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Le: 31 05 2023 à 22:42 Auteur: walter153

There’s a lot to juggle when creating a city’s visual identity – ideas, people, history, expectations. The designers behind the brands talk us through their approaches and strategies.

Le: 31 05 2023 à 19:42 Auteur: walter153

AI is not going away. And so I think organisations need to essentially adopt AI in an ethical way that that essentially ensures rights owners are fairly compensated.

Le: 31 05 2023 à 18:46 Auteur: walter153

In 2007, responsive web design did not exist. The first responsive websites appeared only in 2010.

Le: 31 05 2023 à 17:45 Auteur: walter153

If mindlessly browsing the internet is your preferred way to combat boredom and waste time, the indie app makers behind to-do list app Clear and game Heads Up! have a new product you’ll want to try: Web Roulette

Le: 31 05 2023 à 17:16 Auteur: walter153

A Mac-only browser is aiming to turn ‘the’ internet into ‘your’ internet, letting users change everything from colours and fonts to removing whole sections of individual sites.

Le: 31 05 2023 à 16:43 Auteur: walter153

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the best Adobe Animate free and premium alternatives you can access to create all sorts of 2D animated content. Most of them are completely free. Have a look.

Le: 31 05 2023 à 16:41 Auteur: walter153

I still have my doubts about many of the ways people are using OpenAI’s chatbot. But little by little, I’ve figured out how to make it work for me.

Le: 30 05 2023 à 20:16 Auteur: walter153

A conversation with Adobe’s Chief Strategy Officer-and director of design-about crafting the future

Le: 30 05 2023 à 20:15 Auteur: walter153

Here’s what you need to know…

Le: 30 05 2023 à 18:34 Auteur: walter153

The AI Image Generator is a new digital art tool that allows you to create unique images using your words. All you have to do is to type a text in the search bar, and you’ll have stunning images in one of the available art styles.

Le: 30 05 2023 à 17:34 Auteur: walter153

Motion design is like a magic wand that brings static objects to life. It’s a fascinating form of animation that combines graphic design elements to create visually captivating and dynamic content. You can find it all around you, from websites to mobile applications and even in videos.

Le: 30 05 2023 à 16:33 Auteur: walter153

Get inspired with new motion designs and creative UI interactions in our newest roundup, showcasing the latest works from talented artists on Dribbble.

Le: 30 05 2023 à 16:30 Auteur: walter153

To view the AR experience, open up the Apple Events website on an iPhone or iPad and tap on “View the AR experience

Le: 30 05 2023 à 16:05

Le: 30 05 2023 à 16:05

Le: 30 05 2023 à 15:35 Auteur: walter153

Being able to compliment the UI screens with meaningful words is a very crucial part of any development process.

Le: 29 05 2023 à 21:53 Auteur: walter153

WP Wand is a AI content generation plugin for WordPress that helps your team create high quality content 10X faster and 50x cheaper. No monthly subscription required.

Le: 29 05 2023 à 20:52 Auteur: walter153

I wanted to share some tried and tested tips that will enable you to work with typography more confidently on your next project.

Le: 29 05 2023 à 18:51 Auteur: walter153

The risk-management process enables teams to assess risks during the design process in order to reduce harm to users and to the organization. Risk mitigation involves systematically reducing the likelihood or the impact of a risk.

Le: 29 05 2023 à 16:53 Auteur: walter153

Grids are a fundamental component of any design practice, and especially so when designing things for screens. There are (at least) four levels of grid use in interaction design.

Le: 29 05 2023 à 16:49 Auteur: walter153

We’re taking a deep dive into the world of flowcharting tools to help you decide which ones are worth your time.

Le: 28 05 2023 à 19:26 Auteur: walter153

WordPress is 20 years old today, an estimable milestone for open source software running on the web.

Le: 28 05 2023 à 19:22 Auteur: walter153

What if a UI could design itself?

Le: 27 05 2023 à 21:19 Auteur: walter153

Peep the living room–like lounges.

