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Le: 30 06 2024 à 07:36 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The design purity trap is the belief that as a designer you should always be evaluated on your creative talents and everything else is secondary. A design purist rejects the need for designers to be good communicators or to learn how to sell their ideas as these things are not “pure design.”

Le: 30 06 2024 à 07:31 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Typography is currently playing a central role in web design, with progressive improvements like Variable Fonts, CSS Shapes, FlexBox, CSS Grids and Subgrid definitively changing the way we work with typography in web design.

Le: 30 06 2024 à 07:27 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

As your business enters international markets, it’ll need to meet the unique needs and demands of each locale. Internationalization and localization strategy help you overcome this challenge by tailoring your digital content to resonate with international audiences. Although they both work toward the same goal of global engagement, their roles and processes are distinct and indispensable. Here’s how each strategy helps your brand achieve success on a worldwide scale.

Le: 30 06 2024 à 07:25 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Writing is just as important to UX design as pushing pixels. For all the focus on Figma and design systems, it’s easy to forget that content is the reason people actually use your product.

Le: 29 06 2024 à 07:25 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Today we evaluate Otilia Oandelea’s portfolio and UX work. Otilia is a UX & product design intern with 2+ years of experience and finished the Google UX Design Professional course in 2022. Despite being entry level designer, the portfolio is presented really well. I will show what UX recruiters and UX hiring managers look for when evaluating such a portfolio using emojis to indicate my emotions.

Le: 29 06 2024 à 07:16 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

AI is indeed transforming industries, revolutionizing the way we work, communicate, and solve problems. Keeping up with the latest trends in AI is crucial for understanding its impact and future potential. This article sums up key and sometimes not obvious, up-to-date AI statistics that everyone should know in 2024.

Le: 29 06 2024 à 07:11 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The last few decades of software have been marked by exponential growth. This trend is far from over. In a world where AI will be able to output fully-functioning interfaces from a simple prompt, design is more important than ever. In fact, design is what will differentiate great products from the obvious solutions, and Figma’s job is to help you explore the option space of possibilities. Today we’re launching many...

Le: 29 06 2024 à 07:05 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

An in-depth look at a redesigned Figma—learn more about how the Figma team approached overhauling the design of the editor, from the overarching IA, to a brand new look and feel, to a create more approachable and immersive editing experience.

Le: 28 06 2024 à 06:13 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Learn how to create a custom tool for printing Riso posters using Three.js.

Le: 28 06 2024 à 06:07 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Flowcharts are an essential tool for organizing ideas and providing clear visual representations of processes and systems. In Figma, these visual aids become even more powerful, allowing for real-time collaboration and seamless integration into your design projects.

Le: 28 06 2024 à 06:06 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

As AI democratizes product development, design will be the differentiator. But what exactly does “good” look like, and what does it mean for our craft?

Le: 28 06 2024 à 06:03 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Unsurprisingly, there are lots of insights in this year’s report that impact professional researchers—but what about the many folks who work alongside them? With our non-researcher colleagues in mind, we thought it’d be helpful to hone in on three key findings from the 2024 survey, from the point-of-view of a non-researcher (me!).

Le: 28 06 2024 à 06:01 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Are you seeking insights into how precise data recovery can impact business efficiency and continuity? In data management and restoration, the ability to recover data elements specifically is crucial. Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) stands out in this area, providing detailed and rapid data recovery capabilities.

Le: 27 06 2024 à 08:29 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Gaining buy-in for accessibility can be challenging due to common myths and misunderstandings. For many, accessibility remains a big mystery. Here are some practical techniques for winning stakeholder support. Part of Smart Interface Design Patterns by yours truly.

Le: 27 06 2024 à 08:28 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Add some summer sizzle to your design projects with trendy website elements. Learn what’s trending and how to use these styles.

Le: 27 06 2024 à 08:27 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Textures can significantly elevate the visual appeal of a design, adding depth, warmth, and character that draw the viewer’s attention. Paper and newspaper backgrounds are especially versatile, offering a range of styles from classic and sophisticated to grungy and rustic.

