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Le: 29 02 2024 à 23:35 Auteur: walter153

In his Three Conversations in Design presentation at Convey UX Andrew Hogan shared trends in user experience jobs, scaling, and the impact of AI on designers. Here are my notes from his talk:

Le: 29 02 2024 à 22:33 Auteur: walter153

Designers are the right innovators for defining hybrid AI experiences, blending proactive and reactive intelligence

Le: 29 02 2024 à 21:32 Auteur: walter153

From how designers, developers, and their colleagues in marketing come together to how businesses can deliver better digital experiences to their end users, let’s take a look at how design systems offer a solution for website owners’ critical business concerns.

Le: 29 02 2024 à 20:40 Auteur: walter153

Project Music GenAI Control can generate audio using text prompts and provides editing features to customize the results within the same workflow.

Le: 29 02 2024 à 20:29 Auteur: walter153

The Internet is very powerful. Despite its ability and usefulness as a tool, recent trends and standards have rendered this globally available and enhancing technology into a space that is unpredictable and frustrating from a user experience.

Le: 29 02 2024 à 19:28 Auteur: walter153

A strategy for applying new or strict linting rules to existing code without loss of development

Le: 29 02 2024 à 18:26 Auteur: walter153

I offer a single bit of advice to friends and family when they become new parents: When you start to think that you’ve got everything figured out, everything will change.

Le: 29 02 2024 à 17:37 Auteur: walter153

It was March 2022 when I sold CSS-Tricks to DigitalOcean. So it’s been just about 2 years now…

Le: 29 02 2024 à 17:26 Auteur: walter153

The worlds of illustration and variable fonts collide in a new project from creative duo Rob en Robin titled F. C. Variable. In it, the pair explore how users can manipulate exported images to create customisable results.  

Le: 29 02 2024 à 17:25 Auteur: walter153

“This is almost impressively bad.”

Le: 28 02 2024 à 23:39 Auteur: walter153

A change in Microsoft Word’s default typeface, from Calibri to Aptos, didn’t register for everyone, but fans of typography got excited.

Le: 28 02 2024 à 22:37

Le: 28 02 2024 à 22:32 Auteur: walter153

Automattic, which owns Tumblr and WordPress, is in talks with Midjourney and OpenAI to sell data from user posts to train artificial intelligence systems.

Le: 28 02 2024 à 21:09 Auteur: walter153

Or why you should quit your dead-end job before it’s too late

Le: 28 02 2024 à 20:28 Auteur: walter153

10 vital tips for designers and entrepreneurs

Le: 28 02 2024 à 20:19

Le: 28 02 2024 à 20:09 Auteur: walter153

The rabbit is here to stay, and you can still stream everything for free, too.

Le: 28 02 2024 à 19:35 Auteur: walter153

Biden administration calls for developers to embrace memory-safe programing languages and move away from those that cause buffer overflows and other memory access vulnerabilities.

Le: 28 02 2024 à 19:19 Auteur: walter153

Inspired by the new platform Vision Pro, are are interesting changes happening to IOS as well and i think that’s where it’s going.

Le: 28 02 2024 à 18:18 Auteur: walter153

Dying is easy, comedy is hard. No truer words have been uttered.

Le: 28 02 2024 à 17:18 Auteur: walter153

Journey through the design process for our new default font

Le: 27 02 2024 à 22:35 Auteur: walter153

A team led by former Twitter engineers is rethinking how AI can be used to help people process news and information. Particle.news, which entered into private beta over the weekend, is a new startup offering a personalized, “multi-perspective” news reading experience that not only leverages AI to summarize the news, but also aims to do so in a way that fairly compensates authors and publishers — or so is the...

Le: 27 02 2024 à 21:43 Auteur: walter153

Maybe Apple will fix the System Settings design.

Le: 27 02 2024 à 21:31 Auteur: walter153

Forget the hype: how are AI tools actually being employed in the creative world right now? For this special report, we spoke to more than 25 creative agencies to find out.  