Le: 27 05 2023 à 19:17 Auteur: walter153

Well, today I’m here to share what I’ve learnt while using them, plus some UX-based use cases for these AI tools.

Le: 27 05 2023 à 19:16 Auteur: walter153

This article offers practical tips to enhance the handoff process between design and development in product development.

Le: 27 05 2023 à 19:14 Auteur: walter153

ChatGPG introduces an effective conversational UX that could surpass visual interfaces for specific tasks.

Le: 27 05 2023 à 19:13 Auteur: walter153

The new design for the app was announced recently and the fresh design (see above, right) is now rolling out across devices.

Le: 25 05 2023 à 21:01 Auteur: walter153

The World Wide Web Consortium launches a public beta preview of their redesigned website

Le: 25 05 2023 à 19:59 Auteur: walter153

Want to get into font design but feel confused by the craft? French type design foundry Blaze Type has put together a straightforward guide to demystify typography and make the practice accessible to everyone.  

Le: 25 05 2023 à 19:57 Auteur: walter153

Here are some scenarios and preferred design processes to consider…

Le: 25 05 2023 à 19:55 Auteur: walter153

Adobe’s Firefly Photoshop integration has a few useful features that will make creatives’ lives easier, but it still has a long way to go.

Le: 25 05 2023 à 19:53 Auteur: walter153

Say goodbye to traditional workflows and embrace Agile to unlock the power of high-quality code.

Le: 25 05 2023 à 19:50 Auteur: walter153

We’re starting to open up access to new generative AI capabilities in Search. Here are three ways to try it out.

Le: 25 05 2023 à 17:03 Auteur: benjie

In this article, we’ll explore all the latest statistics you’d want to know about, including details from recent studies, number of users, growth, and estimated revenue.

Le: 25 05 2023 à 16:32 Auteur: walter153

Currently in its alpha stage, wp-now is already the fastest and easiest way to spin up a local WordPress site.

Le: 24 05 2023 à 22:38 Auteur: walter153

The logo depicts a minimalist representation of a bank vault, symbolizing security and trust, while the addition of the handwritten elements adds a personal and approachable aspect, making users feel connected and valued.

Le: 24 05 2023 à 20:45 Auteur: walter153

In general, sign-in and login forms are very simple. For most websites, they feature just 2 inputs and a submit button. But, even with this simple HTML structure, many websites still have little mistakes.

Le: 24 05 2023 à 19:43 Auteur: walter153

What happens when we move beyond our screens and unleash computing power, the internet, and AI into the real world? It starts to get interesting.

Le: 24 05 2023 à 17:54

Le: 24 05 2023 à 17:45 Auteur: walter153

Alignment in design is the strategic arrangement of elements relative to one another or a common baseline, creating order, harmony, and visual appeal.

Le: 24 05 2023 à 17:38 Auteur: walter153

4creative and Hudson-Powell expand the much-loved Brody Associates typeface, redraw the 4 mark and introduce a brand “universe” built on gradients.

Le: 24 05 2023 à 14:23

Le: 23 05 2023 à 22:11 Auteur: walter153

Adobe’s Firefly generative AI tool offers a new way to fiddle with photos. Expect a lot of fun and fakery.

Le: 23 05 2023 à 20:08 Auteur: walter153

Loaf is a library of 900+ SVG animations. It is packaged into an easy-to-use app! Use it to quickly find an animation, make some small adjustments and plug it into whatever project you are working on! It’s free to get started!

Le: 23 05 2023 à 19:13 Auteur: walter153

When you stop and think about it, it’s weird that even the most popular apps in the world front-load their experiences with multiple requests for your data.  

Le: 23 05 2023 à 18:04 Auteur: walter153

Gmail has so many useful features that some of them go unnoticed. Here’s a handful that you’ll wish you’d known about ages ago.

Le: 23 05 2023 à 17:02 Auteur: walter153

The choices you make when selecting a typeface have more impact on your design than almost any other decision, so it’s good to have some options at hand.