Le: 27 06 2024 à 08:26 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

If you do a quick search on Google, you will probably find hundreds of training courses for improving design skills and mountains of generic management material, but there’s very little to support designers who want to become leaders.

Le: 27 06 2024 à 08:25 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Integrating AI into banking services will obviously revolutionize the user experience in financial services, offering real-time advice and 24/7 transaction monitoring. However, this shift not only enhances user experience but also addresses critical data privacy concerns. Unlike traditional cloud-based AI, on-device AI, as introduced by Apple, processes data locally, ensuring greater security and reducing latency. For financial institutions, the adoption of on-device AI presents a promising solution to deliver secure,...

Le: 27 06 2024 à 08:19 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Designing a unique digital experiences presents its own set of challenges and the tools to deal with those challenges. Design thinking isn’t having just one opinion/approach, like the L-wrench you get with Ikea furniture. Just as a craftsman relies on a well-stocked toolbox to tackle any job, product and design teams need a diverse set of strategies. By having a range of techniques at their disposal, teams can adapt to the specific needs of...

Le: 26 06 2024 à 07:44 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

What makes or breaks a developer product is what happens after the “aha moment,” or the pivotal moment when a new user realizes the value of your product

Le: 26 06 2024 à 07:39 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Iconography is a crucial part of UI design and web development in general. Well-chosen icons can effectively convey any message and enhance your brand through thoughtful, eye-catching visuals.

Le: 26 06 2024 à 07:37 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

In this article, are described three kinds of features in programming languages: fundamental features, deeply engrained features, and nice-to-have convenience features. Hillel’s premise was that language designers tend to focus on the first two; however, because the convenience features are relatively low-overhead, it’s easier for them to jump between projects, and they provide a quality-of-life increase.

Le: 26 06 2024 à 07:34 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

CSS can be hard and frustrating for beginners. The nature of the language is so different from traditional programming languages. While it’s easy to learn the parts: selectors, properties, etc. It’s much tougher to practically compose multiple ideas together to make something new or more complex happen.

Le: 26 06 2024 à 07:32 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Figma frames are one of the main assets for design. They serve as containers for all your design elements.

Le: 25 06 2024 à 07:09 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

A couple days ago, I posted about the recent CSS WG resolution to add an if() function to CSS. Great as it may be, this is still a long way off, two years if everything goes super smoothly, more if not. So what can you do when you need conditionals right now?

Le: 25 06 2024 à 07:02 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Crafting the perfect wedding menu requires careful consideration of style, theme, and personalization. That’s where wedding menu templates come to aid.

Le: 25 06 2024 à 07:00 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Whether you’ve launched a redesign of your website or rolled out a new feature in your app, that is the point where people normally move on to the next project. But, that is a mistake.

Le: 25 06 2024 à 06:58 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

We’re not artists, by any means. But our success as researchers hinges on the ability to apply innovative thinking to solve complex problems — often multiple times each day. Overlooking the creative aspects of our role can limit our usefulness: you don’t think to improve skills you don’t think you need.

Le: 25 06 2024 à 06:55 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

This design principle helps users navigate your interface by creating visual pathways.

Le: 24 06 2024 à 09:42 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Imagine pouring your heart and soul into a product, only to discover later that nobody wants to use it. This is a real risk when you design without user research. By prioritizing what your users truly need, you can create solutions that are not only intuitive but also drive positive business outcomes.

Le: 24 06 2024 à 09:39 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Single individuals make less of a difference to the success or failure of a technology project than you might think (and that’s a good thing).

Le: 24 06 2024 à 09:36 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Design systems and UI Kit are two UX terms often used interchangeably but are slightly different from each other. According to Nielson Norman group (NN/g), a design system is a set of standards to manage design at scale by reducing redundancy while creating a shared language and visual consistency across different pages and channels. I know the grammar is big 😵‍💫 but let me break it down a little bit.

