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Le: 30 09 2021 à 12:41 Auteur: Admin

This deal delivers a collection of premium 3D icons, illustrations and scenes with over 650+ premium designs in 7 distinct design styles that you can use for website & mobile UI/UX design, social media graphics, advertisements, presentations, videos, branding, packaging and more, delivered in use-ready raster image files in high resolution as well as editable source files that you can modify however you want

Le: 29 09 2021 à 10:40 Auteur: Admin

This is a package of 150+ realistic mockups featuring 11 mockup categories where you can easily place your content to showcase it in style - devices, billboards, bottles & more, delivered in PSD file format with smart object layers, super clean & organized files

Le: 28 09 2021 à 09:52 Auteur: Admin

The Aceh font family is a neat geometric sans-serif font with a modern, clean and readable concept, featuring 36 font variations, upright & oblique fonts, 9 weights, and files for desktop & web use, a perfect typography for branding projects and editorial design on print & digital media

Le: 24 09 2021 à 10:04 Auteur: Admin

A collection of 700 accounting & finance icons delivered in 4 different vector source formats, with 14 icon design categories for each icon including popular design styles like Line, Glyph, Flat and Round - colorful designs and metaphors with a huge variety of styles, and 100% editable vector sources

Le: 23 09 2021 à 22:12 Auteur: Admin

Have a look at this interesting yet simple animation library created on top of the Web Animations API featuring a really small file size along with a fantastic performance. Find out more Javascript animation libraries. Features: New features like selectors, individual transforms, timeline sequencing and more. Just 3.1kb Uses hardware accelerated animations where possible npm...

Le: 23 09 2021 à 08:06 Auteur: Admin

Blender 3D characters pack with 6 distinctly unique male & female cartoon characters, optimized for face and body rigging/animation - includes Blend file, FBX, ZTL and PBR files. Modes are subdivision ready, and characters are made up of different objects that you can easily remove/replace

Le: 22 09 2021 à 04:09 Auteur: Admin

A package of creative presentation templates - 60 unique templates in 3 file formats, including PowerPoint, Keynote & Google Slides, 1800+ unique slides with creative layouts, infographics, portfolios, team & many more categories

Le: 21 09 2021 à 00:57 Auteur: Admin

A collection with 100 picture frame mockups displayed in different sizes and scenes, including living rooms, walls, desk scenes and several others, with single frame scenes as well as scenes with up to 3 picture frame mockups where you can place your content through Photoshop, Artify, Canva and similar platforms. Files in PSD & JPG formats

Le: 18 09 2021 à 01:03 Auteur: Admin

Check out this fantastic open-source management software that implements the kanban methodology to help you organize your projects and tasks. Find out more project management software tools. Features: Drag and drop tasks between columns easily Limit your work in progress to be more efficient Search and filter tasks MIT License

Le: 16 09 2021 à 05:45 Auteur: Admin

This massive collection includes over 800 unique cutout objects, perfectly isolated on transparent backgrounds, organized in PSD files with proper folder, named layers and separated transparent shadow layers structure that you can move around and scale to fit your design's needs

Le: 15 09 2021 à 06:35 Auteur: Admin

A collection of seamless colorful pattern backgrounds delivered in 100% vector sources, featuring 11 sets with distinctive design styles - colorful papercuts, moroccan tiles, asian waves, floral designs & many more

Le: 11 09 2021 à 03:13 Auteur: Admin

A collection of 870 modern luxury logo templates with a huge selection of styles, with 100% vector source files and logo templates for over 220 niches & business industries, such as clothing brands, liquors, restaurants, fine jewlery and many more, so you'll have a deep pool of stock logos to pick from for your projects

Le: 10 09 2021 à 02:33 Auteur: Admin

This deal brings you a massive package of high resolution abstract backgrounds with a whooping 5000+ distinctive background designs, with 40+ trendy styles, optimized for using on screens as well as on prints at 72ppi and 300dpi, with memphis, topographic, material design, mosaics, cubes, sound waves & many more styles

Le: 09 09 2021 à 04:18 Auteur: Admin

A collection of awesome looking anime t-shirt designs featuring characters & illustrations from popular anime media and shows, delivered in PSD source files, layered & organized, and full color, high resolution transparent PNG files, print ready at 300dpi

Le: 09 09 2021 à 02:36 Auteur: Admin

A collection of abstract 3D shapes as well as backgrounds & textures, several different shape styles and background/texture designs including distorted, glitched and liquid shapes, grainy gradient, holographic painting & grunge textures, everything delivered in transparent PNG files and JPG files, transparent backgrounds & printable at 300dpi

Le: 08 09 2021 à 02:09 Auteur: Admin

A huge collection of slide deck presentation templates for PowerPoint & Keynote featuring a whooping 12,000+ deck slides with 17+ slide categories, with creative text & image layouts, vector infographics & icons, Excel integrated charts & diagrams to populate them with your data & more

Le: 08 09 2021 à 02:09 Auteur: Admin

A huge collection of slide deck presentation templates for PowerPoint featuring a whooping 12,000+ deck slides with 17+ slide categories, with creative text & image layouts, vector infographics & icons, Excel integrated charts & diagrams to populate them with your data & more

Le: 04 09 2021 à 00:25 Auteur: Admin

A collection of plastic bottle mockups of featuring different presentations of e-liquid bottles, with different textures, customizable reflections, separate shadow layers & smart object content placement

Le: 02 09 2021 à 07:25 Auteur: Admin

A collection of simple floral patterns & vector elements featuring colorful designs with 100% vector sources as well as use-ready files for digital & print media at 72dpi & 300dpi

Le: 01 09 2021 à 09:15 Auteur: Admin

A collection of creative font styles featuring futuristic fonts, cutout fonts, stencils & many more, delivered in OTF file format with an array of OpenType features to create awesome display typographic compositions