Le: 27 02 2024 à 19:30 Auteur: walter153

Ever imagined yourself and your loved ones as characters in a whimsical cartoon world? Dive into a realm of joy and transform everyday smiles into animated delight!

Le: 27 02 2024 à 17:53 Auteur: walter153

We take a closer look at industry legal practices, seeking to grasp how authors and companies endeavor to tilt the scales in their favor and discuss predictions, providing insights into the potential future trajectory of copyright issues in the GenAI field.

Le: 27 02 2024 à 17:39 Auteur: walter153

We’ve updated our design for more pop and more purpose.

Le: 27 02 2024 à 17:25 Auteur: walter153

Is it a ship? Is it a compass? In fact, it’s both.

Le: 27 02 2024 à 17:18 Auteur: walter153

Wait… clowns are humans, right? Right!?

Le: 27 02 2024 à 17:11 Auteur: walter153

Replit Vice President of Marketing and Design David Hoang talks about how AI is reshaping the future of product design and development, and the role it’s playing in the company’s team and products.  

Le: 26 02 2024 à 22:05 Auteur: walter153

Building an advanced design system for true white-label products with full control over colours, typography and visual styles

Le: 26 02 2024 à 21:54 Auteur: walter153

We’ve curated a stunning collection of colors to create a user-friendly component-based system for theming and color inspiration, offering a kaleidoscope of creative possibilities…

Le: 26 02 2024 à 20:00 Auteur: walter153

Create and save your presets for future use or to share with other artists.

Le: 26 02 2024 à 19:50 Auteur: walter153

Understanding why UX is not enough and three ways to augment your skills

Le: 26 02 2024 à 19:34 Auteur: walter153

The UXDA team assessed the potential of humanizing financial brands using ChatGPT and Midjourney by creating digital mascots based on the mobile service interface.

Le: 26 02 2024 à 18:49 Auteur: walter153

The most minimal sites on the web, curated in one place.  

Le: 26 02 2024 à 18:44 Auteur: walter153

Whether you’re aiming for a clean and modern aesthetic or want to inject some personality into your design, the footer is a prime opportunity to showcase your brand’s identity.

Le: 26 02 2024 à 17:54 Auteur: walter153

Layers is a design community platform built by designers for designers. Share your work, connect with other designers and build your portfolio.

Le: 26 02 2024 à 17:48 Auteur: walter153

Examining the ethical, psychological, and practical concerns surrounding design challenges, and advocating for a more inclusive, human centered and effective approach to evaluating designers.

Le: 26 02 2024 à 17:31 Auteur: walter153

Usability heuristics suggest what influences the design of successful board games.  

Le: 23 02 2024 à 22:15 Auteur: walter153

Discover how Microsoft’s switch from Calibri to Aptos as the default font has sparked a wave of reactions, blending nostalgia with modernity in the ever-evolving digital text landscape.

Le: 23 02 2024 à 20:22

Le: 23 02 2024 à 20:03 Auteur: walter153

Even some of the world’s biggest brands and most reputable designers make mistakes. Today, we take a look at some of the famously bad design examples to see what you can learn from them.

Le: 23 02 2024 à 19:10 Auteur: walter153

Do your research before you buy, though.

Le: 23 02 2024 à 18:10 Auteur: walter153

Be warned: Hackers may take advantage of any confusion around what the login page should look like.

Le: 23 02 2024 à 18:08 Auteur: walter153

Fontonic lets you easily change the fonts of any website with the fonts downloaded on your device. Changes are saved even after you close the tab. Changes are reflected on every page of the website. Revert back to original fonts anytime

Le: 23 02 2024 à 18:03 Auteur: walter153

The classic Superman logo is known around the world, but like any brand, Clark Kent’s alter ego has sported several designs over the years. Many are wondering what design he’ll be wearing in James Gunn’s upcoming Superman: Legacy, and some fans think they’ve just discovered the answer.

Le: 22 02 2024 à 21:46 Auteur: walter153

Your planning master doc can be an effective hub for everyone. A senior UX director breaks down how to create your team’s roadmap.