Le: 24 06 2024 à 09:32 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Our increasingly connected world blends traditional tools and digital media in a fascinating display of artistic talent. Innovation has blurred the lines, allowing for a unique mix of classic methods and modern technology.

Le: 24 06 2024 à 09:30 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Creating accessible emails is crucial for web designers and students alike. Ensuring your emails are accessible widens your audience and provides a better user experience for everyone. Let’s explore some free tools to help you design accessible emails efficiently.

Le: 23 06 2024 à 07:21 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

As UX professionals, we often aim to create user experiences that cater to the needs and preferences of our target audience. However, within any given audience, there is a wide range of individual differences in personality, cognition, and motivations that can impact how users interact with and respond to our products and services. By understanding the role of personality in user experience, we can gain valuable insights into how to...

Le: 23 06 2024 à 07:19 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

That simple sentence first appeared on a PDP-10 mainframe in the 1970s, and the words marked the beginning of what we now know as interactive fiction.

Le: 23 06 2024 à 07:16 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Our next AI + Design report installment explores how product and design leaders should experiment and iterate as hype dissipates and reality sets in.

Le: 23 06 2024 à 07:15 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The battle between headless and traditional content management systems (CMS) is one of the biggest debates going on in the web design industry.

Le: 23 06 2024 à 07:12 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

At Adobe, we are dedicated to nurturing the development and career paths of our interns and early career professionals to support their growth within the company. As part of our Adobe for All mission, our cybersecurity team welcomed 11 interns last year from Bowie State University’s engineering department, a designated Historically Black College and University (HBCU), to help students enhance their cybersecurity skills and career paths.

Le: 22 06 2024 à 07:59 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Google announced its newest feature ‘AI Overviews’ ten days ago on May 14th, 2024. Like all of Google’s AI announcements, understanding how this new feature impacts your business is key to increasing your visibility.

Le: 22 06 2024 à 07:56 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

These three questions will ensure that you’re not wasting your or your company’s time.

Le: 22 06 2024 à 07:52 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Design Notes is a podcast by Liam Spradlin about creative work and what it teaches us. This season begins with a special series celebrating ten years since the launch of Material Design, which will explore the inception, evolution, and future of Google’s design approach.

Le: 22 06 2024 à 07:46 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Building on the article surrounding the copyright debate in GenAI, which delves into the challenges and expert perspectives, this blog post continues to explore the evolving landscape through predictive insights. As we look ahead, the interplay between technology, law, and ethics becomes increasingly complex, prompting a closer examination of potential legal frameworks, and market shifts:

Le: 21 06 2024 à 08:09 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

For this article, I explored creating larger AI-generated sculptures with my new Bambu A1 Mini 3D printer. I devised a scheme to build larger creations using “plugs and holes” to join smaller parts together. The scheme is similar to the Lego concept but with bigger and more intricate parts. My final piece, “Contemplation in Blue,” stands 24 inches tall, 17 inches wide, and 9 inches deep.

Le: 21 06 2024 à 08:06 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Some fun Terminal-like character hover animations for lines of text.

Le: 21 06 2024 à 08:03 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Many job openings in UX assume very specific roles with very specific skills. Product designers should be skilled in Figma. Researchers should know how to conduct surveys. UX writers must be able to communicate brand values.

Le: 21 06 2024 à 08:01 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Modern Fortune 500 software companies operate with millions of servers, tens of thousands of employees, and limitless connectivity. These companies invest heavily in standards and regulatory compliance, vulnerability scanning, application security, and other security defenses to help harden their massive footprints and improve their ability to respond to cyberattacks.

Le: 21 06 2024 à 07:57 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

In today’s digital landscape, a responsive website is crucial for providing a seamless user experience across various devices. For those using Wix Studio to build their sites, ensuring that their design looks great and functions well on all screen sizes can be a challenge. Fortunately, tools like Pixefy make it easy to check and optimize the responsiveness of their Wix Studio website.

