: Admin

ArchitectUI is an easy to customize Bootstrap 4-ReactJS admin dashboard template. It comes packed with beautiful elements and components that can offer you a head start in developing your web application. It has a fully responsive layout, multiple color schemes for both Bootstrap elements and layout components. It also has the ability to change the style and position of layout components, just by adding the respective CSS classes. Created and shared at DashboardPack.

Le: 06 03 2019 à 17:57 Auteur: Admin

A set of 30 logo brand mockups, fully layered and editable in Photoshop. This logo collection can be the source of inspiration for your next project and even set the basis for new designs as they can be easily modifable with just a few clicks. Designed and shared at Behance by Asylab Design, free for personal and commercial use.

Le: 06 03 2019 à 17:29 Auteur: Admin

Kakoune is a code editor somewhat similar to the Vim editor. It features an easy modal editor, fast and optimized keystroking, multiple selection options and an orthogonal design. It can operate in two modes, normal (keys are used to manipulate the current selection and to enter insertion mode) and insertion (where the keys are directly inserted into the current buffer). Developed and shared at GitHub by Maxime Coste (mawww), free for personal and commercial use.

Le: 05 03 2019 à 18:31 Auteur: Admin

A responsive real estate website template built over Bootstrap 4, HTML5 and CSS3. It nicely showcases your images and set them evenly spaced over a cards grid with a stylish selection of color and fonts. It's cross-browser compatible with free support and updates. Created by ThemesBootstrap, licensed under the MIT License.

Le: 05 03 2019 à 18:12 Auteur: Admin

This is a huge library of over 1000 material icons, compatible with Sketch App, Figma, SVG, Invision Studio, Adobe XD, and Photoshop. The icons were created over a 24x24px grid and come in three styles: rounded, outlined and duotone. Among its categories, you will find communication elements, devices, hardware, alert symbols, UI components for navigation, toggle buttons, and many more! Designed by Pixsellz, available under the Apache License Version 2.0.

Le: 05 03 2019 à 17:53 Auteur: Admin

This is an on-spot 3D depth effect made by using mapped distortion constraints based on masked layers and WebGL. The graphics library is ported through twgl.js (Tiny WebGL), that also makes its use less verbose. Created by Robin Delaporte, photo by Charles Deluvio.

Le: 04 03 2019 à 21:21 Auteur: Admin

Huge pack graphic pack featuring over 3000 textures, backgrounds & photos in tons of different categories to use for all kinds of purposes!

The pack contains high resolution images with compelling visuals, several different types of graphics like grunge & broken textures, bokehs, colorful as well as dark abstract backgrounds, scratched and burned surfaces, and many more, delivered in PNG files with 1944 x 2592, 3000 x 3000, 3000 x 4000, & 5184 x 3456 resolutions.

Regularly, this entire pack would cost you over $800 when purchased separately, however, for a limited time, you can get this huge bundle of high quality assets for just $19! over 98% off the regular market price!


You Will Receive:

  • 3000+ unique images
  • 1500 photos
  • 1500 abstract digital textures
  • Resolutions: 1944 x 2592, 3000 x 3000, 3000 x 4000, & 5184 x 3456
  • Delivered in PNG format
  • Bokehs, dark, abstract, grunge & many more styles
  • Commercial use
  • 30GB+ of content, 8 download archives

Check Out Some Previews


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Le: 04 03 2019 à 18:28 Auteur: Admin

This is a simple yet elegant mobile UI kit for Sketch with a grid-card based design and a minimalistic user interface. The main card elements have a pop color signature backgrounds while the subsequent post-cards are sorted out on a vertical timeline structure. Designed by Jana de Klerk, free for personal and commercial use.

Le: 04 03 2019 à 18:12 Auteur: Admin

Ballistick is a beautiful signature script font with a harmonious balance between classy and contemporary. This font is perfect for any design project but particularly goes well in the creation of logos, branding, wedding designs, social media, advertisements, and product designs. It includes 59 ligatures to maintain the hand-lettered effect and extended Latin language support. Designed and shared at Behance by Nirmana Visual.

