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Le: 30 09 2023 à 15:08

Le: 29 09 2023 à 20:58 Auteur: admin_dev

Our colleague and photographer Aleksandr Seledchik, a frequent user of Midjourney, has developed an almost impeccable skill for distinguishing between AI and human-crafted images. Here, we unveil some less obvious details which deserve your attention:

Le: 29 09 2023 à 19:56 Auteur: walter153

Exploratory talks between big-wigs at Apple and Microsoft in 2020 reportedly included discussions of Apple taking on the beleaguered search engine.

Le: 29 09 2023 à 17:57 Auteur: walter153

We help developers turn their APIs into thriving businesses. We manage Billing, Subscribers, Distribution and Support so you can focus on building the best APIs. Built by developers for developers.

Le: 29 09 2023 à 17:54 Auteur: walter153

30 beautiful animated backgrounds in 4K that loop perfectly. Perfect for YouTube videos, product demos, and more. From your mates at Tella.

Le: 29 09 2023 à 17:48 Auteur: walter153

There is just something magical about the design of Setaprint! The flowing ink cloud and the wonderful typography animations harmonize perfectly with the content. Our pick this week.

Le: 28 09 2023 à 23:29 Auteur: admin_dev

From real photographs captured using a macro lens, this collection offers genuine high-res textures from aged walls, concrete slabs and grounds. Dive into authentic grunge, vintage, and concrete overlays to elevate your designs.

Le: 28 09 2023 à 22:47 Auteur: walter153

Each year, the WordPress community (users, site builders, extenders, and contributors) provides valuable feedback through an annual survey. The results can influence the direction of the WordPress project by identifying areas that need attention. Annual surveying can also help track trends over time, with data points often finding their way into the yearly State of the Word address.

Le: 28 09 2023 à 21:28 Auteur: admin_dev

Case study unveiling the creative process on new website design and custom graphics for Synthesized, the platform for creating and managing high-quality synthetic data.

Le: 28 09 2023 à 20:43 Auteur: walter153

The company is bringing customizable Material You design to Chromebooks. After selecting a wallpaper and a color palette, these settings will be reflected in areas such as quick settings, desktop, and window head bars. ChromeOS 117 also has a redesigned quick settings menu with bigger buttons and slider bars — akin to the slide-down settings menu on Android 13 on Pixel phones.

Le: 28 09 2023 à 19:49 Auteur: walter153

We’re introducing Meta AI in beta, an advanced conversational assistant that’s available on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, and is coming to Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Quest 3. Meta AI can give you real-time information and generate photorealistic images from your text prompts in seconds to share with friends. (Available in the US only)

Le: 28 09 2023 à 18:38 Auteur: walter153

This month, Google Search turns 25. A lot has changed over the last quarter of a century when it comes to the development space, but one thing has remained a constant – whether you’re stuck on a problem, reading documentation, learning about new technology, or figuring out the best tech stack for your project, Search has been a helpful tool in getting your questions answered.

Le: 28 09 2023 à 17:36 Auteur: walter153

Whether you’re a brand designer putting the finishing touches on a color palette or a product designer laying the foundational work for a design system, I will walk you through how to create color ramps utilized in design systems.

Le: 28 09 2023 à 16:47 Auteur: walter153

Adobe officially launched Photoshop for the web on Wednesday for all users with paid plans. The web version, which was in beta for almost two years, is now available with Firefly-powered AI tools such as generative fill and generative expand.

Le: 28 09 2023 à 16:36 Auteur: walter153

Ever wonder why some SaaS tools are universally loved while others barely get a nod? It often boils down to the design and user-centricity of a product.

Le: 28 09 2023 à 16:32 Auteur: walter153

In this article, Ganesh Dahal explains how the features have evolved since reusable blocks were officially released in WordPress 5.0 — and how the two have converged in WordPress 6.3 to form a powerful feature capable of allowing content creators to sync content and design patterns consistently in pages and posts.

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Le: 27 09 2023 à 22:18 Auteur: walter153

Alpaca, an AI plugin for Photoshop, is currently in beta and has been designed to enhance the creative potential of artists by putting the power of AI at their fingertips. This personalized AI toolkit is built to help artists explore further, iterate faster, and amplify their creative potential right where they work. The Alpaca AI tool seamlessly integrates technology with human creativity, empowering users to bring their imaginative visions to...

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Le: 27 09 2023 à 21:42 Auteur: walter153

The annual Mac update adds desktop widgets, new screensavers and a Game Mode.

Le: 27 09 2023 à 20:51 Auteur: walter153

WhatsApp is working on an improved interface by introducing new icons and colors, and it will be available in a future update of the app!

