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Le: 31 05 2024 à 09:33 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Familiarity enables the transfer of experience between similar products or services, allowing us to be productive without first learning how a system works. When we encounter familiar interface patterns and conventions, we intuitively understand them based on previous experience. This rule of thumb is the basis of Jakob’s Law and helps guide design decisions.

Le: 31 05 2024 à 09:28 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

UX as presented to the general public | Learn typography concepts through interactive exercises | Use AI for personal tasks, for example supermarket shopping | Growth expected in UX jobs in 2024 | Where should UX report within a big company

Le: 31 05 2024 à 09:24 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Curated and handpicked by the best for the best. Discover your next mobile design idea here.

Le: 31 05 2024 à 09:21 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

There are two objections that (much like GPT outputs) are so common they are themselves practically commodities, that inevitably crop up in defense of AI “design.” AI skeptics will say: We will only use the LLM as a starting point, or to bounce off ideas, and verify its work. And AI boosters will say: Our model won’t have this problem, it will be uniquely high-quality because we will train it...

Le: 31 05 2024 à 09:14 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Digital projectors have become one of the most curiously creative devices in home technology today, both in their evolving list of features as well as novel form factors.

Le: 31 05 2024 à 09:12 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Building rapport, or a positive connection, with participants is widely recognised as a crucial element in user experience (UX) research. When participants feel comfortable and engaged, they are more likely to share their true thoughts, feelings, and experiences – leading to a deeper understanding of their needs and pain points.

Le: 30 05 2024 à 13:29 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Le: 30 05 2024 à 08:09 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Designers are the 6th pillar of a business but still they get paid in peanuts and also don’t get much recognition in an industry. This article explains the power of a designer as an individual in any industry and how as a newbie entering into a design industry you can do the same.

Le: 30 05 2024 à 08:03 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

In May 2024 Firefox 126, Safari 17.5, and Chrome 125 became stable. This post looks at the new features added to the web platform.

Le: 30 05 2024 à 07:59 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

You do not have to follow these rules every time. If you have a good reason to break any of them, do. But they are safe to follow every time.

Le: 30 05 2024 à 07:57 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

You can explore various “spells” or design techniques and subscribe to their newsletter for updates.

Le: 30 05 2024 à 07:50 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

How do you know what UI component to choose? Decision trees offer a systematic approach for design teams to document their design decisions. Once we’ve decided what UI components we use and when, we can avoid never-ending discussions, confusion, and misunderstanding.

Le: 29 05 2024 à 12:17

Le: 29 05 2024 à 08:46 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Summer is off to a fun start with some highly dramatic website design trends showing up in projects. Let’s dive in!

Le: 29 05 2024 à 08:44 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

In this tutorial, we will build an AI image-generation app with JavaScript. Users will enter text describing the image they want, then we will call the DALL-E 3 API to generate the image!

Le: 29 05 2024 à 08:39 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

With the hyper-growth phase our studio has undergone, it was crucial that our website reflected our values and our distinctive model.

Le: 29 05 2024 à 08:36 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

“GPT-4o could evaluate video transcriptions and captioned scenes with such precision that the chapters it identified seemed as though a human had curated them. The context was clear, the topics were relevant, and the overall quality of the clips soared.”

Le: 29 05 2024 à 08:33 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Today we deliver ground-breaking generative AI technology to Lightroom with Generative Remove, powered by Adobe Firefly. Now any photographer can make distractions disappear in a single click and get high-quality results in seconds with our most powerful removal tool yet.

Le: 29 05 2024 à 08:28 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Hitting “publish” on a new webpage or major update is exciting, but there’s a nagging fear… Did you miss something? Little mistakes can seriously impact website visitors.

Le: 28 05 2024 à 09:10 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

How would you describe an ideal user research process? What are the key research methods, and when should they be used in product design?