Le: 23 05 2023 à 16:20 Auteur: walter153

Branding assets and original imagery is now just a text instruction away in the world’s leading imaging application.

Le: 23 05 2023 à 16:02 Auteur: walter153

Designing an effective landing page is no easy feat. There’s a lot you need to achieve with a simple but effective landing page. In this post, we’ve lined up 7 mistakes you should AVOID when designing a landing page.

Le: 22 05 2023 à 21:50 Auteur: walter153

It’s not an email app; it’s a Gmail app. And as long as you use Gmail and a Mac, that’s really great news.

Le: 22 05 2023 à 19:55 Auteur: walter153

In this article, I’ll explore the power of heuristics in UX and CX. Discover how well-crafted heuristics can elevate your design work. 

Le: 22 05 2023 à 19:44 Auteur: walter153

Do we go with a battle-tested classic theme or opt for a newfangled block theme? Do we embrace the Block Editor or stick with the trusty Classic flavor?

Le: 22 05 2023 à 19:43 Auteur: walter153

It’s easy for beginner designers to get overwhelmed and lose confidence when creating presentations, landing pages, app and web design mockups, and even cards. Laurent Baumann shares a few simple guidelines and practical tips to help you in such situations.

Le: 21 05 2023 à 17:57 Auteur: walter153

At Google I/O, the company unveiled an experimental version of Search that integrates AI-generated responses. Will it break the balance of the internet?

Le: 21 05 2023 à 15:04 Auteur: walter153

WordPress 6.2.2 was released early this morning as a rapid follow-up to 6.2.1, which introduced a bug that broke shortcode support in block templates.

Le: 21 05 2023 à 14:57 Auteur: walter153

Lineicons is a comprehensive pack of 8,400+ diverse, handcrafted, and beautifully designed SVG icons, perfect for modern UI design and development projects. Comes in multiple variations, and is available in various formats such as – SVG, Icon Font, Figma, etc.

Le: 20 05 2023 à 16:33 Auteur: walter153

From Figma templates to Adobe resources, these free design assets cover icons, illustrations, templates, mockups, gradients, and so much more. Happy designing!

Le: 19 05 2023 à 19:13 Auteur: walter153

Internal documents show that Apple also forbids employees from using Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot tool, an AI code-writing software.

Le: 19 05 2023 à 19:09 Auteur: walter153

A captivating web experience by Zajno that not only showcases stunning interactions and inspiring layouts but also serves as a comprehensive guide to the art of motion design, emphasizing the importance of doing it right through abundant examples and insightful explanations.

Le: 18 05 2023 à 23:30 Auteur: walter153

Internal documents viewed by CNBC also indicate that Google could use AI to help YouTubers, too.

Le: 18 05 2023 à 22:25 Auteur: walter153

Design Bridge and Partners and Starlight Creative reveal how they captured the energy of the Eurovision Song Contest through a vibrant, fun identity.

Le: 18 05 2023 à 21:19 Auteur: walter153

A support forum thread tracking the broken shortcodes issue shows that this change impacts how plugins display things like breadcrumbs, newsletter signup forms, WPForms, Metaslider, bbPress content, and more. The problem affects template blocks, not sites that are using non-FSE themes.

Le: 18 05 2023 à 20:48

Le: 18 05 2023 à 20:24 Auteur: walter153

Elsewhere on the internet, a brigade of digital archivists and historians were preparing for what feels like yet another extinction-level event.

Le: 18 05 2023 à 19:13 Auteur: walter153

While visual design is undoubtedly crucial, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Words are just as important in creating meaningful and memorable user experiences.

Le: 18 05 2023 à 18:12 Auteur: walter153

Unraveling the Misconceptions and Understanding the True Nature of Design

Le: 18 05 2023 à 17:10 Auteur: walter153

Google Colab will soon introduce AI coding features using Google’s most advanced family of code models, Codey.

