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Le: 31 01 2023 à 22:48 Auteur: walter153

It wasn’t long ago I’d see a 3D rendering or piece of highly detailed art and feel blown away.

Le: 31 01 2023 à 21:47 Auteur: walter153

An empty state refers to the state of an application where the user interface (UI) does not have any content or data to display. This can happen when a user first time opens an app or website, performs a search that returns no results, or something goes wrong when the user is interacting with UI.

Le: 31 01 2023 à 21:21 Auteur: walter153

His portfolio is particularly known for its diversity of detailed, captivating, and hypnotic 3D animation. So, here we’ve collected some of our favorites, both individual and integrated into web pages as hero animations. Enjoy and get inspired!

Le: 31 01 2023 à 20:45 Auteur: walter153

Are you ready to make a change in your career and pursue your dreams? My story may serve as inspiration and a roadmap for those ready to take the leap and make a change in their own lives.

Le: 31 01 2023 à 19:23 Auteur: walter153

Variable Fonts… the future or just fads? We chat to type designers Noël Leu and Emi Takahashi about the contemporary and forward-facing relevance of variable typographic technology.

Le: 31 01 2023 à 18:43 Auteur: walter153

As part of a series of funding rounds, Berlin-based branding agency Navarra.is were invited to rebrand the revenue optimisation tool.

Le: 31 01 2023 à 18:32 Auteur: walter153

Shopmatey is a social commerce platform that combines shopping and social media. Discover new products, sell your own, or combine your products sold on other marketplaces into a single link. Join the future of shopping with Shopmatey today.

Le: 31 01 2023 à 17:42 Auteur: walter153

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to recreate a captivating motion type effect using SVG and GreenSock.

Le: 31 01 2023 à 16:41 Auteur: walter153

Throughout a customer journey (particularly in B2B), there will be interactions that are primarily between two people rather than a human and an interface. In this article, Paul Boag explains why you cannot improve the user experience without considering the entirety of the UX journey.  

Le: 31 01 2023 à 15:41 Auteur: walter153

We’ve put together some of the best website design ideas to delight and inspire you. We’ve also created a seven-step process to generate ideas based on your target audience’s needs and business goals.

Le: 31 01 2023 à 13:18

Le: 31 01 2023 à 00:12 Auteur: walter153

We are about to dive into the topic of Web3 and its potential impact on branding and design. But before we do that, let’s take a quick look at the history of the web.

Le: 30 01 2023 à 23:05 Auteur: walter153

Inspired by thispersondoesnotexist, This Product Does Not Exist is all about generating random product names, taglines, and description based on your input.

Le: 30 01 2023 à 22:10 Auteur: walter153

The latest compilation of innovative and captivating demos and code experiments from the web.

Le: 30 01 2023 à 21:12

Le: 30 01 2023 à 20:04 Auteur: walter153

DeveloperHub is a documentation tool to collaboratively write, publish, review, analyse and collect feedback on personalised customer-facing developer portals the modern way.

Le: 30 01 2023 à 19:47 Auteur: walter153

Students and professors can’t decide whether the AI chatbot is a research tool—or a cheating engine.  

Le: 30 01 2023 à 19:07 Auteur: walter153

ChatGPT can write contextually appropriate copy for your prototypes at lightning speeds.

Le: 30 01 2023 à 18:11 Auteur: walter153

ChatGPT might be one of the most talked-about tools of 2023 so far. It has academics worried about cheating in classrooms, writers worried about their jobs, and everyone concerned about the authenticity of online interactions.

Le: 30 01 2023 à 17:30 Auteur: walter153

User testing is non-negotiable in 2023. It’s easy to get caught up in our own assumptions about what users want when we create a product.

Le: 30 01 2023 à 17:10 Auteur: walter153

This page features a curated collection of ChatGPT prompts, each designed to inspire and challenge web designers to think outside the box and push the boundaries of their skills.

Le: 29 01 2023 à 23:51 Auteur: walter153

Once again, design is responsible for both how the product looks, i.e. UI, and how it feels when used, i.e. UX. The structure and logic dictate how we perceive the product and whether we enjoy using it or not.

Le: 29 01 2023 à 21:50 Auteur: walter153

The new design case study is up, and this time it’s literally uncommon and non-conventional. Welcome to check the design story behind the bright, expressive, and daring website created by tubik designers for Nonconventional Show.

Le: 29 01 2023 à 20:52 Auteur: walter153

This instalment of Creative Monologue has some irony, as I raise the question about tinkering font agreements non-exploitatively. Unlike breaking design rules for innovation, how do we not break moral codes when it comes to font usage?

Le: 29 01 2023 à 19:49 Auteur: walter153

Figma’s Yuhki Yamashita shares his vision of the future of design.

Le: 29 01 2023 à 19:05 Auteur: walter153

Yes, emerging technology known as text-to-image (T2I) AI can create images from words. This means an AI can attempt to produce UI work if we prompt it properly. And at the very least, it can produce inspiration for our work.

Le: 29 01 2023 à 18:19 Auteur: walter153

Redundancy in product design is the practice of adding extra components or features to a product to increase its reliability.

Le: 29 01 2023 à 18:00 Auteur: walter153

Using the Design Thinking process, I gained a good understanding of the target user and created an online experience that is simple, intuitive and quick to complete.

Le: 29 01 2023 à 17:45 Auteur: walter153

Mathematicians predicted that if they imposed enough restrictions on how a shape might tile space, they could force a periodic pattern to emerge. They were wrong.

Le: 28 01 2023 à 23:27 Auteur: walter153

In this blog post, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of responsive web design to help you make an informed decision.

Le: 28 01 2023 à 22:42 Auteur: walter153

In this blog post, we’re taking a look at a few of the UX/UI design trends that will shape the field of UX/UI design in 2023, based on industry movements, current user behaviors, and predictions from experts in the field.

Le: 28 01 2023 à 21:41 Auteur: walter153

Have you ever considered what your favourite scrollbar design is? It’s the kind of UI and UX design that often gets overlooked, because we use it so casually.  Web curator and coder Sébastien Matos has created an interactive journey into scrollbar design, meaning you can visit his page and fiddle with over 30 years of UI design.

Le: 28 01 2023 à 20:40 Auteur: walter153

Speculative design is not about predicting the future, but about exploring different ways that the future could be. By doing so, it can help us to better understand the present and make better decisions about the future.

Le: 28 01 2023 à 19:31 Auteur: walter153

The following article describes a framework that matches the way people think with; a need, an idea, a design or a message. It breaks down thinking into 5 mindstates, each based on how much attention and time someone has in any given moment.

Le: 28 01 2023 à 18:31 Auteur: walter153

We spoke to leading Shopify Partners and Developers to identify seven key development trends and emerging best practices you need to know to effectively build for Shopify in 2023. Consider them for your projects, and you’ll set up your clients—and yourself—for success.