Le: 28 05 2024 à 09:06 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

We just published the results for the first-ever State of HTML survey, the results of months of hard work not only on my part, but also from Lea Verou, who designed the survey questions, and many volunteers helping out with translation, accessibility, testing, and much more.

Le: 28 05 2024 à 09:04 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

A lot of new CSS features have shipped in the last years, but actual usage is still low. While there are many different reasons for the slow adoption, I think one of the biggest barriers are our own brains.

Le: 28 05 2024 à 09:01 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The World Games is an international multi-sport event usually held every four years.

Le: 28 05 2024 à 08:56 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Almost all interaction methods have a “press” and “release” event associated with them. Whenever possible, you should “do the thing” when you get the press event instead of waiting for the release event, because it makes the interaction feel substantially more responsive, and it reduces user errors by not allowing the focus to slide out of the hot box between press and release.

Le: 28 05 2024 à 08:50 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

As a designer, it’s always been a pretty foundational premise that I’m here to make things more beautiful. But the truth is that in recent years I’ve begun to feel less sure. Dangerous thoughts no doubt for someone in my profession, but between you and me I’ve been thinking ugly thoughts for a while now.

Le: 27 05 2024 à 13:34 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

These components are designed to enhance user experience, streamline development processes, and provide customizable options to meet the unique needs of various e-commerce platforms.

Le: 27 05 2024 à 09:03 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

matcha.css is a pure CSS library designed to style HTML elements similarly to a default browser stylesheet, eliminating the need for users to manually patch their documents.

Le: 27 05 2024 à 08:54 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Spotify is as unique and personal as each listener who’s plugged in daily, as well as the artists and creators who have found a home on our platform. We never stop innovating when it comes to building an experience that reflects the vibrancy and creativity of our community. Whether it’s the new products and tools we release or the marketing and events we debut, we are forever evolving.

Le: 27 05 2024 à 08:51 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

If we had container queries, most of what we write as media queries today would actually be container queries.

Le: 27 05 2024 à 08:50 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Let’s consider a table and a chair as examples. The primary affordance of a table is its ability to support items, facilitated by its flat, horizontal surface.

Le: 27 05 2024 à 08:47 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Over the last two years, a series of updates to Google Search amount to a dramatic upheaval to the Internet’s most powerful tool, complete with an unprecedented AI feature. Will Google save the web, or destroy it?

Le: 26 05 2024 à 16:03

Le: 26 05 2024 à 10:21 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Explore our latest motion design collection featuring the best shots from Dribbble to get your creativity flowing.

Le: 26 05 2024 à 10:18 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

fter years of relying on checkbox hacks to create a “switch” control for forms that toggle between two states, HTML may be gaining a native way to go about it by adding a switch attribute to checkbox inputs.

Le: 26 05 2024 à 10:16 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Welcome to another insightful article where we dive into the world of CSS frameworks, specifically comparing two of the most popular ones: Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, choosing the right framework can significantly impact your workflow and the look of your projects. Let’s explore the key differences between Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS to help you make an informed decision. And as always, we welcome your...

Le: 26 05 2024 à 10:10 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Certainly, here’s a article detailing 10 best and 10 worst UX designs examples in daily life, along with reasons and justifications for each:

Le: 25 05 2024 à 07:23 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Start diagramming with any of these free diagramming templates. Or, if you want to see how other teams jam with FigJam, head over to our Community.

Le: 25 05 2024 à 07:20 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Building rapport, or a positive connection, with participants is widely recognized as a crucial element in user experience (UX) research. When participants feel comfortable and engaged, they are more likely to share their true thoughts, feelings, and experiences – leading to a deeper understanding of their needs and pain points.

Le: 25 05 2024 à 07:18 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Design systems are a set of standards (like Google’s Material Design or IBM’s Carbon Design System) needed to manage design at scale. Style guides (like content or visual style guides) are just one piece in a design system.