Le: 22 02 2024 à 18:48 Auteur: walter153

React simplifies the process of building user interfaces by offering a declarative and component-based approach, leveraging the power of JavaScript, and optimizing performance through features like the virtual DOM.

Le: 22 02 2024 à 17:47 Auteur: walter153

These deceptive design tactics, intended to manipulate users into actions they may not have intended, pose a significant ethical dilemma in the realm of design. This article delves into the prevalence of dark patterns, the importance of ethical design principles, and serves as a guide for designers committed to creating with integrity.

Le: 22 02 2024 à 17:46

Le: 22 02 2024 à 17:15 Auteur: walter153

Putting a name to the typeface that defined the visual identity of the science fiction series and its author, Frank Herbert

Le: 22 02 2024 à 16:30 Auteur: walter153

For the first time since the 1880s, the product recognized by Guinness World Records for having the world’s oldest branding and packaging is undergoing a major redesign.

Le: 22 02 2024 à 15:53 Auteur: walter153

From highly curated to more organic UGC — Unsplash+ is home to the new look and feel that will elevate your next project. Capturing the latest trends, and reimagining popular concepts, the Unsplash+ library can help you create work that stands out to clients, coworkers, or customers.

Le: 21 02 2024 à 23:10

Le: 21 02 2024 à 23:03 Auteur: walter153

2024 will be the most exciting Config yet, with programming designed to connect a dynamic community of builders to the future of product development.

Le: 21 02 2024 à 22:54 Auteur: walter153

15 of our favorite Chrome extensions — from color pickers to accessibility checkers — that will boost the efficiency of your design process.

Le: 21 02 2024 à 22:04 Auteur: walter153

Figma founders never cared about designers; they needed a use case for their real-time web-based app. That’s how it came about.

Le: 21 02 2024 à 21:02 Auteur: walter153

A brief history of getting content onto the web and why that matters for effective content management system design and implementation.

Le: 21 02 2024 à 20:26 Auteur: walter153

Whilst the dream for most designers is to start a new project from scratch and have all of the creative licence and control that comes with that, this unfortunately isn’t always the case. Putting aside those fun projects that you may do when starting out (anyone else guilty of designing multiple travel and adventure apps just for fun?), a large proportion of projects will be some form of a redesign...

Le: 21 02 2024 à 20:00 Auteur: walter153

Welcome to February’s roundup of the best new fonts for designers. This month’s compilation includes some innovative variable fonts, a handful of revivals, and some excellent options for logo designers. Enjoy!

Le: 21 02 2024 à 19:59 Auteur: walter153

Joining other reactions on the web to Steve Jobs’ sudden resignation as the CEO of Apple yesterday, Google’s vice president of engineering Vic Gundotra recalled on Google+ a particular Sunday in January 2008 when Apple’s boss asked him to call his home. The reason? The Google logo on the iPhone!  

Le: 21 02 2024 à 19:05 Auteur: walter153

Now let’s have a look at physical buttons in product (or in­dus­trial) design and what’s happened to those in recent years. If you are strictly a UI/UX designer in the context of design for screens, you should still read this article. In my view, the importance of the expe­ri­ences of the physical world should not be underestimated when designing for screens. We use the same brain to make sense of...

Le: 21 02 2024 à 18:55 Auteur: walter153

Mind-bending videos. Divisive Images. Eye-straining visuals. This list of optical illusions has it all. Join us as we melt our brains with 20 of the greatest optical illusions of all time.

Le: 21 02 2024 à 18:53 Auteur: walter153

10-step guide on how to design information architecture

Le: 21 02 2024 à 18:15 Auteur: walter153

Artemis 2, the first human moon mission in 50 years, will carry the iconic NASA “worm” logo upon the solid rocket boosters helping to heft the astronauts into space, agency officials stated on Thursday (Feb. 16).

Le: 21 02 2024 à 18:10 Auteur: walter153

Copilot Pro is a $20 per month subscription that includes AI features in Office apps and better image generation tools.  