Le: 18 05 2023 à 16:08 Auteur: walter153

This week we saw the D.C. debut of perhaps the most important person in AI today, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. The question is, will Congress actually regulate AI?

Le: 18 05 2023 à 09:18

Le: 17 05 2023 à 17:51 Auteur: walter153

Ahead of this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day, San Jose-based Adobe on Wednesday revealed the all-new Adobe PDF Accessibility Auto-Tag API. In a press release, the company said the tool is powered by its artificial intelligence and machine learning framework, Sensei.

Le: 17 05 2023 à 17:48 Auteur: walter153

A recreation of the hover effect seen on the customer grid on the Evervault website.

Le: 17 05 2023 à 17:47 Auteur: walter153

Typography significantly impacts a website’s user experience, readability, aesthetics, and accessibility. Well-crafted typography enhances the visual hierarchy, guiding users through a user interface while reinforcing the message and brand identity.

Le: 17 05 2023 à 14:30

Le: 17 05 2023 à 12:56

Le: 16 05 2023 à 23:43

Le: 16 05 2023 à 22:11 Auteur: walter153

Premiere Pro update lets anyone and everyone build a rough cut

Le: 16 05 2023 à 22:08 Auteur: walter153

A new update on TikTok introduced a new font used on the text in the short form app. Despite being such a small change, users are not happy about it. Here’s everything you need to know.

Le: 16 05 2023 à 22:02 Auteur: walter153

Since its days as a bike manufacturer Kia has taken a curious approach to logos.

Le: 16 05 2023 à 21:59 Auteur: walter153

Building design patterns first is a better way to work. It unblocks people to work in parallel, keeps people synced up, and results in reusable modules that speed up your next project.

Le: 16 05 2023 à 15:45 Auteur: walter153

Every month we gather together a selection of the most exciting websites from the preceding four weeks.

Le: 15 05 2023 à 19:09 Auteur: walter153

We chat to a psychologist and three creatives about the pros and cons of being introverted, how they balance it with work, and the advice they can give for those looking to network and build their careers.  

Le: 15 05 2023 à 19:07 Auteur: walter153

Design effective error messages by ensuring they are highly visible, provide constructive communication, and respect user effort

Le: 15 05 2023 à 18:09 Auteur: walter153

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that jobs for UI UX designers will grow 23% from 2021 to 2031 – much faster than other occupations. This definitely means more opportunities in the UI/UX domain.

Le: 15 05 2023 à 14:55

Le: 15 05 2023 à 14:41

Le: 15 05 2023 à 08:49

Le: 14 05 2023 à 21:12 Auteur: walter153

By pricing its popular pro-level apps with a reasonable monthly subscription model on the iPad, the company could set the stage for new generations of users that might feel priced out by Adobe. ES

Le: 14 05 2023 à 19:54 Auteur: walter153

A new code is ready to be cracked atop Adobe’s headquarters.

Le: 14 05 2023 à 17:52 Auteur: walter153

It says that based on emerging trends in society, the colour of 2025 will be the aptly named ‘Future Dusk’, an alluring hue sitting between dark violet and midnight blue…

Le: 14 05 2023 à 16:51 Auteur: walter153

The discipline of design is the commitment to structuring and systematizing good ideas.

Le: 14 05 2023 à 00:08

Le: 13 05 2023 à 22:58 Auteur: walter153

Landor & Fitch has ushered LeShuttle into a sleeker era, using ligatures and motion design to highlight the speed of the service.

Le: 13 05 2023 à 20:57 Auteur: walter153

Are sticky headers always a good idea? Best practices for designing sticky headers, with examples, UX guidelines and usability considerations.

Le: 13 05 2023 à 19:12 Auteur: walter153

How we designed Lyft Live Activities to elevate the rider experience

Le: 13 05 2023 à 18:56 Auteur: walter153

Must-Have AI Figma Plugins

Le: 13 05 2023 à 17:54 Auteur: walter153

Say your brand color is the orange #f06d06. Now you need that color but with some opacity on it.