Le: 27 09 2023 à 20:39 Auteur: walter153

Free custom stock images & illustrations on-demand. For your website, book, social media and more! Powered by the world’s most creative image generation AIs.

Le: 27 09 2023 à 19:50 Auteur: walter153

If you are following Gutenberg development, many of these features have already been released in the plugin. The most notable highlights of features and improvements coming in 6.4 include the following…

Le: 27 09 2023 à 18:37 Auteur: walter153

Building support for design systems by framing their benefits for reluctant designers, engineers, and PMs

Le: 27 09 2023 à 17:36 Auteur: walter153

This website takes you to the time when Google was just an infant

Le: 27 09 2023 à 16:35 Auteur: walter153

In a bid to pay homage to all the iconic bird logos that are still part of modern culture, here are 24 bird-centering design identities that are global, endearing, and beautifully designed.

Le: 27 09 2023 à 15:56 Auteur: walter153

Time to stop using Google Fonts? Cloudflare has taken its fight against Google online after announcing that Cloudflare Fonts can enhance website fonts privacy and speed. The new tool is set to allow sites that use Google Fonts to load their fonts from the site’s own domain, rather than from rival company Google’s.

Le: 27 09 2023 à 15:45 Auteur: walter153

Windows 11’s new Copilot may not be magical, but the idea of using AI to teach software how to use itself is worth exploring.

Le: 26 09 2023 à 23:33 Auteur: walter153

Incorrect AI-generated answers are forming a feedback loop of misinformation online.  

Le: 26 09 2023 à 22:25 Auteur: walter153

Sit back, relax and reacquaint yourselves with the joys of devouring a beautifully designed print magazine. We present a selection of the best titles on sale today.  

Le: 26 09 2023 à 21:30 Auteur: walter153

ALT.tf’s website just got a HUGE new update! Equipped with a number of fantastic features, you can also find a healthy new font release in collaboration with London-based type designer Giulia Boggio

Le: 26 09 2023 à 21:29 Auteur: walter153

Everyone wishes they were able to write cleaner code, but sometimes going back and refactoring code so it is cleaner is actually a bad idea. In this video I talk about the hidden cost of refactoring and some tips on how to do it right.

Le: 26 09 2023 à 20:15 Auteur: walter153

Firefox 118 is now available for all users in the Release Channel. The latest feature update introduces several important changes, such as automated web content translation with local processing, font improvements, video effects support in Google Meet, and add-on suggestions for Firefox Suggest users in the United States. There are also traditional security fixes to make your browsing experience safer.

Le: 26 09 2023 à 19:56 Auteur: walter153

With this tool, designers and developers can create beautiful and dynamic wave patterns that can be used as a css wave background element, as an overlay effect, or as part of a more complex graphic design project.

Le: 26 09 2023 à 19:22 Auteur: walter153

macOS Sonoma is an update that feels small—but in all the best ways. Upgrading it won’t change how you look at your Mac, at least not at first. This means that if you’re desperate for change to longstanding features of macOS, you will not find what you’re looking for in macOS Sonoma. I suspect, however, that most Mac users just want incremental improvements without disruptive changes. Slow and steady wins...

Le: 26 09 2023 à 19:13 Auteur: walter153

From September to December 2022, I had an opportunity to do an internship at Microsoft as a Visual User Experience Designer with the Nuance Customer Engagement R&D team. In this article, I would like to share key takeaways that I have learned from being a part of a fantastic team.

Le: 26 09 2023 à 19:12 Auteur: walter153

A checklist for making good type decisions for user interfaces

Le: 26 09 2023 à 19:11 Auteur: walter153

From our AI research center in Ghana to our beehives in the Googleplex, take a tour of our offices and data centers around the world.

Le: 25 09 2023 à 18:53 Auteur: walter153

This year, Lea Verou took on the formidable task of leading the design of this brand new survey, from content to UX and beyond.

Le: 25 09 2023 à 17:49 Auteur: walter153

Generative AI by Getty Images harnesses Getty’s vast licensed library of images.

Le: 25 09 2023 à 17:47 Auteur: walter153

“Mobile-first” is not one of the countless mobile app design trends that pop up and fade away every year. For professional web and app designers, it is a fundamental design practice similar to mobile app design best practices like using clear and concise navigation. Why? Because this approach prioritizes the needs of mobile users.

Le: 25 09 2023 à 17:46 Auteur: walter153

You can expect WordPress to stay modern and relevant and become even easier to use. WordPress is designed to be simple and adaptable, and WordPress developers are already looking a long way down the road and have a detailed roadmap.