Le: 28 01 2023 à 18:30 Auteur: walter153

As a UI/UX designer, I have found that incorporating ChatGPT into my design process has greatly enhanced my ability to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

Le: 27 01 2023 à 23:27 Auteur: walter153

Seeing creativity as a system simplifies the creative process & allows for better management of creative energy over time.

Le: 27 01 2023 à 22:25 Auteur: walter153

While OpenAI has captured the public’s imagination with ChatGPT, ultimately the technology may not change the balance of power among the tech giants.

Le: 27 01 2023 à 21:51 Auteur: walter153

A command-line interface productivity tool for developers powered by OpenAI’s Chat GPT-3, will help you accomplish your tasks faster and more efficiently. Forget about cheat sheets and notes, with this tool you can get answers right in your terminal.

Le: 27 01 2023 à 21:25 Auteur: walter153

Pink Floyd recently released a new version of its iconic logo to celebrate its 50 year anniversary. Though some of the elements had been redesigned, irate folk on social media got cross about one ‘change’ in particular – and it was a part of the logo that had always been there.

Le: 27 01 2023 à 20:51 Auteur: walter153

“Me at the zoo” is still the oldest YouTube video but someone certainly had people thinking otherwise.

Le: 27 01 2023 à 20:24 Auteur: walter153

With its amazing background animation and sharp typography, Crosswire will capture any designer’s heart.

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Le: 27 01 2023 à 19:50 Auteur: walter153

This series of articles will cover the common trends I’ve seen in companies that I’ve worked on. These companies typically contain at least one of the following attributes…

Le: 27 01 2023 à 19:28 Auteur: walter153

Creating a good design culture starts with understanding user needs, encouraging collaboration between departments, experimenting with new ideas, investing in the right tools, and developing design team rituals.

Le: 27 01 2023 à 18:23 Auteur: walter153

Laws and principles of UX are tools and recommendations that might help a designer create more convenient and user-oriented interfaces.

Le: 27 01 2023 à 18:05 Auteur: walter153

I started with user interviews, and broke the script up into three sections: what employees liked about the current space, what their hopes and aspirations were for the new space, and what made them excited about ThoughtWorks in general.

Le: 27 01 2023 à 17:20 Auteur: walter153

In this article, we’re going to talk about the top 16 UX fails that can happen and how to avoid them like a pro.

Le: 27 01 2023 à 16:51 Auteur: walter153

Soon, you won’t need to write much anymore. Artificial Intelligence will do it for you. With all the free time we will have, we could try to rethink how we learn, work, and how we communicate.

Le: 27 01 2023 à 16:20 Auteur: walter153

Discover the most interesting, useful and awesome websites from the depths of the internet.

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Le: 26 01 2023 à 23:34 Auteur: walter153

Tim Berners-Lee and his colleague Robert Cailliau developed the world’s first web client (a browser/editor), created the HyperText Markup Language (HTML), wrote the first web server, and tied it all together with an Internet communication protocol called Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

Le: 26 01 2023 à 22:59 Auteur: walter153

A sleek tool called Andi combines the convenience of a chatbot with the credibility of a standard search setup—and it might just be the answer we need.

Le: 26 01 2023 à 22:21 Auteur: walter153

Our lives and our design work are constantly in motion. This report is an opportunity for reflection and projection, a pit-stop along the way, to help you charge up and plan for the year ahead.

Le: 26 01 2023 à 21:30 Auteur: walter153

Often a typeface is chosen based on what appeals to the designer and is a good fit for the project. Web accessibility is often an afterthought, once the fun task of typeface selection has already been done.

Le: 26 01 2023 à 21:02 Auteur: walter153

AI can be a tool to create meaningful connections and learning experiences for children—and may help foster more equitable outcomes.

Le: 26 01 2023 à 19:58 Auteur: walter153

Finding a zest that will help you stand out from the crowd of competitors is a challenge. A powerful toolkit and cutting-edge UI/UX design are essential, however, they will look bland without a unique approach.

Le: 26 01 2023 à 19:34 Auteur: walter153

Newsletter platform Substack announced today that it’s introducing several new features, including private Substacks. A private Substack is a publication that you can host alone or readers can request to subscribe to read your posts. Writers can choose to approve or decline each subscription request.

Le: 26 01 2023 à 19:29 Auteur: walter153

Following Apple’s example, why should they be replaced on multilingual websites and apps?

Le: 26 01 2023 à 18:56 Auteur: walter153

At the same time, I’ve noticed a streak of designers pushing back against what’s perceived as the homogenization and modernization of design, whether it’s word-marks, logos, cars, or park-benches.

Le: 26 01 2023 à 17:55 Auteur: walter153

Complete with AR integration, ‘Wait’ll You See This’ is meant to spark conversations around the ‘best known, least understood’ social app.

Le: 26 01 2023 à 17:21 Auteur: walter153

Surveys. We love them or we love to hate them. Why are they so divisive? Well, it is a fact that it would be hard to find a more misused UX research method than surveys.

Le: 26 01 2023 à 16:54 Auteur: walter153

Apply the four steps in this user flow analysis method to make your product development process more efficient—and improve UX for activities like app onboarding and checkout.

Le: 26 01 2023 à 16:02 Auteur: walter153

Developers who want to try out the APIs have a few different ways. They can test things out using a free trial (up to five thousand calls), subscribe via AWS, or contact us for an Enterprise contract.

Le: 26 01 2023 à 15:54 Auteur: walter153

57% of product professionals say that product research has a positive effect on customer satisfaction. 42% agree that it affects profitability. Imagine how much more successful your product would be if you did research continuously?  

Le: 26 01 2023 à 13:33

Le: 25 01 2023 à 23:06 Auteur: walter153

These tools use machine learning to create and feed artificial intelligence to power up a tool capable of putting out “creative” and unique artworks that are just as good, or perhaps even better, than a human being.

Le: 25 01 2023 à 21:47 Auteur: walter153

Templates are one of the key features that Notion offers. Here are top 7 freeNotion templates that can be useful for product designers.

Le: 25 01 2023 à 21:10 Auteur: walter153

Freelancing websites have a history of marketing and attracting clients so that freelancers can easily market their services on their platforms.

Le: 25 01 2023 à 20:46 Auteur: walter153

Following a merger last May, Eurostar Group overhauls its design with a modern take on its 1994 wordmark and historic star symbol.

Le: 25 01 2023 à 20:11 Auteur: walter153

Persuasive design is a set of techniques used to influence user behavior in digital products. It has become increasingly popular as it allows companies to effectively inform and engage with their audience.

Le: 25 01 2023 à 18:45 Auteur: walter153

When Shutterstock and OpenAI announced a partnership to help develop OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 artificial intelligence image-generating platform with Shutterstock libraries to train and feed the algorithm, the stock photo and media giant also hinted that it would soon be bringing its own generative AI tools to users.