Le: 13 05 2023 à 17:03 Auteur: walter153

Update your plugin ASAP to close this security flaw that allows hackers take over vulnerable websites.

Le: 13 05 2023 à 16:53 Auteur: walter153

An experiment on component organization.

Le: 13 05 2023 à 15:52 Auteur: walter153

The design thinking and user research that turned into Microsoft Loop

Le: 12 05 2023 à 21:41 Auteur: walter153

It’s this insistence on using the Google brand colours for everything that has been most criticised in previous Google logo designs.

Le: 12 05 2023 à 19:05 Auteur: walter153

This could change everything.

Le: 12 05 2023 à 18:58 Auteur: walter153

I know this task can be a bit challenging sometimes, but with a well-structured approach and a deeper understanding of commands, you can significantly enhance the quality of ChatGPT responses.

Le: 12 05 2023 à 18:33 Auteur: walter153

A stunning web experience filled with vibrant colors, captivating shapes, and uniquely designed layouts. The KOKI-KIKO team has crafted a visually striking website that incorporates seamless animations, perfectly complementing the overall aesthetic.

Le: 12 05 2023 à 17:38 Auteur: walter153

Modify and edit computer imagined images directly from the chatbot’s command line.

Le: 12 05 2023 à 17:31 Auteur: walter153

At Google I/O (their yearly developer conference) they introduced an advance A.I. model along with a set of cool tools and creative software. These A.I. models go by the name of PaLM and Gemini, which sound both cute and futuristic at the same time.

Le: 12 05 2023 à 16:27 Auteur: walter153

What is psychological safety, and why do your designers need it? Digital designer Alejandro Velasco explains how to create a workplace environment that increases creativity, productivity, and talent retention.

Le: 12 05 2023 à 10:47

Le: 11 05 2023 à 20:38 Auteur: walter153

There are hundreds of new tools for designers and developers released each month. We sift through them all to bring you the best.

Le: 11 05 2023 à 20:02 Auteur: walter153

Here you’ll find a story that the designer recently shared on the Malicious Compliance subreddit, detailing how he decided to respond when he wasn’t compensated for building the site.

Le: 11 05 2023 à 17:34 Auteur: walter153

And why you don’t need to be a design manager to be considered successful

Le: 11 05 2023 à 16:34 Auteur: walter153

You might not know it, but the retired German Formula One racing driver Michael Schumacher has a logo. And that logo is revving up some quite intense design debate.

Le: 11 05 2023 à 16:17

Le: 11 05 2023 à 14:10

Le: 10 05 2023 à 21:26 Auteur: walter153

Wix launches Wix Headless, enhancing developer flexibility and scalability by integrating its business solutions across various tech stacks.

Le: 10 05 2023 à 19:37 Auteur: walter153

It’s between building and dwelling.

Le: 10 05 2023 à 19:05 Auteur: walter153

Creating accessible products is more than just a box to check—it’s a chance to pave the way for growth, establish credibility, and build trust with consumers.

Le: 10 05 2023 à 18:36 Auteur: walter153

FinTech design systems help product teams solve fundamental usability issues while moving fast to stay ahead of the competition. But, building a FinTech design system requires significant resources to create, scale, and mature.

Le: 10 05 2023 à 18:02 Auteur: walter153

This is our new reality. These tools are grabbing all manner of content – copyrighted images included. They’re regurgitating it to their users. Indeed, it’s the world’s biggest mash-up.

Le: 10 05 2023 à 17:02 Auteur: walter153

With a gaming interface as its core concept, Sophie Studio’s website design showcases its values, purpose, and expertise in a fun and engaging way.

Le: 10 05 2023 à 16:16 Auteur: walter153

A privacy-first, no-nonsense, super-fast blogging platform. No trackers, no javascript, no stylesheets. Just your words. Publish something awesome with your bear hands ᕦʕ •á´¥•Ê”ᕤ

Le: 10 05 2023 à 16:12 Auteur: walter153

Pepsi’s recent logo change was celebrated as a return to normalcy. But are there drawbacks to playing it safe with branding?