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Le: 24 09 2023 à 16:09

Le: 22 09 2023 à 23:20 Auteur: walter153

Artificial intelligence tools that can conjure whimsical artwork or realistic-looking images from written commands started wowing the public last year. But most people don’t actually use them at work or home. That could change as leading tech companies are competing to take text-to-image generators mainstream by integrating them into Adobe Photoshop, YouTube and other familiar tools.

Le: 22 09 2023 à 22:27 Auteur: walter153

In this article, I will discuss the most important visual hierarchy design principles that new designers need to follow if they want their app interfaces or website designs to succeed.

Le: 22 09 2023 à 22:19 Auteur: walter153

Last year, Getty rejected AI generated content and announced that it would not accept any submissions created with AI models. The company is reiterating that in an email sent to creators that now specifically calls out Adobe.

Le: 22 09 2023 à 21:13 Auteur: walter153

The goal of this guide is to give you an actionable plan of how to set up weekly user testing in an efficient way that while challenging, can be accomplished by a single designer.

Le: 22 09 2023 à 20:16 Auteur: walter153

Microsoft’s Windows 11 update on September 26th introduces general support for the passkey passwordless logins.

Le: 22 09 2023 à 19:14 Auteur: walter153

Copilot will uniquely incorporate the context and intelligence of the web, your work data and what you are doing in the moment on your PC to provide better assistance. Available in Windows 11, Microsoft 365, and in our web browser with Edge and Bing.

Le: 22 09 2023 à 18:34 Auteur: walter153

Current and best practices for job seekers and hiring managers

Le: 22 09 2023 à 18:23 Auteur: walter153

Today, the company announced DALL-E 3, its latest text-to-image generator and showed off some of its new impressive features, including the ability to generate readable text baked directly into images themselves — something that was not easy with DALL-E 2, and which other competing image generator AI models such as Midjourney still struggle to achieve.

Le: 22 09 2023 à 18:15 Auteur: walter153

Amid the bustling streets of New York City in 2020, renowned designer and illustrator, Diego Pinilla Amaya, embarked on a playful typographic escapade. Among the myriad of characters, one has always stood out as the designer’s muse: the enchanting Ampersand. Its elegant curves and inviting design have enchanted designers worldwide.

Le: 22 09 2023 à 18:11 Auteur: walter153

This week’s standout is 14islands’ newest design, a true testament to creativity. With delightful water-themed interactions, mesmerizing WebGL distortion, and striking typography effects, it’s a visual treat. The page transitions are seamless, and an exciting easter egg interaction awaits in the footer.

Le: 22 09 2023 à 18:09 Auteur: walter153

We go behind the scenes with Landor & Fitch on one of the biggest transport rebrands of the year.

Le: 21 09 2023 à 22:50

Le: 21 09 2023 à 22:40 Auteur: walter153

Microsoft-owned GitHub is rolling out its AI-powered coding chatbot to more people. The company launched its Copilot Chat tool in public beta for business users in July, and on Wednesday, GitHub announced that it’s available in public beta for GitHub Copilot individual users in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.  

Le: 21 09 2023 à 20:36 Auteur: walter153

AskCodi, your trusted coding companion, puts you at the centre of coding excellence. AskCodi empowers you to code better and faster with interactive workbooks, real-time chat support, versatile IDE extensions, and support for over 50 languages.

Le: 21 09 2023 à 18:33 Auteur: walter153

Who will design the next generation of readable, writerly web layouts? Who will design them? Layouts for sites that are mostly writing. Designed by people who love writing. Where text can be engaging even if it isn’t offset by art or photography. Where text is the point. With well considered flexible typesetting, modular scaling, and readable measures across a full…

Le: 21 09 2023 à 17:33 Auteur: walter153

Get inspired by selected motion designs and UI interaction works of amazing designers on Dribbble.

Le: 21 09 2023 à 16:32 Auteur: walter153

Well, in this article, we’re unpacking the magic of React from a designer’s perspective, emphasizing its impact on user interface design, user experience (UX), and team collaboration.

Le: 21 09 2023 à 16:00 Auteur: walter153

As rebrands rip through the tech world, Facebook takes stock, altering its logo, wordmark, reactions and colour palette – but keeping the blue.

Le: 20 09 2023 à 23:29 Auteur: walter153

Substack’s app feels pretty familiar, but maybe that’s a good thing.

Le: 20 09 2023 à 22:25 Auteur: walter153

Tumblr has now asked a group of its “beloved” artists to create special avatars for new users to utilize as their profile pictures. These original avatars range from 3D renditions of a panda eating a donut (created by Nikki) to digital illustrations of game consoles and fried eggs (made by Naomi Maria).

Le: 20 09 2023 à 21:23 Auteur: walter153

Can you stop chatbots from making stuff up using search?

