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Le: 30 06 2021 à 23:30 Auteur: Admin

Here is an open-source tool to create and deploy internal tools quickly for your company or project. It is easy to import your data sources such as databases, API endpoints, and external services. Find out more software tools. Features: 1. Visual app builder with widgets such as tables, charts, modals, buttons, dropdowns and more 2....

Le: 30 06 2021 à 21:04 Auteur: Admin

Have a look at this CSS snippet featuring a neumorphic design and using candy colors with different animations when you hover over them. Find out more CSS Buttons. Your browser does not support the video tag.

Le: 30 06 2021 à 09:28 Auteur: Admin

A collection with 80 skull t-shirt designs featuring dark characters & villain illustrations, delivered in fully editable vector EPS source files that you can modify, recolor and scale without losing image quality

Le: 29 06 2021 à 09:42 Auteur: Admin

60+ Display Fonts Pack with Creative Designs, Files for Desktop & Web, 25 Unique Font Families, Stencils, Serifs & Sans Serif, Horror Poster, Calligraphy & Many More Styles

Le: 26 06 2021 à 13:38 Auteur: Admin

960+ instagram templates for canva & photoshop, fully editable posts & stories templates, includes stock photos & fonts used, Stories with 1080x1920px and Posts with 1080x1080px, One-click Install to Canva (instructions included)

Le: 24 06 2021 à 09:50 Auteur: Admin

A huge t-shirt designs bundle featuring 1150+ unique t-shirt prints with editable texts, delivered in layered EPS & SVG formats as well as high resolution transparent PNG files, print ready at 300dpi

Le: 23 06 2021 à 09:06 Auteur: Admin

A huge pack with 1500+ Photoshop shape brushes featuring 30+ categories including watercolors, abstract shapes & many more, delivered in ABR file format

Le: 22 06 2021 à 10:30 Auteur: Admin

Get lifetime access to CloudFunnels, a sales funnel builder where you can create product landing pages, set up email marketing & autoresponders, run A/B tests, get sales & lead analytics, manage memberships & more!

Le: 18 06 2021 à 18:47 Auteur: Admin

Here’s Tailwindo a fantastic tool that can help you easily to transform your Bootstrap framework CSS code in HTML or PHP files to equivalent Tailwind CSS code. Find out more Tailwind tools. Features: 1. Multiple files (Recursively) convert 2. Multiple files extensions support (.html, .vue, .twig, .blade and more) 3. Can convert a given raw...

Le: 18 06 2021 à 10:23 Auteur: Admin

launch templates for figmaA collection of 100+ product launch templates inspired by the top product launches of 2021 - tried and tested content, curated & made to save you tons of hours of research & design. Files delivered for Figma, fully editable gallery

Le: 17 06 2021 à 22:45 Auteur: Admin

Check out this snippet featuring a neat project management dashboard interface with plenty use of icons, features, and beautiful details. Find out more CSS Dashboards.

Le: 17 06 2021 à 07:54 Auteur: Admin

Get lifetime access to SneakCRM, simple yet powerful Project Management, Finances & Customer Relationship software that you can use to engage customers, manage your team & your projects, create invoices & more

Le: 16 06 2021 à 04:34 Auteur: Admin

A set of Tailwind landing pages made with the latest Next.js & Alpine.js technologies, they include feature rich source code and Figma files - no need for framework integration, simply fill them up with your content and deploy!

Le: 12 06 2021 à 10:14 Auteur: Admin

100+ Cool T-Shirt Prints Pack, Fully Editable Vector Sources in SVG, CDR & EPS Formats, High Resolution Transparent PNG Files of Each Design, Print Ready at 300dpi, Animals, People, Objects, Abstract Compositions & More, Commercial Use License

Le: 11 06 2021 à 05:30 Auteur: Admin

3000+ Animated Infographic Templates Pack, Vector Sources, Animated PPT Slides & Files for Canva, 30+ Categories, Medical, Arrows, Timelines, Projects, Education Infographics & Many More

Le: 10 06 2021 à 23:40 Auteur: Admin

Vuestic bring us on this occasion an open-source Vue 3 UI library featuring 52 responsive & customizable components, two built-in color scheme presets, seamless integration options and more. Find out more useful Vue tools Features: 1. Keyboard navigation 2. Modern browsers support 3. Easy customization 4. MIT License

Le: 10 06 2021 à 19:23 Auteur: Admin

Have a quick look at this amazing dashboard featuring a skateboard video platform that you can use as an example in your next project. Find out more CSS dashboards.

Le: 10 06 2021 à 08:54 Auteur: Admin

Lifetime Social Media Scheduling Tool - Customize, Preview & Schedule Posts Across All Major Networks, Image Editing with Watermark Support, Get Analytics & Reports, Post Content to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter & LinkedIn

Le: 09 06 2021 à 09:58 Auteur: Admin

2500+ Photo Overlays Pack, 4K Resolution Transparent PNG, Simply Drag/Drop Over Your Photos, Adjust and Done! Motion Light, Rainbows, Vintage Effects, Grunge & Many More

Le: 04 06 2021 à 22:03 Auteur: Admin

Have a look at this fantastic set of mockups showcasing legacy monitors, laptop computers & PDAs that you can customize with ease. Find out more legacy device mockups.

Le: 04 06 2021 à 09:39 Auteur: Admin

3000+ Space Backgrounds, Wallpapers & Textures Pack, Colorful & Abstract HD Images with Dimensions 4000x2000px, Nebulas, Spiral Galaxies & More

Le: 03 06 2021 à 19:01 Auteur: Admin

Have a look at this gallery showcasing different background images that move away when you hover over each figure. Find out more CSS Accordions. Your browser does not support the video tag.

Le: 02 06 2021 à 22:20 Auteur: Admin

Check out this flexbox based CSS framework that provides you with a way to make a flexible layout. It is free to use, responsive, and fully documented. Find out more CSS Frameworks. Features: 1. Open source 2. Fully customizable 3. Examples included 4. MIT License

Le: 02 06 2021 à 19:08 Auteur: Admin

A CSS snippet featuring an animated slider changing the background picture and showing an effect in the entrance of the text. Find out more CSS Sliders. Your browser does not support the video tag.

Le: 02 06 2021 à 09:52 Auteur: Admin

Lifetime Batch Watermark Tool, Unlimited Image Uploads & Watermarks, Add Text & Logos, No File Size Limits, Preserve 100% Original Image Quality

Le: 01 06 2021 à 18:41 Auteur: Admin

Check out this amazing collection of business cards featuring 16+ mockups with 300 DPI & artwork included that you can use for your next project. Find out more business cards.

Le: 01 06 2021 à 05:45 Auteur: Admin

105+ caricatures of famous people delivered in fully customizable vector files with a fun drawing style, you'll find political figures like Donal Trump caricatures, Obama, Putin, Joe Biden & Kim Jong-un as well as movie stars & musicians like Dwayne Johnson, Kanye West and many more!

Le: 01 06 2021 à 00:56 Auteur: Admin

Check out this interesting CSS snippet featuring a user interface of a book store. It includes a slider, an author & a genres section. Find out more interesting CSS UI’s. Your browser does not support the video tag.