Le: 25 01 2023 à 17:34 Auteur: walter153

We’ve identified 8 common web design problems in 2023 and the steps designers and developers can take to reduce or solve these issues.

Le: 25 01 2023 à 16:44 Auteur: walter153

How do we design effective reviews and ratings? With a distribution chart, decimal scores, tags, recommendation score and unedited product photos.

Le: 25 01 2023 à 15:44 Auteur: walter153

Microsoft is reportedly working on a big update to File Explorer that will deeply integrate OneDrive and Microsoft 365.

Le: 25 01 2023 à 00:04 Auteur: walter153

Creating a stunning and organized Notion portfolio has never been easier!

Le: 24 01 2023 à 22:58 Auteur: walter153

In this article, we take you through a business model and process of building a video streaming app like Netflix.

Le: 24 01 2023 à 22:03 Auteur: walter153

This article highlights the top tools and resources for web designers in 2023 to help improve productivity.

Le: 24 01 2023 à 20:56 Auteur: walter153

WhatsApp has released its native macOS app compatible with Apple Silicon in a public beta. Users running Mac with Apple’s own chip with macOS 11 Big Sur or newer version will be able to download the test version. Plus, people with Intel Macs that can run apps built with Apple Catalyst — the company’s program to port iPadPOSwill be able to use this native app —too.

Le: 24 01 2023 à 20:23

Le: 24 01 2023 à 17:32 Auteur: walter153

Striking the right balance between inspiration and innovation might be hard. Let’s explore how to effectively get inspiration from others without losing that magic spark, including some do’s and don’ts along the way.

Le: 24 01 2023 à 16:55 Auteur: walter153

The useful split-screen feature lets you compare two tabs side by side in a single browser window.

Le: 24 01 2023 à 16:51 Auteur: walter153

On some campuses, the response to such technology has simply been to restrict access. Earlier this month, the New York City Department of Education announced that ChatGPT would be banned on networks and devices throughout its public schools.

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Le: 23 01 2023 à 22:28 Auteur: walter153

I made a microsite one time that showcased fonts designed for coding. I had some standards for it — it wasn’t just any ol’ monospace font. They were all monospace and of good quality, and in most cases, specifically designed with code in mind.

Le: 23 01 2023 à 22:23

Le: 23 01 2023 à 21:25 Auteur: walter153

The dead simple magical way to design just using text. You’ll never believe how simple edit can be in AI world

Le: 23 01 2023 à 20:23 Auteur: walter153

Redesigning a website sounds pretty easy and simple. “Just shuffle all the elements around, throw in some trendy graphics and change the paint!” But no, it is even tougher than designing a new website.

Le: 23 01 2023 à 19:22 Auteur: walter153

Unlock your creativity with this latest collection of Dribbble shots featuring fresh animation and motion design inspiration.

Le: 23 01 2023 à 18:20 Auteur: walter153

The series is a collection of mesmerizing 3d textures and lighting scenes rendered using Cinema4D. The series captures the beauty of exploring in a way that is both realistic and fantastical, with each piece featuring detailed renders, adorned with ethereal elements such as floating silk textures, and colorful lighting transitions. Ballinger’s use of color, light, and texture is masterful, creating a dream-like atmosphere that is both captivating and serene.

Le: 23 01 2023 à 17:19 Auteur: walter153

Microsoft says it will stop selling downloads for Windows 10 Home and Pro licenses later this month. Windows 10 will continue to be supported until October 2025.

Le: 23 01 2023 à 16:18 Auteur: walter153

Landing a UX designer job requires a lot of hard work. Not only do you need a lot of preparation to get invited to the interview, but you also need to convince hiring managers that you’re the best candidate for this position. While it’s impossible to know beforehand what questions the interviewer will ask you, a few common questions come up frequently during UX designer interviews. This article will share...

Le: 22 01 2023 à 22:02 Auteur: walter153

Apple likes to portray its Macs as the best, most innovative computers in the world, so it can be easy to forget that the company has released some real stinkers over the years. Not every Apple computer has been a hit — some have been downright awful.

Le: 22 01 2023 à 20:57 Auteur: walter153

Whether you’re a designer, developer, or simply curious about user interface and user experience design, these channels offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. From tutorials and case studies to critiques and design trends, you’ll find a wealth of information to help you improve your skills and stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments. So without further ado, let’s dive into my top 10 picks!

Le: 22 01 2023 à 18:54 Auteur: walter153

A disclaimer generator tool is a great tool for website and app owners, as it allows them to easily create a disclaimer for their website or app. This is especially important for website and app owners.

Le: 22 01 2023 à 16:52 Auteur: walter153

Is a modern office really an office without inspirational quotes scrawled across the walls, on the stairway and in meeting rooms? These days, such quotes are part and parcel of office life, though it’s hard to know whether anyone ever does actually feel inspired by said maxims. We bet the ones in your office don’t quite stick in the mind as much as those in an old internal memo from...

Le: 22 01 2023 à 15:50 Auteur: walter153

Vivianne Castillo argues that a designer’s relationship to hope has an outsized impact on their values, research, and practice.

Le: 22 01 2023 à 12:26

Le: 21 01 2023 à 22:59 Auteur: benjie

This UX designer learned the hard way, but you don’t have to.

Le: 21 01 2023 à 20:45 Auteur: walter153

Google now has plans to step up its introduction of AI products in the wake of highly popular technology competition, such as the AI chatbot ChatGPT developed by OpenAI, according to The New York Times.

Le: 21 01 2023 à 19:44 Auteur: walter153

That the company promotes certain videos, sometimes to enhance relationships with creators and businesses, is no longer just an open secret.

Le: 21 01 2023 à 18:42 Auteur: walter153

Learn to use drama, information architecture, voice and tone, and more to rocket your business emails from boring to bombastic.

Le: 21 01 2023 à 17:40 Auteur: walter153

In order to negotiate better, freelancers need to learn to love the fear of asking for more.

Le: 21 01 2023 à 16:39 Auteur: walter153

The practical guide to include AI in your daily workflow

Le: 21 01 2023 à 11:27

Le: 20 01 2023 à 23:50 Auteur: walter153

The text generator from Open AI is imperfect at creating factually accurate or interesting writing, but it can create relatively appropriate text for just about any prompt in no time at all. That’s pretty remarkable. And even with a bevy of built-in filters, that can be pretty dangerous as well.

Le: 20 01 2023 à 21:56 Auteur: walter153

As someone who has seen firsthand how a poorly maintained typography system can lead to disaster, we can attest to the importance of keeping it in order from the very beginning of a project. You never know how big a project will become in the future, so it’s crucial to consider scalability when designing elements.

Le: 20 01 2023 à 21:47 Auteur: walter153

Every year, we pick the 10 technologies that matter the most right now.