Le: 20 09 2023 à 20:27 Auteur: walter153

Suspend your Creative Cloud subscription if you have found solid Adobe app alternatives

Le: 20 09 2023 à 20:22 Auteur: walter153

AI website & landing pages in 30 seconds— 1 free website for 100 years. -No drag & drop. Click to shuffle High-converting layouts. -FREE hosting, SEO, unlimited stock pics & videos. -Email collection form. A/B testing & simple analytics. -Multilingual pages.

Le: 20 09 2023 à 19:20 Auteur: walter153

Generate UI components for use in seconds. Ready to copy and paste. For any framework. With Tailwind CSS.

Le: 20 09 2023 à 18:19 Auteur: walter153

Whether you’re a design pro or just getting started, these principles will help you make websites and apps that people love to use.

Le: 20 09 2023 à 17:32 Auteur: walter153

These wallpapers will come pre-installed on the new iPhones. But if you don’t want to wait until you buy a new iPhone 15 to get them, we’re making all the new wallpapers available for download.

Le: 20 09 2023 à 17:17 Auteur: walter153

This season’s report features the top ten standout colours, as well as the five new core classics we can expect to see as fashion designers introduce their new Spring/Summer collections.#LONDONFW #FashionWeek #ReadySetGlam

Le: 20 09 2023 à 17:16 Auteur: walter153

He stole the crest of a lower league amateur Scottish soccer club, of course! I bet you didn’t have that one your Elon Musk Gaffes bingo card, did ya?

Le: 19 09 2023 à 23:22 Auteur: walter153

Swirling psychedelic symbols, playful motifs and abstract icons – these are the best logos of the 1960s, as picked by designers and industry experts.

Le: 19 09 2023 à 22:20 Auteur: walter153

When designers Aspasia Metania and Kostas Mentzos set out to define a new stylistic mean between two iconic fonts, Helvetica and Comis Sans, they collaborated with AI to help them get there.

Le: 19 09 2023 à 21:25 Auteur: walter153

The explanation behind the loudness of the style of graphics of TV shows and websites in various cultures

Le: 19 09 2023 à 20:19 Auteur: walter153

Use Bard alongside Google apps and services, easily double-check its responses and access features in more places.

Le: 19 09 2023 à 19:24 Auteur: walter153

It appears that ChatGPT can now confirm facts that go beyond the initial September 2021 cutoff date.

Le: 19 09 2023 à 19:19 Auteur: walter153

Users will be able to manage layers, open and save transparent PNGs and “truly erase content”, replacing the eraser that paints artworks white.

Le: 19 09 2023 à 18:10 Auteur: admin_dev

When I showed up, I realized our local watering hole had recently optimized its experience. These changes brought some good UX tips to my attention, and I bet you can apply them to your work as well. Here they are in no particular order.

Le: 19 09 2023 à 17:48 Auteur: walter153

In 2019, Smashing Magazine adopted a static site architecture, resulting in a 6× improvement in page speed but sacrificing some writing and editing bells and whistles that come with a bona fide content management system. Now, with the recent integration of TinaCMS, Smashing Magazine enjoys the best of both worlds — the performance benefits of static assets and the writing experience that helps streamline the editing process. This article is...

Le: 19 09 2023 à 17:32 Auteur: walter153

iOS 17 makes iPhone even more personal and intuitive with major updates to communication apps; StandBy, a new way to experience iPhone when it is charging; easier sharing with AirDrop; and more intelligent input that improves the speed and accuracy of typing. iOS 17 is available today as a free software update.

Le: 19 09 2023 à 17:29 Auteur: walter153

News aggregator SmartNews is today launching a new feature that it hopes will help to combat the anxiety associated with regularly consuming negative news — something often referred to as “doomscrolling.”

Le: 19 09 2023 à 17:14 Auteur: walter153

The WordPress community is ending two days of heated discussions that rapidly descended into a mire of unbridled emotional confrontations across multiple social channels, following a tweet from John Blackbourn that raised concerns about WordPress.com plugin listings outranking WordPress.org on Google Search.

Le: 18 09 2023 à 22:30 Auteur: walter153

New technologies have long promised to make human software engineers redundant. But developers have only gotten more important over time.

Le: 18 09 2023 à 20:22 Auteur: walter153

This week, Adobe announced the public release of Adobe Firefly, the company’s generative artificial intelligence platform, and updates to Premiere Pro. Adobe has also announced a price hike for Creative Cloud subscription plans and record revenue for its third fiscal quarter this year.

Le: 18 09 2023 à 19:21 Auteur: walter153

From a captivating portrait to the perfectly balanced design elements in a graphic or even the harmonious layout of a website—the Rule of Thirds empowers you to create visuals that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also emotionally compelling.