Le: 21 02 2024 à 17:53 Auteur: walter153

WordPress has released the beta for the release of version 6.5 for testing. It will be the first major WordPress update of 2024, and many people have done significant work on it.

Le: 21 02 2024 à 17:51 Auteur: walter153

Gemma is built for responsible AI development from the same research and technology used to create Gemini models.

Le: 20 02 2024 à 22:45 Auteur: walter153

A code editor for macOS built by the community, include syntax highlighting, code completion, project find and replace, snippets, terminal, task running, debugging, git integration, code review, extensions, and more.

Le: 20 02 2024 à 20:40 Auteur: walter153

Challenges I faced in Design Systems with Cross-Functional Teams

Le: 20 02 2024 à 20:29 Auteur: walter153

In this post, you’ll find the ultimate collection of 45 popular and practical plugins for Figma in 2024. Carefully curated, these plugins are poised to enhance your workflow, amplify your creativity, and elevate your Figma experience. Dive into this meticulously crafted selection, designed to serve you best in your collaborative design journey with Figma.

Le: 20 02 2024 à 19:49 Auteur: walter153

A trio of Google engineers recently came up with a futuristic way to help anyone who stumbles through presentations on video calls. They propose that when algorithms detect a speaker’s pulse racing or “umms” lengthening, a generative AI bot that mimics their voice could simply take over.

Le: 20 02 2024 à 19:39 Auteur: walter153

Learn how to find and delete unused images in WordPress without having to write code — simply by using the Image Source Control plugin.

Le: 20 02 2024 à 17:38 Auteur: walter153

Given this rapid commercialization of generative AI technologies, there is an urgent need for guidance on how to design user experiences that foster effective and safe use.

Le: 20 02 2024 à 16:58 Auteur: walter153

After its sale to Adobe fell through, Figma has doubled down on targeting developers. We spoke to Figma’s CTO about its new Dev Mode.

Le: 20 02 2024 à 16:49 Auteur: walter153

A beta version of Adobe’s AI Assistant is here to help you navigate large documents more easily.  

Le: 20 02 2024 à 16:38 Auteur: walter153

We asked the community what tools save them the most time and effort, and here’s what they had to say.  

Le: 19 02 2024 à 23:25 Auteur: walter153

Figma has a billion dollars and big plans for expansion as it emerges from the acquisition with its ‘foot on the gas.’  

Le: 19 02 2024 à 21:55 Auteur: walter153

In this tutorial, we’ll look into how to create a highly effective color palette in WordPress that you can reuse anywhere on your site and that works with any type of content you may want to publish. To do so, we’ll use our stellar Blocksy theme, which gives you access to all of its color features in the free version.

Le: 19 02 2024 à 20:24 Auteur: walter153

For decades, robots.txt governed the behavior of web crawlers. But as unscrupulous AI companies seek out more and more data, the basic social contract of the web is falling apart.  

Le: 19 02 2024 à 20:13 Auteur: walter153

This article describes the impact of disabled buttons on the overall user experience (UX). What are the usability issues related to disabled buttons UX and how can we avoid them?

Le: 19 02 2024 à 19:08 Auteur: walter153

These seemingly mundane digital dead-ends have evolved into captivating showcases of artistic expression, reflecting the ingenuity and personality of their creators.

Le: 19 02 2024 à 18:23 Auteur: walter153

Join us as we delve into the enigmatic world of Snapchat, peeling back the layers of its UI to uncover the secrets that have captivated an entire generation. From its intuitive navigation to its addictive features, we’ll examine how Snapchat has mastered the art of user experience, setting new standards for interaction design in the digital age.

Le: 19 02 2024 à 18:07 Auteur: walter153

This article is for aspiring designers who are still creating a strong introduction to their UX or UI portfolio. You may be struggling with how to summarize who you are and what your skills are on your resume, LinkedIn profile, personal portfolio website or even your social media page.