Le: 20 01 2023 à 20:52 Auteur: walter153

A lush and joyful design with visuals that will leave you with a warm feeling in your belly! Our pick this week.

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Le: 20 01 2023 à 19:45 Auteur: walter153

Test and improve your design skills with daily challenges sent straight to your inbox. Each challenge is randomised and written to help you increase your efficiency.

Le: 20 01 2023 à 18:53 Auteur: walter153

The State Department has used Times New Roman for its official communications since 2004. Now it’s switching to the sans-serif Calibri in an effort to improve accessibility.

Le: 20 01 2023 à 18:43 Auteur: walter153

Our VP of engineering recently asked me how we could level up the design skills of our engineers. It made me think about the question “how do great designers become great?”

Le: 20 01 2023 à 17:41 Auteur: walter153

A UX case study on one of the most common news aggregators.

Le: 20 01 2023 à 16:40 Auteur: walter153

Google released a bunch of new logos and icons for its various Workspace apps in 2020 – to a chorus of disapproval. Users continue to complain about these bafflingly similar designs – but a series of fan-made icon concepts seems to be gaining applause on Twitter.

Le: 20 01 2023 à 15:38 Auteur: walter153

Twitterrific, one of the most iconic third-party Twitter clients, said today that it has removed the iOS and Mac apps from the App Store. Iconfactory, the company that made Twitterrific, said in a blog post that under Elon Musk’s management, the social media network has become “a Twitter that we no longer recognize as trustworthy nor want to work with any longer.”

Le: 20 01 2023 à 13:50 Auteur: walter153

I have some difficult news to share. We’ve decided to reduce our workforce by approximately 12,000 roles. We’ve already sent a separate email to employees in the US who are affected. In other countries, this process will take longer due to local laws and practices.

Le: 20 01 2023 à 12:30

Le: 19 01 2023 à 22:31 Auteur: walter153

On its 40th anniversary, we look back at the machine that brought the GUI to personal computers.  

Le: 19 01 2023 à 21:35 Auteur: walter153

If you need a trouble-free method to understand what the design industry is up to, look at the typography trends. Fonts are like friends, they never lie.

Le: 19 01 2023 à 19:32 Auteur: walter153

After Mark Zuckerberg announced expansion plans in summer 2022 for Meta’s virtual reality platform, Horizon Worlds, critics took to social media. They compared the platform’s graphics to those of Second Life, an early 2000s life simulation game: The avatars were legless. The Eiffel Tower sat at the base of a bubbly, pixelated hillside. There was no way the design would be accepted by gamers who had seen what was possible...

Le: 19 01 2023 à 18:42 Auteur: walter153

On Tuesday, Getty Images filed a lawsuit against Stability AI, the company behind AI art tool Stable Diffusion, alleging it used copyrighted images to train software.  

Le: 19 01 2023 à 17:30 Auteur: walter153

Nearly 40 percent of young people turn to TikTok or Instagram as a search tool, shunning Google.

Le: 19 01 2023 à 16:29 Auteur: walter153

If you are a reader of Wikipedia on desktop, you might have noticed something new over the past couple of days. The website looks a bit different — it’s simpler; less cluttered; and, hopefully, easier to use. After three years of development, the Wikimedia Foundation has finally released the updated desktop interface for Wikipedia. The new look went live today on English Wikipedia, during the month of its 22nd birthday,...

Le: 19 01 2023 à 10:31

Le: 19 01 2023 à 10:30

Le: 18 01 2023 à 23:21 Auteur: walter153

Writing code documentation can be overwhelming when there’s no smooth process in place. Streamlining best practices and setting automation in your favor works a long way toward getting permanently up-to-date content that reflects the important pieces of your codebase.

Le: 18 01 2023 à 22:20 Auteur: walter153

Using analytics alone to measure UX misses key navigational data you need to know about your product.

Le: 18 01 2023 à 21:15 Auteur: walter153

Deploy any front-end web application on any cloud platform with minimal configuration. Anyfront orchestrates tools like Terraform, Docker and other CLIs to simplify deploying your React/Next/Svelte/Vue/etc application on any cloud platform

Le: 18 01 2023 à 20:26 Auteur: walter153

Rob Ford, founder of the FWA, best-selling author, and mental health campaigner opens up about living through several digital revolutions, his all-time favorite websites, the integration of AI, dealing with the haters, growing trees, and making music.  

Le: 18 01 2023 à 19:27 Auteur: walter153

Explore the timeline of milestones in the history of web design from 1990 to the present.

Le: 18 01 2023 à 18:18 Auteur: walter153

On the surface, it appears that a massive shift is underway. Web design (or select portions of it) is becoming increasingly automated. That’s a positive in that it removes a little bit of weight from our shoulders. But tools alone can only do so much. Building a great website requires a whole lot more than a slick UI or advanced algorithm. Here’s why that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Le: 18 01 2023 à 17:16 Auteur: walter153

Google’s version of Manifest V3 limited features used by content blockers; Mozilla’s promising it’s not doing the same.

Le: 18 01 2023 à 16:14 Auteur: walter153

Find any icon font or SVG icon for any design project. Access Unicons directly from your favorite design tools with a simple drag and drop, or with React or Vue. Choose from four different icon styles: line, monochrome, solid and thin line.

Le: 18 01 2023 à 15:49 Auteur: walter153

On Monday, Netflix rolled out updates to its iPhone app that introduced a revamped interface featuring a new billboard layout, new card transitions, new animation for both the launch and profile screens, updated haptics and more.

Le: 17 01 2023 à 22:14 Auteur: walter153

Customer service agents simply could not keep up with the increasing demand for customer inquiries, and more and more businesses resorted to building chatbots to help them address customer concerns with the help of Artificial Intelligence or AI, especially for repetitive and results-based queries.

Le: 17 01 2023 à 21:07 Auteur: walter153

A Feedback Widget that goes beyond the classic text input, Olvy leverages AI and GPT-3 to give you actionable insights, and then close the user feedback loop wherever your users are.

Le: 17 01 2023 à 20:04 Auteur: walter153

ChatGPT is coming to this Azure service soon, as businesses get to use new AI models in their own apps.

Le: 17 01 2023 à 19:10 Auteur: walter153

Sidebar is a modern MacOS Dock replacement that feels really intuitive to use and adds tons of features compared to the standard MacOS Dock

Le: 17 01 2023 à 18:12 Auteur: walter153

Designer Dan Sullivan wants to change your brain. As VP of R&D at Kova, a maker of building materials, facades, and windows, he’s been exploring the practical implications of what’s being called neuroaesthetics, or the ways that physical design can lead to measurable changes in the brain’s chemistry.

Le: 17 01 2023 à 18:02 Auteur: walter153

Largest Contentful Paint (or LCP) is a major web performance KPI which is still a new concept for many web developers since it became a ranking factor just recently. In this article, Eloïse Martin provides an overview of the best practices for the integration and optimization of an LCP image.