Le: 07 05 2024 à 08:05 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

One in three consumers (32%) will abandon a brand they love after a single poor experience. Designers can’t afford bad user experiences. This means that user feedback is a non-negotiable. You need to deliver the best user experience from the outset. Discover the principles of UX design in the IxDF User Experience: The Beginner’s Guide course. You’ll learn the practical methods you can apply to provide a better experience for users.

Le: 07 05 2024 à 07:58 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

An SVG pattern generator is a tool that creates unique and customizable patterns using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). The generator allows you to adjust parameters such as color, size, shape, and pattern density to create a pattern that fits specific needs.

Le: 07 05 2024 à 07:55 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Today, we’re back with some nice design finds: hover effects on images. These effects enhance images by revealing additional details upon hover. Highlighting the diversity within, we collected various approaches, some without animation. Explore this versatile set—I hope you find it both inspiring and enjoyable!

Le: 07 05 2024 à 07:53 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

If we’re being honest with ourselves, the transformative new era hasn’t been so transformative yet. We were given the ‘most profound technology since fire,’ and companies have used it to make fake candles.

Le: 07 05 2024 à 07:50 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

To remove some of the confusion, here’s a list of misconceptions about Specificity in CSS

Le: 07 05 2024 à 07:44 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Greys. Who doesn’t love ’em? When it comes to building websites, it can be handy having a few shades of grey at your disposal, no matter your colour palette. We use them for borders and subtle dividers, shadows, and to indicate state changes without overwhelming the user with colour. Some designers feel that a website needs quite a few shades of grey in order to convey subtleties. I once worked...

Le: 06 05 2024 à 17:34 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

As a freelance web developer, app creator, and open-source maintainer, I have to constantly switch back and forth between multiple workflows, such as editing code, designing mockups, managing to-do lists, searching for icons and docs, executing command lines, checking emails with different accounts and so on. Each of these switches requires a constant stream of repetitive actions:

Le: 06 05 2024 à 08:55 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

At its core, UX design is about creating a seamless and enjoyable interaction between the user and the product or service. It involves considering the entire user journey, from the initial awareness of the product to the final interaction and beyond. UX designers strive to understand the user’s goals, behaviors, and pain points, and then use this knowledge to design intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

Le: 06 05 2024 à 08:51 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

There are long forms, and then there are massive forms. A form with over a hundred fields is a different beast because you can’t divide them into pages and call it a day. Additional UX techniques are necessary to make the form faster and easier to complete.

Le: 06 05 2024 à 08:45 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Catch the latest updates, resources, and guides at this year’s developer conference

Le: 06 05 2024 à 08:41 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The founder of StreamAlive believes great technology is so intuitive that it is invisible and great technology experiences are created when they feel like a natural extension of our everyday lives.

Le: 06 05 2024 à 08:29 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Web design is crucial in shaping a positive user experience and enhancing how users interact with your website. It is imperative for both designers and businesses to stay updated on the top web design trends 2024, encompassing aspects such as colors, content, and speed.

Le: 06 05 2024 à 08:27 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

As a designer navigating the constantly changing world of digital creativity and Digital products.

Le: 05 05 2024 à 08:25 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Canva announced 5 new features to empower users to create impactful visual content. These features include AI-powered sorting for Whiteboard stickies, template translation in over 100 languages, improved Magic Write with faster generation speed, new interactive chart options, and the ability to publish Canva Docs as websites.

Le: 05 05 2024 à 08:23 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

In the realm of UI design, adhering to proven design principles can significantly enhance user experience and usability.

Le: 05 05 2024 à 08:17 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The concept of a component is commonly sold as “LEGO [pieces]” , reusable bricks that encapsulate some piece of UI. With only a handful of unique blocks, we can create an infinite number of experiences.

Le: 04 05 2024 à 18:19 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

A blog layout refers to the structure and organization of content on a blog — a webpage that features various types of content, from paragraphs of text to high-quality images or eye catching graphics. Blog content can be about company updates, how-to manuals, personal stories, and more.