Le: 19 02 2024 à 17:36 Auteur: walter153

Le: 19 02 2024 à 17:36 Auteur: walter153

Le: 19 02 2024 à 17:28 Auteur: walter153

The new logo has been created by the Government Digital Service (GDS), the Government Communication Service (GCS) and the Royal Household.

Le: 19 02 2024 à 17:24 Auteur: walter153

Covering current 2024 design trends

Le: 19 02 2024 à 17:07 Auteur: walter153

Taking screenshots and building the flow from beginning to end provides you with a solid foundation to do your analysis.

Le: 19 02 2024 à 17:04 Auteur: walter153

In this article, I’ll explain the importance of crafting color-accessible Web sites and explore some practical tips on designing Web sites that are friendly to individuals who have some form of color-deficient vision.

Le: 16 02 2024 à 08:40

Le: 15 02 2024 à 20:30 Auteur: walter153

Digital transformation removed the human partnership layer from every product/service. Now we will add it back in — synthetically.

Le: 15 02 2024 à 19:33 Auteur: walter153

Whether it’s boosting your organic search visibility or collecting data for targeted email marketing campaigns, a great quiz can do wonders for your website. In this guide, we’re going to reveal ten WordPress quiz plugins you need to know about.

Le: 15 02 2024 à 19:29 Auteur: walter153

We chat with an independent designer and art director at YouTube Music about his inspirations, career trajectory, and the importance of learning from setbacks.  

Le: 15 02 2024 à 18:25 Auteur: walter153

The NFL actually hired an artist.

Le: 15 02 2024 à 17:23 Auteur: walter153

Designers will turn to type escapism. Typography will be the balm in an increasingly irritated society.

Le: 15 02 2024 à 16:41 Auteur: walter153

Results from the annual WordPress survey reveals frustration with the Gutenberg site editor and lagging performance

Le: 15 02 2024 à 16:37 Auteur: walter153

The New York Times’ lawsuit against OpenAI is part of a broader, industry-shaking copyright challenge that could define the future of AI.  

Le: 15 02 2024 à 16:23 Auteur: walter153

A decorative reflection effect where we simulate a reflected page and scroll it along with the content.

Le: 15 02 2024 à 11:13

Le: 14 02 2024 à 23:35

Le: 14 02 2024 à 21:53 Auteur: admin_dev

So, how can we use this spatial computing opportunity to create the next generation of banking experiences? The UXDA team has spent 1000 hours of work to design its vision of AI-powered spatial banking of the future on the visionOS platform.

Le: 14 02 2024 à 21:53 Auteur: walter153

So, how can we use this spatial computing opportunity to create the next generation of banking experiences? The UXDA team has spent 1000 hours of work to design its vision of AI-powered spatial banking of the future on the visionOS platform.

Le: 14 02 2024 à 21:11

Le: 14 02 2024 à 21:04 Auteur: walter153

Elevating user experience through intelligent content enhancement and personalization.

Le: 14 02 2024 à 20:03 Auteur: walter153

How learning app Duolingo’s cheeky five-second spot beat the odds in a crowded field.  

Le: 14 02 2024 à 19:01 Auteur: walter153

I’ve rounded up a fantastic collection of AI tools designed to elevate your design game. From crafting icons to refining UI/UX and simplifying documentation, these AI tools are game-changers. Give them a try and see how they can revolutionize your design workflow.

Le: 14 02 2024 à 17:59 Auteur: walter153

Hello friends, today I’m excited to announce something special: Simple Type Club! A very special calendar-year 2024 subscription which bundles all of our typefaces along with other great perks through December 31, 2024.

Le: 14 02 2024 à 16:58 Auteur: walter153

The star golfer has also revealed that each time he scores another major, the tiger logo will earn another stripe.

Le: 14 02 2024 à 16:30

Le: 14 02 2024 à 16:15 Auteur: walter153

Your typographic soulmate is out there waiting for you. Find them with our quiz!

Le: 14 02 2024 à 16:09 Auteur: walter153

I am a creative. What I do is alchemy. It is a mystery. I do not so much do it, as let it be done through me.