Le: 10 05 2023 à 16:01 Auteur: walter153

There are many reasons for developers to bring the web to Android: maybe reusing a web widget in an Android app, incorporating first-party or third-party content, even bringing their entire web app to the platform. Whatever the use case, Android has many tools to make it possible.

Le: 09 05 2023 à 22:50 Auteur: walter153

Thirty-nine typefaces from The Font Bureau, including David Berlow classics Belizio, and Bureau-Grot, join the Monotype Library

Le: 09 05 2023 à 21:45 Auteur: walter153

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recent times has incited fear in many over losing their jobs. However, that shouldn’t be the case. On the contrary, AI is an opportunity to take your programming to the next level when used tactfully with the right knowledge, as we’ll cover today.

Le: 09 05 2023 à 20:46 Auteur: walter153

While it’s unlikely Apple will attempt to make a generic large language model AI system like ChatGPT or Google Bard, the company may instead focus on an AI language model built with its intimate knowledge of its customers.

Le: 09 05 2023 à 19:54 Auteur: walter153

Google promised to create a better, faster web for media companies with a new standard called AMP. In the end, it ruined the trust publishers had in the internet giant.

Le: 09 05 2023 à 18:44 Auteur: walter153

“It should be clear and concise, with a kind of beauty and precision which flow not from the quill, but from the compass and ruling pen.”

Le: 09 05 2023 à 17:44 Auteur: walter153

Explore inspiring & creative motion designs in our latest UI interactions and animations roundup from Dribbble.

Le: 09 05 2023 à 17:43 Auteur: walter153

Pro apps introduce powerful features designed for iPad to deliver the ultimate mobile studio for video and music creators  

Le: 08 05 2023 à 22:59 Auteur: walter153

Freelancers: browse No Code development jobs, absolutely free. Clients: hire No Code developers, absolutely free.

Le: 08 05 2023 à 21:58 Auteur: walter153

Maximizing Image Viewing Efficiency: How Visual Sorting Can Help

Le: 08 05 2023 à 20:05 Auteur: walter153

Kia violated these 4 basic design principles.

Le: 08 05 2023 à 18:55 Auteur: walter153

Google Docs’ AI is handy to have AI text generation and editing inside Docs, but it’s not yet nearly as powerful or useful as alternatives like ChatGPT or Lex.

Le: 08 05 2023 à 18:20 Auteur: benjie

Design tokens are the building blocks of design systems. Design tokens adoption ensure unified, flexible and scale-ready design systems.

Le: 08 05 2023 à 17:57 Auteur: walter153

Design system testing assesses every aspect of the component library, documentation, syntax, accessibility, and more to ensure it meets the organization’s standards and expectations.

Le: 08 05 2023 à 17:54 Auteur: walter153

A short film series exploring how Google is imagining an adaptive, personal, and expressive future for design

Le: 07 05 2023 à 20:02 Auteur: walter153

A simple platform that helps you to build hassle-free minimalistic professional UX portfolios for free. Write case studies on a medium-like editor, Password-protection, Design & Layout customizations, Mobile and SEO friendly, and more.

Le: 07 05 2023 à 19:23 Auteur: walter153

The findings of neuroscience research have important implications for our understanding of the human experience, including how we think, learn, and remember, as well as how we perceive and respond to the world around us.

Le: 07 05 2023 à 18:59 Auteur: walter153

We all measure success metrics when it comes to our designs, but have we stopped to think about measuring success for our very own design careers?

Le: 07 05 2023 à 18:57 Auteur: walter153

The average person is capable of reading 250 words per minute.

Le: 06 05 2023 à 20:40 Auteur: walter153

Nintendo’s logo has graced blockbuster consoles and tragic, expensive failures alike (hello, Virtual Boy!). In the process, it has become the visual stalwart that unifies Nintendo’s many experiments.