Le: 17 01 2023 à 17:00 Auteur: walter153

Here’s our roundup of the twenty best new websites released in the past four weeks. Enjoy!

Le: 17 01 2023 à 15:59 Auteur: walter153

If you’ve started studying UX, I suspect you’ve been learning the technical skills, also referred to as hard skills — design principles, processes, software and tools — but you’ve overlooked strengthening your soft skills. This is to be expected since most messaging about how-to-get-into-UX talks about hard skills, and bootcamps tend to build their curricula around teaching hard skills.

Le: 17 01 2023 à 13:59 Auteur: walter153

The pizza chain’s logo is one of the most recognisable around, and one of the most literal. It’s a domino. But with a few subtle tweaks, one designer has managed to make the design lean much more strongly into its pizza making credentials – and judging by the response on Twitter, pretty much everyone wishes it was real. (Looking for inspiration? Check out the best logo designs of all time.)

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If you are one of those who are looking for Pingdom alternatives concerning monitoring and observability functionalities, we are here to help you. We have compiled a list of the top application performance monitoring solutions that are the best Pingdom alternatives in 2023.

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I post daily photos of my life on Instagram. Help me pick the photo of the day by upvoting your favorites. Every day, the best one gets posted on my Instagram.

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After months of anticipation, Fontwerk, a type foundry based in Berlin, German, has finally unveiled its latest font family: Neue DIN.

Le: 16 01 2023 à 18:47 Auteur: walter153

Apple has positioned itself as a privacy-first company. It has butted heads with law enforcement for encrypting people’s phones, messages, and FaceTime calls, and battled Facebook over its creepy ad-tracking practices. But Apple’s business model is also shifting.

Le: 16 01 2023 à 18:00 Auteur: walter153

Design is all about communication. When we create a product, we communicate specific ideas to our users using visual and functional language. The principle applies to the product design process. That’s why a good designer is a good communicator. But communication doesn’t always mean speaking; active list

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10Web.Tools is a collection of useful tools and utilities that people often search for on the internet. It has 80+ free web tools on the web that you can use for a variety of purposes, including website development, online marketing, and day-to-day tasks.

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Introducing Base Neue, a sleek and modern font that is perfect for any design project. With its clean and simple design, Base Neue is versatile enough to be used for everything from branding and advertising to web design and even print materials. Base Neue is definitely worth checking out. Download it now and give your designs a fresh new look!”

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If we asked you to name the ideal attributes of a creative person, laziness would rarely come up as a positive trait. But creative worth, and in turn personal worth, have too long been connected to productivity. Individuals are unfairly judged on the amount of work they produce (and how frequently), when in fact developing a creative idea requires stepping back for a moment.

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The suit claims generative AI art tools violate copyright law by scraping artists’ work from the web without their consent.The suit claims generative AI art tools violate copyright law by scraping artists’ work from the web without their consent.

Le: 15 01 2023 à 22:19 Auteur: walter153

The company says it’s ‘making some adjustments’ to address the concerns.

Le: 15 01 2023 à 20:15 Auteur: walter153

Tim Cook warned about the threat to our “freedom to be human” from technology that looks to get inside our heads and rearrange the furniture. His “freedom to be human” is, essentially, our fundamental right to freedom of thought—an absolute right that

Le: 15 01 2023 à 18:14 Auteur: walter153

Twitter’s “For You” tab, which debuted on iOS devices earlier this week, has begun rolling out to desktop web browsers. The new interface replaces the “sparkle” icon that previously allowed you to toggle between the platform’s algorithmically generated and reverse chronological feeds.

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Okay, let’s talk about what to consider when you need to measure your work results. Because we need to show that we can measure what we do and manage it respectively like any other department in business, if we want to get a seat at the table to talk about business and product decisions.  

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GradienMood is a tool to generate gradients from your mood. Simply enter your mood (ex- Happy and funny world) and the AI magic will generate a CSS gradient for you.

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Unsure where to start? Use this collection of links to our articles and videos to learn how to write and present information that aligns with users’ needs and online behaviors.

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From drop shadows to Memphis design motifs, these retro logos will inevitably take you back to the ‘Blade Runner’ decade.

Le: 14 01 2023 à 20:33

Le: 14 01 2023 à 18:43 Auteur: walter153

This visual identity is sleek yet playful.

Le: 14 01 2023 à 17:41 Auteur: walter153

A beautiful design with an amazing background video animation on scroll. Our pick this week.

Le: 14 01 2023 à 13:41 Auteur: walter153

Designers are often trying to personalise experiences. However, can too much personalization lead to side effects? Can it lead to behaviour change?

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Building a design system is expensive. Whether an organization develops from scratch or adopts an open-source design system, theming is crucial for customization. This customization could be as simple as creating a dark mode or a multi-brand design system to accommodate a product suite.

Le: 13 01 2023 à 21:39 Auteur: walter153

Simple rules that will help you design a streamlined first-time users experience

Le: 13 01 2023 à 20:35 Auteur: walter153

Unsure how to design and implement user-interface patterns? Use this collection of links to our content about specific patterns.

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Apple Business Connect makes it easy for customers to find businesses using Apple Maps. Create a place card that is accessible to everyone who uses Apple devices and built-in apps — with directions, contact information, and actions built right in.

Le: 13 01 2023 à 19:31 Auteur: walter153

Learn how one of the world’s best known logos originated, and how it’s evolved over the years.

Le: 13 01 2023 à 17:30 Auteur: walter153

Darkroom is known for its modern, Apple Design Award-winning design, and its app icon is no exception. We thought it would be interesting to gain an inside look from Jasper Hauser, the co-founder and designer behind Darkroom, on the how and why he designs Darkroom’s app icons.

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Brainstorming typically requires a presence of a facilitator, someone who sets ground rules such as no criticism of ideas and leads the brainstorming session to keep the discussion on track and ensure everyone has a chance to contribute.

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A well-made, nonlinear prototype is a crucial part of great usability testing with amazing insights. Responsible designers will probably start to create thousands of screens and after that will continue with transitions and hovers for hours, and inevitably will create a lot of mistakes. And this is okay, because we

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LogoCreatorAI is a design tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate unique, high-quality logos for startups, designers and solopreneurs.

Le: 12 01 2023 à 22:38 Auteur: walter153

Mobile app push notifications are powerful engagement tools, but they can be intrusive if not handled correctly. Don’t hit send on your push notification strategy before asking yourself these questions.

Le: 12 01 2023 à 21:36 Auteur: walter153

Design elements that influence users’ behavior and decision-making without them realizing it. For example, a well-designed website or app can make it easy for users to find the information they need and complete tasks, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. On the other hand, a well-designed website or ap

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For the Cairo-based event Film My Design, Maram explores the ways in which its identity could best reference the emotive peaks and troughs of its eclectic programme.