Le: 18 09 2023 à 18:22 Auteur: walter153

Google is rolling out its third iteration of the Helpful Content Update that was first introduced in August, 2022. The update’s main goal is to classify content as either “written for search engines” or “written for people”, Google does this using their own proprietary machine learning algorithms.

Le: 18 09 2023 à 18:17 Auteur: walter153

A great programming font is legible, attractive, and personalizes the editor you use every day. It needs to be good given the hours you spend at your screen, but there are plenty of fabulous programming fonts to choose from…

Le: 18 09 2023 à 18:16 Auteur: walter153

But there are plenty of smaller examples from across the system too. Users have noticed that Apple has injected some into every corner of iOS 17, with extra jiggles and wiggles hitting even something simple as Control Centre’s volume slider (below).

Le: 17 09 2023 à 20:44 Auteur: walter153

When you hire graphic designers to create your company’s logo, what do you expect? Professional designs, culturally sensitive icons, creativity, and originality don’t sound like too big an ask. Unfortunately, these brands got more than they bargained for.

Le: 16 09 2023 à 15:58

Le: 16 09 2023 à 10:40

Le: 15 09 2023 à 23:35 Auteur: walter153

This page contains some works of “anomalous motion illusion”, which might make sensitive observers dizzy or sick. Should you feel dizzy, you had better leave this page immediately.

Le: 15 09 2023 à 22:31 Auteur: walter153

Photoshop’s Generative Fill is possibly the single most talked about addition in the history of the program. This AI-powered feature allows users to add elements to a photograph not present in the original capture. Many creators love the feature. But that may be about to change due to a recently announced change in Adobe’s pricing structure.

Le: 15 09 2023 à 21:30 Auteur: walter153

While I generally recommend taking notes by hand, there are some benefits to modernizing your practice and taking them on the computer, too. One way digital notes can really help you remember what you’re studying is by paying attention to the fonts you use.

Le: 15 09 2023 à 20:38 Auteur: walter153

As a software developer, you’ve probably struggled to get your dev tool seen among a sea of unrelated products. That’s why we created DevHunt – a platform made specifically with developers in mind. It’s also Open Source.

Le: 15 09 2023 à 19:36 Auteur: walter153

B612 is an highly legible open source font family designed and tested to be used on aircraft cockpit screens.

Le: 15 09 2023 à 19:29 Auteur: walter153

There is a tweet floating around saying that if you had bought Apple shares instead of an iPhone every time they came out, you’d have hundreds of millions of dollars. That is true, but only if you were clairvoyant in 2007, and knew when Apple would be launching phones, and at which price.  

Le: 15 09 2023 à 18:27 Auteur: walter153

ShaderGradient is a design tool to create beautiful moving gradients. Make stunning visuals by adding natural movements and effects to the gradient. It’s available on your favorite tools, like Framer, Figma, and React.

Le: 15 09 2023 à 17:29 Auteur: walter153

In 2023, the web typography world has enjoyed an explosion of creativity. Richer typefaces, 3D styles, bold fonts, and various other interesting typography trends have taken over the world of web design.

Le: 15 09 2023 à 17:26 Auteur: walter153

A mind-bending immersive website that blends amazing 3D animations with well crafted design elements. Hats off to the Lusion team for this epic work!

Le: 15 09 2023 à 01:28 Auteur: walter153

Disappointed fans say that Apple’s ‘innovation died with Steve Jobs’ following its anti-climactic iPhone 15 launch. X (formerly Twitter) has been awash with complaints less than 24 hours after Apple’s highly anticipated ‘Wanderlust’ event.

Le: 14 09 2023 à 23:28 Auteur: walter153

Netlify, the leading platform for modern web development, today announced the general availability of the Netlify Software Development Kit (SDK), a suite of innovative tools designed to provide technology partners, web development agencies, and customers with custom integration development capabilities.

Le: 14 09 2023 à 22:27 Auteur: walter153

Back in July, and without fanfare, Adobe implemented a significant change in how the Creative Cloud Adobe Fonts service works. A new category of fonts called “Added Fonts” appeared in the Creative Cloud desktop app and Adobe Fonts website. So, now you’ll see four categories: Added Fonts, Installed Fonts, Removed Fonts, and Uploaded Fonts.

Le: 14 09 2023 à 21:21 Auteur: admin_dev

I first encountered Whereby in 2020 right when the pandemic hit, as I was working with a small startup that explored the video space.  

Le: 14 09 2023 à 20:35 Auteur: walter153

v0 is a generative user interface system by Vercel Labs powered by AI. It generates copy-and-paste friendly React code based on Shadcn UI and Tailwind CSS that people can use in their projects.