Le: 04 05 2024 à 09:24 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The Chrome team believes that masonry should be a separate layout method, defined using display: masonry (or another keyword should a better name be decided upon). Later in this post, you can see some examples of what that could look like in code.

Le: 04 05 2024 à 09:15 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Create the perfect palette or get inspired by thousands of beautiful color schemes.

Le: 04 05 2024 à 09:07 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

How Generative AI advances are helping shape the future of feature design, from enhancing content interaction to more informed decision-making

Le: 04 05 2024 à 09:02 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

When it comes to designing a website, the choices of color and shape aren’t just about aesthetics—they’re about creating an environment that guides user behavior and evokes feelings.

Le: 04 05 2024 à 08:59 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

In 2024, the field of UX design is more competitive than ever. With a market saturated with talent, it becomes imperative for each designer to distinguish themselves not only by their skills but also by their approach. In this article, we will explore innovative and sometimes unexpected strategies to stand out as a UX Designer.

Le: 03 05 2024 à 08:37 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Framer’s update empowers designers with a new masking feature for creative effects. Layers can be masked with gradients or images, and stacked for intricate layouts. Improved collaboration and workflow refinements further streamline the design process.

Le: 03 05 2024 à 08:30 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Choosing between flat and hourly rates involves weighing various pros and cons, which can differ significantly across design disciplines. Opting for a flat rate, however, usually reflects a high degree of trust and professionalism, attracting clients who value and are willing to invest in quality and certainty.

Le: 03 05 2024 à 08:16 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Imagine a design team that takes months to perfect a product’s user interface without user feedback. They’ve put in a lot of time, effort and resources. Then, they discover a shift in the market’s needs. Their design, now outdated, needs major changes.

Le: 03 05 2024 à 08:05 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

While the CSS :has() pseudo-class is widely celebrated for its ability to select a parent element up the chain conditionally based on its contents, there is more conditional logic it is capable of handling when we move it up the chain, so to speak. Amit Sheen demonstrates using :has() to apply styles conditionally when a certain <option> in a <select> element is chosen by the user and how we gain even more conditional styling capabilities when chaining :has() with other...

Le: 03 05 2024 à 08:02 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

JavaScript is a versatile and powerful language used for building interactive web applications. However, as applications grow in complexity, it’s important to optimize the performance of your JavaScript code to ensure a smooth and responsive user experience. In this blog post, we will discuss some best practices for optimizing performance in JavaScript

Le: 03 05 2024 à 07:56 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

This idea split a lot of virtual ink and even led to a podcast episode exchanging ideas around this theme. Between disruptive ideas and killing some time discussing the concept, there is yet no clear future for the super design system. What can be said about it? What are the pros and cons that come to mind when we consider a global design system? Here are my thoughts about the concept.

Le: 02 05 2024 à 18:33 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

A web designer’s schedule can be challenging. We try to plan so that projects don’t overlap. Scrambling to launch multiple websites simultaneously isn’t ideal. But it seems like something always disrupts our carefully crafted agenda.

Le: 02 05 2024 à 18:30 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Predictive analytics has been around for decades, but it’s only with the maturation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that the analytical processes can be automated, allowing practical application of what, until now, has been a largely theoretical field.

Le: 02 05 2024 à 18:25 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Today, I’d like to share a cool WebGL experiment that draws inspiration from a discovery on Pinterest. The demo highlights two interesting visual effects. Firstly, it features a seamless texture transition on a 3D model of a can, accompanied by a dynamic noise effect. Secondly, it incorporates a radial noise field that pulsates from the center, extending beyond the boundaries of the screen.

Le: 02 05 2024 à 07:53

Le: 02 05 2024 à 07:39 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Two years ago, we set out to create SnappOS, a white-label infotainment system aimed at carmakers who don’t have the time or expertise to build their own. We work with carmakers ranging from high-end hypercars to mass-volume micromobility vehicles. All are served by one product.