Le: 12 01 2023 à 20:33 Auteur: walter153

Curated weekly design stories and inspiration by the Muzli team

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User-centered design is a process in which designers focus on the users and their needs in each phase. When you practice user-centered design, you focus on making your products valuable for users, simple to use, and accessible to various categories of users.

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As a modern tool, pageless websites or designs can provide benefits leading up to higher conversion rates and change the overall look of your website.As a modern tool, pageless websites or designs can provide benefits leading up to higher conversion rates and change the overall look of your website.

Le: 12 01 2023 à 18:31 Auteur: walter153

Who doesn’t love a good front-end tool? In this roundup, you’ll find a nice list of useful front-end tools that were popular last year but are still bound to help you speed up and enhance your development workflow. Let’s dive in!

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Want to know what your peers from customer onboarding have to say about 2023? Click ‘Visit’ to download your free copy of The State of Customer Onboarding report to know the top goals, challenges, and trends as foreseen by 300+ professionals.

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The early 2000s style has made a comeback over the last few years in everything from music to fashion to art. This trend has carried over to web design, where we expect the nostalgia wave — particularly the Y2K aesthetic — to continue to grow and develop. By capitalising on wider trends like Y2K, designers can help site visitors conne

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Recently, French comic artist Claire Wendling noticed Adobe’s privacy and personal data settings had a curious automatic opt-in – Photoshop has permission to ‘analyse your content using techniques’. Basically, unless a user unticks this box Adobe’s AI will record and store how you use Photoshop, an artist’s workflow and habits, and use that data to… well, train its AI to replicate the actions. That’s the rub.

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A product redesign is an opportunity to improve many aspects of a digital product, most importantly, its user experience, visual design, technical bugs, and business value. Product teams can also extend the product’s lifecycle by making it more relevant and up-to-date with modern trends.

Le: 11 01 2023 à 21:16 Auteur: walter153

Captioning can be much more than text. Design patterns for better UX of subtitles, captions, video players, transcripts and on-screen text.

Le: 11 01 2023 à 20:20 Auteur: walter153

Foundation’s new tool for curating NFT collections shows how traditional art practices are influencing the NFT world.

Le: 11 01 2023 à 19:13 Auteur: walter153

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best UX conferences to attend in 2023, so you don’t have to.

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OMG guys, it’s happened! A user has clicked our SIGN UP button. But, sh*t, now what? Well, I’ll tell you what — it’s sign-up time baby (and I can hear your stakeholders cheering from the boardroom).

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Good web design is so much more than just aesthetics. A website needs to be engaging, useful and pretty, and that’s a combination that’s not easy to achieve. It helps to be aware of certain mistaGood web design is so much more than just aesthetics. A website needs to be engaging, useful and pretty, and that’s a combination that’s not easy to achieve. It helps to be aware of certain...

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Here’s a breakdown of the new Zoom features and what to expect in future meetings. Most of these features are available now, unless noted otherwise.

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Getting healthier means changing your lifestyle. Noom Weight helps users lose weight in a sustainable way through behavioral change psychology. It’s a no-brainer.

Le: 11 01 2023 à 14:02 Auteur: walter153

Read the annual email marketing report with expert tips, industry stats, and data-driven forecasts for sending better emails in 2023

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Le: 11 01 2023 à 05:03

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A website featuring 100+ interviews with successful founders, providing insights and inspiration for your entrepreneurial journey. The website eventually covers hundreds of founder interviews.

Le: 10 01 2023 à 22:32 Auteur: walter153

Hidden accelerators that are usually ignored, underestimated or even discouraged at times when they are needed most

Le: 10 01 2023 à 21:19

Le: 10 01 2023 à 19:30 Auteur: walter153

Is it controversial to say deep integration of design systems, removing the need to maintain both a code and design version of each component, is the current Holy Grail of Web Design?

Le: 10 01 2023 à 18:32 Auteur: walter153

Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image model. It is primarily used to generate detailed images based on text descriptions. Stable Diffusion is an excellent alternative to tools like midjourney and DALLE-2. And the great thing about this tool is that you can ru

Le: 10 01 2023 à 17:50

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In January’s edition of our monthly roundup of the most exciting new downloads for designers and developers, there’s everything from full-blown applications to helpful little side projects. Enjoy!

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In this article, we’ll explore the many ways in which AI can be used to support UX design and enhance the overall experience for your users, as well as the risks involved in using AI and how to mitigate

Le: 10 01 2023 à 14:08

Le: 10 01 2023 à 07:30

Le: 10 01 2023 à 07:29

Le: 10 01 2023 à 07:29

Le: 09 01 2023 à 22:55 Auteur: walter153

Learn how to put yourself in your users’ shoes and understand their needs and feelings

Le: 09 01 2023 à 22:18 Auteur: walter153

In this coding session, we’ll use Three.js and postprocessing to recreate the beautiful light effects featured on Midwam’s website.

Le: 09 01 2023 à 21:54 Auteur: walter153

How UX designers can leverage status games, social capital, and network effects in the design of social platforms.

Le: 09 01 2023 à 19:17 Auteur: walter153

From gaming pods to e-ink laptops to a gel that lets you safely hit your hand with a hammer, these are the products that excite us most.

Le: 09 01 2023 à 18:58 Auteur: walter153

Data from 343 companies provide a baseline to understanding typical approaches for selecting journey-mapping applications, research methods, contributing roles, and map components.

Le: 09 01 2023 à 18:20 Auteur: walter153

Visual design only scratches the surface of what you need to consider when thinking about the user experience.

Le: 09 01 2023 à 16:57 Auteur: walter153

A Review of Research on How Users Hold Their Smartphones and Tablets

Le: 09 01 2023 à 16:11

Le: 09 01 2023 à 15:56 Auteur: walter153

To understand the multiple types of delight, consider Don Norman’s three levels of emotional processing (visceral, behavioral, and reflective), which he describes in his book Emotional Design.

Le: 09 01 2023 à 15:19 Auteur: walter153

There is a strange ritual that web developers around the world have been perpetuating from the dawn of computers to modern days. This ritual is the implementation of authentication. This article is Eric Burel’s attempt at making this ritual less obscure. You’ll learn about tokens, authorization, CORS, credentials, HTTP headers, and such. It shouldn’t have to take a wizard to implement a good authentication system. Just a good banker!

Le: 09 01 2023 à 13:01

Le: 09 01 2023 à 12:05

Le: 09 01 2023 à 07:23

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Within the next six months, about 40% of U.S. marketers plan to fire their advertising agency. The source: a November 2022 survey by the agency-brand matchmaker SetUp, which talked to such brands as Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, Warner Bros., UPS, Discovery, and Home Depot, to name a few.

Le: 08 01 2023 à 21:11 Auteur: walter153

According to Apple tracker Mark Gurman, Apple could be readying its new headset at the expense of its other devices, which could see less upgrades this year.