Le: 14 09 2023 à 20:23 Auteur: walter153

The company is announcing ActivityPub 1.0.0 for WordPress has been released allowing WordPress blogs to be followed by others on apps like Mastodon and others in the fediverse and then receive replies back as comments on their own sites.

Le: 14 09 2023 à 19:18 Auteur: walter153

Most people probably won’t notice, but the Blue Oval is indeed different than before.

Le: 14 09 2023 à 18:38 Auteur: walter153

This vulnerability stems from a “heap buffer overflow,” which, in layman’s terms, allows a bad actor to overwrite data on your computer with whatever they want.

Le: 14 09 2023 à 18:33 Auteur: walter153

Whether you’re a Google Superfan or just love a great wallpaper, we hope you use and enjoy these free birthday patterns for your Pixel phone.

Le: 14 09 2023 à 18:33

Le: 14 09 2023 à 18:30 Auteur: walter153

Johnson & Johnson is signing off on a new logo. The health care giant said Thursday that it will replace the well-known signature script it has used since 1887 with a modern look that reflects its sharpened focus on pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Le: 14 09 2023 à 18:16 Auteur: walter153

Emoji Kitchen has just hit Google Search, enabling everyone to cook up their own weird and wonderful emoji mashups. With a vast selection of emojis to choose from, users select the two icons they’d like to combine and the tool serves up a custom emoji, and as you can imagine, some of the results are suitably strange.

Le: 14 09 2023 à 18:14 Auteur: walter153

The umbrella brand for the Beeb’s natural history and science content, BBC Earth’s programmes have been huge global hits. And today, it’s launching a confident new logo to build on that success.  

Le: 13 09 2023 à 23:15

Le: 13 09 2023 à 22:09 Auteur: admin_dev

Rotating parallax sliders are a popular way to display content. They are most commonly positioned in the so-called Hero section and are tasked with presenting content in an interesting manner and capturing the visitors’ attention for the product you are selling at first glance.

Le: 13 09 2023 à 21:46 Auteur: walter153

Even if you love typography, your view of it may be blinkered by geographic and historical filters. This new project provides a glimpse into Canadian type history from 1752-1985… and that’s just the start.  

Le: 13 09 2023 à 20:47 Auteur: walter153

Coca-Cola has taken a fizzy leap into the future of AI hype with the release of Coca‑Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar, a “limited-edition” beverage reportedly co-created with artificial intelligence. Its futuristic name evokes flavor in the year 3000 (still 977 years away), but its marketing relies on AI-generated imagery from 2023—courtesy of the controversial image synthesis model Stable Diffusion.

Le: 13 09 2023 à 19:41 Auteur: walter153

A clever new app called Slingshot is combining the serendipity of BeReal snaps with the friends-only photo sharing popularized by apps like Snapchat. But while the app’s inspirations are familiar, the way you interact with Slingshot offers something unique.

Le: 13 09 2023 à 18:54 Auteur: walter153

Want to create appealing graphic designs to market your business or increase social streams? Explore CapCut’s AI-powered free photo editor and start with free ready-to-use templates.

Le: 13 09 2023 à 18:44 Auteur: walter153

Firefly-powered features like Photoshop’s Generative Fill tool are now out of beta. Adobe is also introducing a new bonus scheme to pay its stock contributors for helping to train its AI models.

Le: 13 09 2023 à 18:36 Auteur: walter153

Aim for quality outcomes, not just outputs — that’s how we can drive customer and business value!

Le: 13 09 2023 à 18:35 Auteur: walter153

Three hover effects based on a grid design by Alena Orlova.

Le: 12 09 2023 à 23:03 Auteur: walter153

When browsing for web design inspiration from Japan with the web design galleries that I previously introduced, I found a few design characteristics that are truly unique in Japan and not commonly seen in English-based website. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Le: 12 09 2023 à 22:01 Auteur: walter153

Adobe made the decision to not be first in the AI race, but that puts a lot of pressure on it to be the best.

Le: 12 09 2023 à 21:53 Auteur: walter153

During Baymard’s large-scale grocery testing, as participants explored different food categories and added products to the cart, they would sometimes lose track of what they had already added to the cart. As a result, users in the product list will be forced to visit the cartagain and again in order to confirm items that have been added, adding significantly to the time it takes to complete the order, and introducing the...

Le: 12 09 2023 à 21:05 Auteur: walter153

Picking and pairing fonts really well is hard. It takes a lot of time too, especially if you don’t have experience with it. Can AI tools help you do this task better and quicker? Can it teach you how to do it well, if you’re less experienced?

Le: 12 09 2023 à 20:50 Auteur: walter153

The explosive new book sheds new light on Musk’s tumultuous tenure at Twitter, and offers some eye-popping details about his personal life.