Le: 04 03 2019 à 17:55 Auteur: Admin

This is a nice responsive email template with a minimal yet stylish design. It contains a graphic template in Photoshop PSD and a ready to use HTML/CSS code resource resembling the created theme. It is fully customizable (both the graphic and code versions) and you can use it for any kind of project. Created by Dribbble user Marco Da Silva, free for personal and commercial use.

Le: 02 03 2019 à 00:01 Auteur: Admin

Trendy Illustrated Business Concepts

Trendy & colorful pack featuring 150 illustrated concepts, several different characters & designs that you can use for your projects as well as mix & match to create unique new concept illustrations.

Each concept is delivered in EPS file format, fully layered & organized, you can edit every aspect of these awesome illustrations, scale up, recolor, etc, without losing any quality. They feature a trendy style, with shapes & characters designed with organic curved shapes, neat gradient color palettes, and a wide variety of objects.

Regularly priced over $$135, with this exclusive promo you can get this bundle today for just $29!


You Will Receive

  • 150 illustrated concepts
  • EPS vector files
  • Fully layered & editable file for each concept
  • You can mix & match elements to create unique new concepts
  • Trendy color palettes & gradients
  • Commercial use

Content Previews


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Le: 01 03 2019 à 18:37 Auteur: Admin

Check out our new patterns & shapes bundle featuring 770+ unique graphic design vector assets! This great pack contains 20 sets of geometric patterns, vector shapes, artboards, posters, cutouts, premade graphics & textures, available in EPS vector file format & high resolution transparent PNGs. They feature tons of different styles like florals, bauhaus, retro geometry & many more!

These assets are perfect for branding design, packaging, printables & web, you can use them as is or mix & match to create your own styles easily!

Purchased separately, these assets would cost over $500, but with this promo you can get this huge geometric design bundle for just $19!


Bundle Contents:

  • 775 graphic design assets total
  • Geometric seamless patterns & shapes, artboards, premade graphics & more
  • EPS vector files
  • Patterns - 173
  • Shapes - 487
  • Artboards & pre-made graphics - 101
  • Textures - 13
  • Fonts - 1
  • High resolution PNG files
  • Commercial use

Content Previews!


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Le: 01 03 2019 à 18:20 Auteur: Admin

This is a pack of 28 ink brushes created for people who want to use watercolor effects. The brushes and splash effects were created out of real ink and paintbrushes digitalized through an analog camera to give them crispness and extra detail. Created by Behance user Daga J, free for personal and commercial use.

Le: 01 03 2019 à 17:50 Auteur: Admin

This is a nice set of 152 icons built over a 16px grid with a material filled style. The icons are in a single PSD file format, organized in layers and created out of resizable shapes paths. Created by Dribbble user Alexey Anatolievich.

Le: 01 03 2019 à 17:25 Auteur: Admin

Dope is a creative multipurpose HTML template. It features HTML5 and CSS3 updated semantics, fully responsive characteristics backed up by Bootstrap 4 and CSS compiled through Sass. It also includes a working PHP contact form and the overall theme is structured following W3C standars. Released by f4h3m at ThemeHunt.

Le: 01 03 2019 à 00:25 Auteur: Admin

Mega Vector Icons Pack

Grab this megabundle containing over vector 12,500 icons in 111 categories like Data, E-Commerce, Education, Medical, Mobile, Music, OS, School & many more! Fully compatible with the Adobe Suite: Adobe CC 2018, CC, CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3 & CS2, you can use them for any kind of project, whether for web or print

You will receive files for adobe illustrator (Ai) & photoshop (PSD) as well as SVG, PNG & CSH files, fully layered & organized so you can work with them easily and customize to fit your needs! Check out some previews below

In Short, You Will Receive

  • 12,500+ vector icons
  • 111 icon categories
  • Customisable color palette
  • File formats Ai, PSD, SVG, PNG & CSH
  • Well-Organised layers for easy customisation & updates
  • Fully compatible with the Adobe Suite: Adobe CC 2018, CC, CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3 & CS2
  • Commercial use

Content Previews


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