Le: 08 01 2023 à 20:11 Auteur: walter153

We sometimes think of personas as final artifacts, when, in reality, personas are merely a representation of data, and data can change. An artifact that is too polished or difficult to update may result in an outdated and unused persona.

Le: 08 01 2023 à 18:18 Auteur: walter153

Designing for Gen Z users involves understanding their values, preferences, and behaviors, and creating products and experiences that resonate with them. Here are some tips for designing for Gen Z:

Le: 08 01 2023 à 17:17 Auteur: walter153

RunCode offers online developer workspaces, which are environments that allow you to work on code projects in a web browser.

Le: 08 01 2023 à 04:37 Auteur: walter153

Managing your business’s Apple devices can be a headache if you don’t have a robust IT team—but you’re savvier than that. With Jamf Now, you bypass the confusion and head straight to streamlining Apple mobile device management. This integration makes it easy for biz leaders to deploy, oversee, and secure employees’ devices, while staff enjoys a simple and smooth user experience. Sign up for a free account now with the...

Le: 07 01 2023 à 23:19 Auteur: walter153

The Complete Resource Of Artificial Intelligence Tools & Services

Le: 07 01 2023 à 20:18 Auteur: walter153

Take a trip down memory lane with a few Microsoft-y images that you will never, ever be able to forget, for better or for worse.

Le: 07 01 2023 à 19:45 Auteur: walter153

Do you laugh out loud every time you type “LOL” in a text? Chances are, you’re probably a bit of a liar, like almost everyone else on this planet who uses “LOL” (or “lol”) on a regular basis. That’s because “LOL” has long devolved from an actual signifier of laughter to a mere social buffer, a filler word, a punctuation. But one designer is here to

Le: 07 01 2023 à 18:16 Auteur: walter153

And if anything goes wrong, the designer is out…

Le: 07 01 2023 à 17:44 Auteur: walter153

EffortlessEmail adds smart AI functionality straight into your Gmail User Interface or your Browser. It turns bullet points into a fully-formulated Email.

Le: 07 01 2023 à 15:44 Auteur: walter153

The AI legal assistant has helped people contest parking tickets, now it’s leveling up to the courtroom—and the judge doesn’t know.

Le: 07 01 2023 à 06:58

Le: 06 01 2023 à 23:23 Auteur: walter153

Check the creative story of bright, user-friendly, and informative website design for CSConnect, the service of immersive visual experiences for marketing.  

Le: 06 01 2023 à 22:22 Auteur: walter153

The portfolio of Andreas Antonsson offers a delightful user experience with its fluid design and smooth scrolling, as well as excellent typography that enhances the overall aesthetic.

Le: 06 01 2023 à 22:19 Auteur: walter153

A curious setting in Adobe Photoshop’s privacy preferences has the artistic community on edge this week.

Le: 06 01 2023 à 21:20 Auteur: walter153

How AI will influence UI design practices, and what it will mean for designers moving forward.

Le: 06 01 2023 à 19:17 Auteur: walter153

Google’s mobile OS takes center stage in Las Vegas as its Assistant fades to the background.

Le: 06 01 2023 à 18:56 Auteur: walter153

What does true customisation look like? And what does it mean for design if we put power in the hands of users? We caught up with the team behind Material You to learn more about how the work to create truly personal experiences is evolving.

Le: 06 01 2023 à 18:16 Auteur: walter153

ResumeTide is an easy-to-use, no-gimmicks, Resume builder. Coupled with multiple good-looking themes, make your next Resume with a Resume builder that won’t bankrupt you.

Le: 06 01 2023 à 17:20 Auteur: walter153

Revealed at the 2023 edition of CES in Las Vegas this week, BMW’s ‘i Vision Dee’ is, apparently, capable of being rendered in up to 32 different hues. And it’s all thanks to the car’s ‘ePaper’ surface. It’s basically an enormous Kindle with wheels.

Le: 06 01 2023 à 00:46 Auteur: walter153

This year’s trends are all about what’s underneath. From code and generative typography to type as a political tool, how and why we create type will be driving what’s coming next.  

Le: 05 01 2023 à 23:51 Auteur: walter153

Warsaw had two logos: the promotional logo with the “Fall in Love with Warsaw” catchphrase, and the traditional city crest. Both based on the symbol of Warsaw—the mermaid. What to use when and how to use the crest created a lot of misunderstandings. And the “Fall in Wrasaw” slogan became increasingly difficult to

Le: 05 01 2023 à 23:42 Auteur: walter153

To ring in the new year, WhatsApp introduced a new feature to help people circumvent government-imposed Internet shutdowns that the United Nations said last summer work to undermine human rights.

Le: 05 01 2023 à 22:34 Auteur: walter153

HTTPie AI is a new way to interact with APIs. It’s built into HTTPie for Web & Desktop and uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to increase your productivity when testing and talking to APIs.

Le: 05 01 2023 à 21:02 Auteur: walter153

Entering the UI/UX world is an exciting endeavor for anyone new to the world of design. However, it comes with a few challenges — one being, that there is a whole different language you must wrap your head around. It’s safe to say that some UI terminology is not common knowledge for the everyday person.

Le: 05 01 2023 à 20:15 Auteur: walter153

How evolutionary factors of environment perception affect our preferences for a particular design.

Le: 05 01 2023 à 19:37 Auteur: walter153

It’s rolling out as part of Google’s CES 2023 announcements. There’s a new media handoff feature coming to Android, too.    

Le: 05 01 2023 à 18:09 Auteur: walter153

A test and analysis of ChatGPT’s UX Writing skills, its responses, and a demonstration of how it should be conducted.

Le: 05 01 2023 à 17:31 Auteur: walter153

WHAT IS a design system? You’ve probably heard lots about them. You may have even worked on one, but you still struggle to define it. There are many great design system books out there. Let’s see what their authors have to say about design systems:

Le: 05 01 2023 à 16:25 Auteur: walter153

In this article, Sara Dholakia presents a guide on how to choose just the right type of data visualization, with guidelines and things to keep in mind.

Le: 05 01 2023 à 16:08 Auteur: walter153

Artificial intelligence is changing how we design and the skills required to succeed in the design industry. This article will explore the impact AI has on design and how designers can prepare for the future.

Le: 05 01 2023 à 00:47 Auteur: walter153

In this article, I’ll show you how Slack users will able to Connect & Collaborate Better within the Slack App.

Le: 05 01 2023 à 00:08 Auteur: walter153

TikTok announced that the platform will be expanding its audience controls feature, now allowing creators to restrict their videos to adults-only audiences.

Le: 04 01 2023 à 23:45 Auteur: walter153

How we built an RTL-first design system and maintained it during a major redesign.