Le: 12 09 2023 à 20:00 Auteur: walter153

Understanding the size of your browser is essential for both website developers and users, as it can impact the overall user experience and the way a website is displayed.

Le: 12 09 2023 à 18:54 Auteur: walter153

Is the decline of elitism of creativity inevitable?

Le: 12 09 2023 à 18:13 Auteur: walter153

TikTok opened its shop feature to all users after testing the option in November of last year.

Le: 12 09 2023 à 18:05 Auteur: walter153

Research, design, build and release — a 4-part guide to create, document and maintain your design system components. As well as tips and tools to create the ultimate component library.

Le: 12 09 2023 à 17:52 Auteur: walter153

Graphic designer and writer Elizabeth Goodspeed looks at the current trends in designing for the commercial world, and the impact shortened turnarounds and economic tensions are having on originality.  

Le: 12 09 2023 à 17:50 Auteur: walter153

The products themselves remain as exciting as ever, but the spectacle of the launch has become pretty predictable. (Of course, this could be the year Apple proves us wrong).

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WordPress has published its latest transparency report which shows that it only takes action for a small fraction of the piracy takedown notices it receives. A whopping 86% don’t result in any removals. This high rejection rate is mostly the result of “careless” incomplete notices sent by takedown companies, the report notes.  

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I made a bot that sounds almost exactly like me. It was easier and better than I expected. Is this cool or terrifying?

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Are you in need of design inspiration? Are you looking for the best websites designed in 2023 to pull ideas, techniques, and trends from? Do you just love web design and enjoy seeing what’s out there? Whatever your reason for being here, welcome!

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TopNoCode.Tools is a vast directory of no-code solutions, helping individuals and businesses find the perfect tool for their needs. Our vision is to introduce users to the diverse array of no-code tools available.

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Writers always get the advice to be concise, but doing so is easier said than done. These tips and tricks help reduce your word count.

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I’ll share my analysis of the Zara Web site, examining its functional capabilities and design features to better understand how the brand achieves ecommerce success and caters to the needs of modern consumers.

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The federal government now has its own design system, crafted to make government online servives accessible, legible and consistent.  

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CodingDrills is an AI powered platform to practice your coding skills and prepare for technical interviews. Converse with the AI, Ada to discuss your solution and get hints. Ada can parse your code and help you understand why the test cases are failing.

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A well-thought design with buttery smooth animations and stunning graphics. Our pick this week.

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It’s the first analog instant camera with built-in manual controls. Pair it with the sharpest-ever Polaroid lens and the unique chemistry of Polaroid film, and you have an instant craft tool made for the tactile, creative pursuit of analog photography.

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“Visual Hierarchy” is a core design principle that refers to how different elements are arranged in a design by order of relevance. The best product, website, or app interface designers manipulate the characteristics of different elements (colors, alignment, fonts, etc.) to give their designs engaging visual hierarchies.

Le: 08 09 2023 à 19:39

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In this article, we aim to decode how generative AI works, the inner mechanics, and various types of generative AI models. We will also shed some light on how businesses can harness the potential of generative AI for organizational growth and customer satisfaction.

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[Interactive] Apple vs. Meta: The Illusion of Privacy

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A thoughtfully curated collection of websites showcasing exceptional web designs.

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Pratik Joglekar takes a philosophical approach to remind designers about the lost joy within themselves by effectively placing massive importance on mindfulness, introspection, and forward-looking. Without joy, the work we do would feel meaningless. To prevent it from happening, check out a few ideas that would help rediscover that spark of joy.

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We speak to Tim Smith about his ‘gifolio’.

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The Google Fonts website has been thoroughly updated with a Material 3 redesign that serves as an interesting showcase of the design language on mobile web.  

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When we design interfaces, we rarely think about error messagesfirst. But error messages can make or break the experience in situations when things go south. Let’s fix that. By Vitaly Friedman.

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The “Test Pyramid” was created to guide us on how to integrate automated testing in development by organizing it into UI, Service, and Unit buckets. Since the time it was defined in 2012, the model seems to have fallen by the wayside. But is the Test Pyramid really dead? Discover the more contemporary testing strategies and evaluate the Test Pyramid’s relevance in today’s software development practices.

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Yes, designers do need marketing tools. From freelance graphic designers who need to land more work to designers who work for another company, there’s always a need to understand basic marketing.

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Fonts play an instrumental role in making the content of newspapers legible, inviting, and engaging. Their choice can influence the reader’s mood, ensuring the news is conveyed as effectively as possible.