Le: 14 02 2024 à 16:07 Auteur: walter153

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so this latest collection is a billet-doux celebrating the best of the web this month.

Le: 14 02 2024 à 15:58 Auteur: walter153

As independent type foundry Colophon joins Monotype, I catch up with Colophon’s co-founder Anthony Sheret to chat about the state of the industry.

Le: 14 02 2024 à 15:55 Auteur: walter153

rom a small bed & breakfast opened in the founder’s rented house, to a billion dollar multi-national hospitality company — one thing that is crucial to their success has been design.

Le: 13 02 2024 à 18:27 Auteur: walter153

The story is personal, but I hope readers find something they can relate to in their own life stream (I guess that’s the point of blogs)

Le: 13 02 2024 à 17:20 Auteur: walter153

I am a creative. What I do is alchemy. It is a mystery. I do not so much do it, as let it be done through me.

Le: 13 02 2024 à 16:11 Auteur: admin_dev

o boost your chances of success, let’s dive into some strategies and examples to re-engage and retain customers with cart abandonment reminders.

Le: 12 02 2024 à 23:30

Le: 12 02 2024 à 23:13 Auteur: walter153

Should we embrace this as inevitable and tell our kids they no longer need to learn to code? There’s strong evidence that AI has already surpassed the ability of human coders, let’s look at three datapoints…

Le: 12 02 2024 à 21:05 Auteur: walter153

European app makers are seething, comparing Apple to “the Mafia” and piling pressure on lawmakers to act.  

Le: 12 02 2024 à 20:09 Auteur: walter153

Are you ready for the worldwide Creative Cloud price hike?

Le: 12 02 2024 à 20:01 Auteur: walter153

Summary:  Unsure how to design and implement user-interface patterns? Use this collection of links to our content about specific patterns.  

Le: 12 02 2024 à 19:51 Auteur: walter153

When fast onboarding gets in the way of long-term retention.

Le: 12 02 2024 à 18:59 Auteur: walter153

In reading Joe Dolson’s recent piece on the intersection of AI and accessibility, I absolutely appreciated the skepticism that he has for AI in general as well as for the ways that many have been using it. In fact, I’m very skeptical of AI myself, despite my role at Microsoft as an accessibility innovation strategist who helps run the AI for Accessibility grant program. As with any too

Le: 12 02 2024 à 17:59 Auteur: walter153

Just another usability and accessibility pro telling authors not to do the thing they continue to do.

Le: 12 02 2024 à 16:50 Auteur: walter153

At some point in a designer’s career, the age-old question is asked: “Should designers code?” My direct answer for people who design software interfaces is yes.

Le: 09 02 2024 à 21:12 Auteur: walter153

A new Gmail login display announced that Google will be revamping its look

Le: 09 02 2024 à 19:03 Auteur: walter153

The logo is the letters “TTPD” linked together and people on X, formerly Twitter, have shared their thoughts on what it looks like. “Is she launching a private-equity firm,” X user @chrisstanton27 wroteand, at the time of writing, it had been viewed more than 2.7 million times and received over 68,000 likes.

Le: 09 02 2024 à 18:31

Le: 09 02 2024 à 18:01 Auteur: walter153

Pixel-art.ai: purpose-built to produce pixel-art with pixel-perfect precision. Provide the program with a prompt and it will present a picturesque portrayal, perfectly pixelated. Plus, there’s a provided pixel painter to polish pieces perfectly.

Le: 09 02 2024 à 17:59 Auteur: walter153

Ideally, aesthetics and functionality would merge seamlessly in digital design, but that isn’t always the case. Here, we discuss when to prioritize one or the other for the optimal user experience.

Le: 09 02 2024 à 16:52 Auteur: walter153

What could we learn from entry-level students in front-end web development? As seasoned professionals, you might think you’ve seen it all, but the truth is that the newcomers are asking the most intriguing questions and making connections that those of us who have spent years on the front end may have never considered.

Le: 09 02 2024 à 14:14

Le: 09 02 2024 à 13:18 Auteur: walter153

When Airbnb announces something new, it’s the result of months of hard work, thinking, and testing.