Le: 06 05 2023 à 18:44 Auteur: walter153

Join us for a discussion panel with top leaders from The Weir Group, Johnson & Johnson, and Sage. Learn about their successful strategies and gain valuable insights into scaling Design Systems for your team.

Le: 06 05 2023 à 18:34 Auteur: walter153

The importance of iconography in communication and highlights how design adapts to changing user needs and preferences while keeping up with technological advancements.

Le: 05 05 2023 à 21:11 Auteur: walter153

Learn one of the ways in which AI has elevated my design work.

Le: 05 05 2023 à 19:17

Le: 05 05 2023 à 19:09 Auteur: walter153

AI creates typography, perfects the product shot, and captures time and space.

Le: 05 05 2023 à 18:08 Auteur: walter153

How psychology, semiotics, and dazzling imagery are converging to improve the future of hybrid work

Le: 05 05 2023 à 17:14 Auteur: walter153

We are relaunching Google Design at a turning point for the industry, when the advent of AI technologies brings about feelings of uncertainty, but also opens up new possibilities for a shift in the way we work.

Le: 05 05 2023 à 17:12 Auteur: walter153

On May 6, 1998, Apple introduced the iMac. And the rest is history.

Le: 05 05 2023 à 17:06 Auteur: walter153

This is the story of how one little octopus, explaining one beginner’s concept, carried such weight and power for Kylo that it drove his interest in visual learning and led him to research something that is really quite silly. And yet, it transformed how he learned to write — and finally understand — JavaScript.

Le: 04 05 2023 à 23:22 Auteur: walter153

Discussions begin on role of artificial intelligence and the WordPress core

Le: 04 05 2023 à 22:29 Auteur: benjie

Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework that offers a comprehensive set of pre-designed styles and components, making it easy to create stunning UIs without the need for custom CSS.

Le: 04 05 2023 à 21:05 Auteur: walter153

How getting my work stolen changed how I approach portfolios and my design career

Le: 04 05 2023 à 20:03 Auteur: walter153

Password management is a critical aspect of any company’s security infrastructure. With an increasing number of platforms, applications, and services requiring authentication, managing passwords and access rights has become a challenge for system administrators.

Le: 04 05 2023 à 19:45 Auteur: walter153

Canada’s proposed legislation would force platforms like Alphabet Inc, Google’s parent, and Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc to negotiate commercial deals and pay Canadian news publishers for their content, part of a broader global trend to make tech firms pay for news.

Le: 04 05 2023 à 19:35

Le: 04 05 2023 à 19:33

Le: 04 05 2023 à 19:32

Le: 04 05 2023 à 19:29

Le: 04 05 2023 à 18:23 Auteur: walter153

Microsoft opens Bing AI for public testing, no waitlist required

Le: 04 05 2023 à 18:13 Auteur: walter153

The design team has stripped off the Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. banner on the middle of the shield and ushered in thicker, bolder, and sharper details of the curvature and letterforms of the shield and the capital letters ‘WB’ in an attempt to retain the classic, recognizable look of the logo while adopting a chunkier and more sleek style.

Le: 04 05 2023 à 18:12 Auteur: walter153

The Erased – designed for online publications and blogs – allows readers to see the censored topics reported on by imprisoned journalists.

Le: 04 05 2023 à 18:01 Auteur: walter153

These powerful tools can streamline the process of building and managing design systems, saving you time and energy.

Le: 04 05 2023 à 18:00 Auteur: walter153

The importance of the high-contrast theme in interfaces and its differences from the dark theme

Le: 03 05 2023 à 22:21 Auteur: walter153

If you’re looking for some AI prompt ideas that you can use to generate fonts in Adobe Firefly, you’re in the right place.

Le: 03 05 2023 à 21:25 Auteur: walter153

In the engineering team, we borrow elements from the gaming world, and that playful, collaborative spirit is a consistent thread throughout Figma. That extends to our technology, too; some of our most interesting technical challenges mirror those in gaming, from infrastructure to the user experience.