Le: 02 05 2024 à 07:35 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The digital marketplace is saturated with apps promising significant behaviour change, targeting various aspects of personal development from weight loss and meditation to quitting smoking and improving financial habits. Among these, I have contributed to developing Kitche, an app designed to change food waste behaviour.

Le: 02 05 2024 à 07:34 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Just like web design, type design follows trends. And while there’s always room for an exciting outsider, we tend to see similar fonts released at similar times.

Le: 02 05 2024 à 07:30 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

An attractive and functional mobile application won’t be possible without the foundation of an excellent User Experience (UX). If you want your app to be memorable, have a trusted mobile app development company refine its UX. They can even apply mobile app UX best practices to prioritize a user-centered design (UCD) for an app that users keep coming back to.

Le: 02 05 2024 à 07:27 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

All design schools have one problem > they don’t prepare you for real life events and basic adaptability and soft skills needed to survive in a corporate environment…so that plus a little design experience applied to real world problems (which include the collision of business and design, even if people don’t want to admit it), will derive in fast growth at the beginning.

Le: 02 05 2024 à 07:21 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Exploring the world of browser extensions for better responsive design testing can be quite an adventure. There’s a whole universe of tools out there, each boasting its own array of features. Yet, some truly useful extensions don’t always get the spotlight they deserve, even though they can be incredibly effective in boosting your website’s testing.

Le: 02 05 2024 à 07:14 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

This case study presents one more fintech project in our portfolio: here, we invite you to take a glance at the brand identity and product design created for the financial application Serra.

Le: 01 05 2024 à 11:47 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Have you ever wondered why you visit the bank less or why we now order a product from our device and it arrives the next day instead of going to look for it in the physical store? Have you noticed how the digital world has been integrated into our lives, facilitating many daily activities that were previously physical? All of this has happened thanks to collaborative work teams that, through...

Le: 01 05 2024 à 11:42

Le: 01 05 2024 à 11:38 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

A lot of new CSS features can help you optimize your code and reduce redundancy.

Le: 01 05 2024 à 08:31 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

In my 25+ years of experience, I have seen firsthand that component technology can offer a huge advantage to the companies that take advantage of it. Despite every developer’s unique circumstance, there are several common areas where software development kits (SDKs) consistently impact a developer’s experience.

Le: 01 05 2024 à 08:20 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Mobile devices contribute to over 60% of online traffic. This fact shows the need to provide superior user experiences on mobile devices. Mobile UI (User Interface) is crucial to a website’s success. It consists of visual elements that facilitate interaction with mobile apps and services. Learn how to delight users from the first tap in the IxDF Mobile UI Design Course. Discover the foundations of mobile user interface design to engage...

Le: 01 05 2024 à 08:18 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

7.css is a CSS framework for building interface components that look like Windows 7.

Le: 01 05 2024 à 08:14 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

It is tempting to put transitions and animations on every component in the interface; when done right, an animated UI feels responsive and pleasant to use. But the polish required to reach that point of being “intuitive” or “natural” is immense:

Le: 01 05 2024 à 08:07 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

When sites prioritize products with high rating averages over those with a high number of ratings — or ignore the number of ratings altogether — the resulting product list fails to sort products as users expected, hampering product finding.

Le: 01 05 2024 à 08:05 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

If there is one thing I have yet to master but strongly desire to, it’s flipping a pen between my fingers. There is nothing cooler (to me, anyway) than a creative who can do pen-hand tricks at their desk.

Le: 01 05 2024 à 07:48 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Cloudflare Pages is one of my favorite Cloudflare’s platforms. It’s makes deploying static sites and JAMStack applications easy. You will get access to the fast Cloudflare’s global network, latest web standard such as HTTP3 and QUIC and image compression, and automatic free SSL for you site. It also integrates with Github well that allows you to automate and set up continuous deployment in your site deployment process.