Le: 08 02 2024 à 22:28 Auteur: walter153

Unleash your creativity with out-of-this-world web design inspiration from across the web

Le: 08 02 2024 à 21:20 Auteur: walter153

Apple has released MGIE, a new open-source AI model for image editing based on natural language instructions. As reported by VentureBeast, MGIE was developed in collaboration with researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara, MGIE leverages multimodal large language models (MLLMs) to understand user commands and perform pixel-level manipulations on images.

Le: 08 02 2024 à 19:18 Auteur: walter153

An overwhelming number of frameworks and tooling available today gives the impression that web development has gotten perhaps too complex. As a newcomer, it can be frightening to have so many to consider, almost creating a fear of missing out that we see exploited to sell courses and tutorials on the new hot framework that you “cannot work without.”

Le: 08 02 2024 à 19:01

Le: 08 02 2024 à 18:15 Auteur: walter153

For typography aficionados everywhere, there are a few banner days throughout the year to look forward to annually. The release of the Monotype Type Trends Report is one such highlight when the experts over at the heralded font foundry unveil the key trends in the typography space they forecast for the upcoming year. And guess what? Today’s the day for 2024!

Le: 08 02 2024 à 17:12 Auteur: walter153

Redesign of the oldest continuously published magazine in the US, with a focus on a scientific research and ideas.

Le: 08 02 2024 à 16:10 Auteur: walter153

Bard has been the best way for people to directly experience our most capable models. To reflect the advanced tech at its core, Bard will now simply be called Gemini. It’s available in 40 languages on the web, and is coming to a new Gemini app on Android and on the Google app on iOS.

Le: 08 02 2024 à 15:33 Auteur: walter153

“It really does feel like the rug got pulled out from underneath you,” said Jason Pearson, who left Figma in 2021 and owns company stock.

Le: 08 02 2024 à 15:10 Auteur: walter153

Discover new user interface animations and interactive designs in our latest collection.

Le: 07 02 2024 à 22:21 Auteur: walter153

2024 is well underway and shaping up to be an interesting year. So, to help you keep your focus on working hard and getting stuff done, we’ve collected another bunch of helpful bits and pieces from across the web.

Le: 07 02 2024 à 21:35 Auteur: walter153

Boutique digital type foundry at the vanguard of contemporary typeface culture and design finalises asset sale today.  

Le: 07 02 2024 à 20:34 Auteur: walter153

Adobe Firefly, the creativity giant’s popular art-generating artificial intelligence, has spread its wings to reach Apple’s new Vision Pro as a standalone app, allowing users to paint vivid images in the room around them at a whim.

Le: 07 02 2024 à 19:41 Auteur: walter153

The Apple Vision Pro opens up a whole new dimension for type design.

Le: 07 02 2024 à 18:46 Auteur: walter153

Firefox Monitor is now Mozilla Monitor as the company introduces a new Plus paid subscription.

Le: 07 02 2024 à 18:29 Auteur: walter153

As you can see, even the checkmark wasn’t always there. But one thing remained constant: checkboxes were square.

Le: 07 02 2024 à 17:23 Auteur: walter153

The Search is a flexible tool. It can work very differently depending on the context. To understand the topic better, we have outlined a list of principles according to which search can operate.

Le: 07 02 2024 à 17:20 Auteur: walter153

Whether you’re generating content, solving complex data problems, or creating stunning digital art, the quality of the outcomes you receive is directly influenced by the prompts you provide.

Le: 07 02 2024 à 16:26 Auteur: admin_dev

These principles shape not just the visual appeal but also the functionality, accessibility, and emotional impact of a product. As we explore the design philosophies of tech giants like Google, Apple, Airbnb, Facebook, and Medium, we begin by understanding the range and nature of good design principles.

Le: 02 02 2024 à 08:42 Auteur: walter153

Due to some technical issues, our site will undergo some maintenance. Posting of new content will be paused for the time being and resume February 7th. Thank you for your continued support and patience!