Le: 03 05 2023 à 21:14 Auteur: walter153

Here’s what that means for your Google browser experience.

Le: 03 05 2023 à 20:24 Auteur: walter153

Adobe Developers Live brings together developers with diverse backgrounds and a singular purpose – to create incredible end-to-end composable experiences in Adobe Experience Manager.

Le: 03 05 2023 à 19:23 Auteur: walter153

The service’s latest update includes over 50 improvements to the core user experience around topics like pricing, identity, and simply understanding if the host expects you to take out the trash.

Le: 03 05 2023 à 19:13 Auteur: walter153

ow can we leverage fonts’ styles and characteristics to create icons that provide more seamless product flows and designs? In this post, we’ll build a bridge between these two important interface elements.

Le: 03 05 2023 à 19:11 Auteur: walter153

For the first time, we’ve begun rolling out passkeys, the easiest and most secure way to sign in to apps and websites and a major step toward a “passwordless future.”

Le: 03 05 2023 à 16:22

Le: 03 05 2023 à 11:48

Le: 02 05 2023 à 23:08 Auteur: walter153

Twitter continues to lose vital support from major companies.

Le: 02 05 2023 à 22:56 Auteur: benjie

Vexus’s DuoTone Pro Photoshop Plugin, allows you to add a rich duotone effect to your design or images quickly, and without the need for large design templates or downloads. Each duotone effect is easy to apply, and visualise with our inline preview images.

Le: 02 05 2023 à 21:03 Auteur: walter153

There’s no doubt that AI will open up the opportunity for design to move up the value stack. That’s not the question. The question is: Are you going to be ready?

Le: 02 05 2023 à 20:44 Auteur: walter153

After a big redesign last year, YouTube might be embarking on its next visual revamp with changes to the video page, which has mostly stayed the same in recent years.  

Le: 02 05 2023 à 20:02 Auteur: walter153

The tool evaluates the contrast ratio between text and background colors to ensure accessibility.

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Leaders want to feel helpful and decisive so they’ll often think about the problem for a few seconds before coming up with a solution. “Let’s bring in some freelancers to get the project over the finish line on time” they might say or “let’s give the client a free upgrade to keep them on side”.

Le: 02 05 2023 à 19:44 Auteur: walter153

Many assume that the McDonald’s logo is simply a massive “M” to represent the name of the fast-food chain. However, an expert claimed that the symbol is also meant to represent a mother’s nurturing breasts when looked at upside-down.

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Spanish graphic designer Unax Gómez designed Ridge, a confident, bold typeface that’s free to download.

Le: 02 05 2023 à 17:57 Auteur: walter153

Household brands are moving away from corporate minimalism and giving a soft, chummy nod to the past – Minute Maid is the latest to jump on the bandwagon.

Le: 02 05 2023 à 17:55 Auteur: walter153

Discerning a different kind of blue in Data Visualizations.

Le: 02 05 2023 à 04:56 Auteur: walter153

It’s time to stop worrying if AI is going to take your job and instead start using AI to expand the services you can offer to clients and the skills you can add to your résumé.

Le: 01 05 2023 à 20:07 Auteur: walter153

The design studio Treintayseis‘ annual online challenge calls on typographers, graphic designers, and creatives of all stripes to create a letter (or number) for 36 days straight.

Le: 01 05 2023 à 19:12 Auteur: walter153

With that, I thought it would be appropriate to look at how WordPress has made it this far. What are the secrets of its success? Here are a few factors that have led the software to incredible heights and longevity.

Le: 01 05 2023 à 19:02 Auteur: walter153

Typography is an essential element in any design, and choosing the right typeface makes all the difference. That’s where Mackay comes in — a powerful transitional serif designed for both screen and print.

Le: 01 05 2023 à 19:01 Auteur: walter153

To celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we commissioned AAPI artists to create a collection of themes for Chrome browser.

Le: 01 05 2023 à 19:00 Auteur: walter153

Some recommendations to consider when approaching hard conversations from UX teams.