Le: 04 01 2023 à 23:05 Auteur: walter153

Why do companies like Apple and Google want you to write native apps over web apps? I can’t pretend to know the minds of entire industry giants, but control seems like one easy answer.

Le: 04 01 2023 à 22:41 Auteur: walter153

Need help with a UX review of a digital product, site or app

Le: 04 01 2023 à 21:40 Auteur: walter153

When it comes to design, being able to give and receive feedback is key to progressing in your career and forming long and fruitful relationships with clients and teammates. But how exactly can you receive constructive feedback without getting offended? Or how can you give feedback to a wider creative team that’s useful, specific, and likely to produce the best possible result? Stick around to find out.

Le: 04 01 2023 à 20:39 Auteur: walter153

Dark Sky wasn’t perfect, but it made watching the weather an exceptionally pleasant experience.

Le: 04 01 2023 à 19:44 Auteur: walter153

Shopboxo is a free to use e-commerce store builder that lets anyone launch a store in minutes using customisable templates. It is code-free and has payments and delivery integrations in the Philippines.

Le: 04 01 2023 à 18:38 Auteur: walter153

My favorite tools that help you perform day-to-day tasks more efficiently.

Le: 04 01 2023 à 17:57

Le: 04 01 2023 à 17:36 Auteur: walter153

If you’re a slabophile — that is a lover of slabs — yet want a typeface that doesn’t look like it was just copied from an old wood-type sampler, then Edie & Eddy Slab designed by Lisa Fischbach for TypeMates maintains the legacy of the ninete

Le: 04 01 2023 à 17:15 Auteur: walter153

Workshop facilitation is an essential skill set any UX professional should possess. When intentionally planned and appropriately applied, workshops can uncover diverse perspectives, foster mutual understanding of ideas, and promote inclusive decision-making.

Le: 04 01 2023 à 16:33 Auteur: walter153

As a product designer in a product-led company, it is your responsibility to ensure that the user experience is intuitive, seamless, and enjoyable. You are responsible for ensuring a high-quality user experience through user testing, UI design, collaboration with front-end engineers, participation in

Le: 04 01 2023 à 16:02 Auteur: walter153

A compilation of the most beautifully designed and thoughtfully crafted websites we’ve come across lately.

Le: 04 01 2023 à 15:47 Auteur: walter153

ChatGPT made conversational AI accessible, now Microsoft is rumored to be integrating the machine learning techniques behind it into Bing search queries.

Le: 04 01 2023 à 15:33 Auteur: walter153

The new poster for Scream 6 is exactly that. Who’d have thought that a subway map could be so scary? Recently shared by the official Scream Twitter account, the new poster is a guided tour through the various victims of the entire franchise – and it’s going down a treat with fans. (Looking for more inspiration?

Le: 03 01 2023 à 21:47 Auteur: walter153

 Generate and sync a full Figma library from Storybook. Less grunt work, more design time!

Le: 03 01 2023 à 21:35 Auteur: walter153

I will use ChatGPT to create assets for the new website (a landing page for a robot vacuum cleaner) — eight practical tasks in total, along with my impression of how well ChatGPT can deal with them.

Le: 03 01 2023 à 21:09 Auteur: walter153

Welcome to our annual guessing game of what the next twelve months will bring. As ever, the design world isn’t isolated from the world in which it exists, so when events shape our lives, they impact our work, the work clients ask for, and the work that inspires us. According to Collins Dictionary, the word of the year for 2022 was permacrisis. And frankly, 2023 doesn’t look any less turbulent, with...

Le: 03 01 2023 à 19:26 Auteur: walter153

Good UX design is all about creating products and interfaces that are easy and enjoyable for users. To do this, designers use psychological concepts to understand what users need and how they behave. Using psychology helps designers make products that are easy to use, fun, and personalized to each user. This makes the products more effective at meeting the needs of the people using them.

Le: 03 01 2023 à 19:19 Auteur: walter153

Every year I pick my favorite data visualization projects, which tend to cover a wide range of purposes, but generally speaking, are typically for presentation. Here are my favorites for 2022.

Le: 03 01 2023 à 18:18 Auteur: walter153

A set of modern, responsive CSS components that you can use in your web and app projects.

Le: 03 01 2023 à 16:18 Auteur: walter153

The issue involved how the battery in the top-right corner of the screen looked when users opted for the setting to display the exact percentage of the battery remaining, rather than the default which only showed a visual representation of the battery level.

Le: 03 01 2023 à 16:16 Auteur: walter153

If you review the UX content and discourse from any year, you will find some consistent topics. Education about the value of good user experience, current best practices, methodological how-to guides, and reviews of software and tools are typical any year. Beyond this, every year has its defining movements and topics.

Le: 02 01 2023 à 22:42 Auteur: walter153

A project brief was provided to me that included basic research insights, a description of the brand, the problem at hand, and a sample of pre-existing wireframes. My specific role included…

Le: 02 01 2023 à 21:46 Auteur: walter153

Unlike the fixed size of a magazine page, a screen layout changes dynamically with the size of a browser window. Still, the typography must look good and readable at any size the user wants.

Le: 02 01 2023 à 20:43 Auteur: walter153

The ViewFinity S9 offers the same size and resolution as Apple’s Studio Display in a similarly stylish design. And you don’t have to pay anything extra for its anti-glare finish.

Le: 02 01 2023 à 19:42 Auteur: walter153

Here are some things I’ve said to gain an extra $40,000 while negotiating with a public company.

Le: 02 01 2023 à 18:49 Auteur: walter153

A carbon emission calculator that takes into account the power consumption of device and server during browsing a web page.

Le: 02 01 2023 à 18:41 Auteur: walter153

Leading designers, artists, and technologists share what they want to see happen in 2023.

Le: 02 01 2023 à 18:35 Auteur: walter153

In general terms, the word ‘contrast’ is used to describe objects that differ from each other strikingly. Talking about visual perception, contrast is basically associated with the difference in color or light that allows an object to be clearly distinguishable.

Le: 02 01 2023 à 17:56 Auteur: benjie

WordPress Tools to create amazing websites, fast.

Le: 02 01 2023 à 17:41 Auteur: walter153

That’s how people behave on the web in 2023. Some observations from real usability testing on what people do and what they don’t do on the web. From disabled copy-paste to magic link sign-in.

Le: 01 01 2023 à 22:47 Auteur: walter153

Bookmarker is a clean and minimalistic bookmark manager that works on any device and at any size. Bookmarker is designed for people who use different devices on different systems. Bookmarker helps you focus on your bookmarks and manage them easily.

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Using Touchstone Tours, UX researchers evaluate a product’s usability. The technique involves having participants go on a “tour” of the product or interface, followed by a series of tasks and prompts for them to reflect aloud as they complete them.

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The messaging app also added a bundle of other features, including new storage options and profile picture settings.

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Test your usability knowledge by taking our quiz. All questions and answers are based on articles that we published last year.