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Chrome on the desktop is about to get a new look. Google’s widely used browser is getting an update based on its Material You design language in the coming weeks, and in this case, that will include refreshed icons with “a focus on legibility” and new color palettes that “better complement your tabs and toolbar,”

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Now you can look up what generative AI means. It also expanded the definition of hallucinate in the context of generative AI, where it means to produce false information contrary to the intent of the user and present the information as if it were true.    

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Small details that will greatly improve the readability and aesthetics of your website

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Part of Google’s #BestPhonesForever series, the ad, titled Spa Day, depicts an iPhone and a Pixel phone relaxing at a spa (naturally), and has already racked up over 33M views. With their cameras covered by cucumbers (again, naturally), the iPhone laments how its fall launches used to be huge, celebratory occasions, but now the Pixel line up has taken the lead with features including “unblurring old photos, answering unknown calls...

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We chat to the graphics team behind the Barbie film, Wes Anderson’s go-to graphic designer, motion designer and 3D artist Lorenzo Bernini, and Cartoon Network’s president Michael Ouweleen.

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Figma is becoming a more and more powerful UX designer tool with every update. In addition, the Figma community continues to create a lot of useful plugins to make our work easier.

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The app is designed to help blind and low-vision users understand their surroundings. People can also ask follow-up questions for more information about an image.

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Information architecture is the practice of structuring, organizing, and labeling content from your website. Sitemaps are visualization tools that are used predominantly for planning purposes.

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The future of digital finance requires a paradigm shift toward a holistic, customer-centric approach that incorporates the best possible strategies for creating an exceptional user experience (UX). Today’s consumers demand more than reliable transactions and secure storage of their funds; they seek seamless, intuitive and emotionally resonant interactions with their financial institutions. We offer ten examples of financial services transformation that exceeds expectations and creates an emotional connection through a...

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Windows 11 will finally respect your default browser choice, but only if you’re in Europe.  

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Our new visuals draw inspiration from Material design to complement the Google brand palette, as well as be adaptable. The refreshed and dynamic robot shows up where Android connects with people, community and cultural moments. It can reflect individual passions, personality and context.

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Whether you love a single line logo or you enjoy rubber hose animation, there’s something for you in 2023’s logo trends.

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Welcome to ConvertImg.com, an online image converter website with a vast amount of formats to convert your image. We use advanced conversion methods to convert your images which is why all the images are converted fast, don’t lose quality, and securely.

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Large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s ChatGPT all suffer from the same problem: they make stuff up. The mistakes range from strange and innocuous — like claiming that the Golden Gate Bridge was transported across Egypt in 2016 — to highly problematic, even dangerous.

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Let’s explore the Figma-to-React conversion process, evaluate top plugins, and unveil an alternative to revolutionize your product development workflow.

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In February of 1992, the development of Windows 3.1 was nearing a close, and the Windows team was trying to figure out what their next steps would be. By the 5th of March, the team knew that they’d be focusing on desktops, laptops, mobile, and pen with NT taking servers and workstations. The team also knew that they needed to address three major areas: UI, hardware support, networking.

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Apple has denied reports that developer interest in Vision Pro is currently very limited, following a report last month that the developer workshops for the headset were very poorly attended.

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CandyIcons is an AI design tool that allows users to quickly generate their own high-quality app icons in just three easy steps. It also features an extensive collection of stunning pre-made icons available for purchase as well as a custom favicon generator.

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Explore dozens of free logos, use them immediately and without limits. Created by a professional designer, our logos are perfect for Gaming, Fitness, Artificial Intelligence or Fintech projects.

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At the end of another summer, we are all getting ready to knuckle down for some serious work in the fall. But we want to help you work smarter, not harder, so to that end, we’d like to present you with this latest round of exciting new tools for designers and developers.

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Design Manager Juli Sombat sheds light on how a need for more cohesion led Spotify’s design systems team to take a cross-platform approach to components.

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Transitioning from a designer to a design leader requires a shift in mindset, as well as the development of new skills and competencies. It requires an understanding of the unique challenges that come with managing a design team and communicating with stakeholders, as well as the ability to build a strong team culture and lead by example.

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A cleaner design, bringing it closer to others in Google’s ecosystem.

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At Dribbble, we have always believed in the power of great design. We decided it was time to refresh the design of our logo to better represent Dribbble’s energetic, diverse community and our resolve to continue our growth story as we build the world’s destination to hire top design talent. This significant brand change marks a pivotal moment for us as we continue to evolve and enhance our platform to...

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A futuristic interface-like design that is fun, unique and full of great details. Our pick this week.

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In this article, I will mention some of the most effective ChatGPT prompts for Front end Developer. These can help with styling, responsiveness, frameworks, testing, and optimization. So, let’s get started.