Le: 20 06 2024 à 08:49 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Michelle Barker is onto an excellent idea in Progressively Enhanced Popover Toggletips. Her idea is that footnotes are the perfect sort of thing to make popovers. You know popovers: It’s like when I put a superset1 number in a sentence (like I just did) and then link it down to the bottom of the post to explain something in more detail which would have been distracting detail to put in the paragraph...

Le: 20 06 2024 à 08:44 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Permission prompts are the web’s main mechanism to protect powerful capabilities that are potentially dangerous to users’ privacy and security.

Le: 20 06 2024 à 08:42 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

NNG’s 6 levels of design maturity is a popular tool to assess an organization’s UX-related strengths and weaknesses. However, an organization is run by people, and it is essential to have people who are mature enough to handle challenges.

Le: 20 06 2024 à 08:39 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

have been using design systems throughout my career, but it wasn’t until I joined a startup as a founding product designer that I had to fully embrace their importance and how they’re made.

Le: 20 06 2024 à 08:36 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Nothing has always looked different from its beginning. Founded by Chinese-Swedish entrepreneur Carl Pei in 2020, the brand’s see-through industrial design language – spearheaded by music device darlings Teenage Engineering – quickly allowed the startup to find a niche within the competitive mobile device category.

Le: 19 06 2024 à 17:26 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Discover the best web motion design tools to elevate your website’s visual appeal. Explore top software options and enhance user experience.

Le: 19 06 2024 à 09:36 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

For much of the time I’ve spent fiddling with the code for this site, I kept my navigation for desktop and mobile nearly identical. A horizontal row of labels and icons: on desktop, displayed next to my name and, on mobile, those same items under my name. That’s (fairly) recently been swapped out for proper, responsive, mobile navigation that’s facilitated with a bit of CSS.

Le: 19 06 2024 à 09:34 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Believe it or not, great branding is about more than just a logo. Ask the experts and they’ll tell you that it’s a combination of things. “We respond to experiences,” says Ben Marshall, creative director at Landor Associates, “stories we can pass on, and frankly, some things that are simply unusual or inspired.”

Le: 19 06 2024 à 09:31 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Let’s explore how this principle can make your interfaces more intuitive and user-friendly.

Le: 19 06 2024 à 09:29 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The great thing about being a freelancer is that you’re in charge. That can also work against you, though. You make all the decisions. So, who’s to blame when something goes wrong? Just take a look in the mirror.

Le: 19 06 2024 à 09:26 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Welcome to our roundup of the best new fonts we’ve found online in the last month. This month, there are notably fewer revivals and serifs and a lot more chunky sans serifs than usual. Enjoy!

Le: 19 06 2024 à 09:25 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Whether you want to take your user research skills to the next level, get better at UX writing, or stay up-to-date on the latest design trends, a newsletter is the perfect opportunity to get the best of the best resources delivered straight to your inbox on a regular basis. In this post, we highlight some design newsletters that you might want to consider subscribing to.

Le: 18 06 2024 à 13:29

Le: 18 06 2024 à 12:40

Le: 18 06 2024 à 12:13

Le: 18 06 2024 à 08:54 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Visuals are a core part of the design process, but they can also conceal incomplete thinking. Without establishing conceptual fidelity through tools like the primary user benefit, designers risk creating negative value for their teams.

Le: 18 06 2024 à 08:49 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Have you ever stared at a blank page, feeling the urge to create something, but found yourself stuck in a creative block, not knowing how to start? You’re not alone. Creativity can be a fickle friend. It might inspire you with ideas at 3 AM and then vanish when you’re ready to work. But here’s some uplifting news: Your smartphone, the device you carry with you everywhere, could be the secret...

Le: 18 06 2024 à 08:46 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Figma has revolutionized the design world with its real-time collaboration and seamless design process. However, presenting your designs effectively often requires high-quality mockups that showcase your work in a realistic context.

Le: 18 06 2024 à 08:42 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Learn how to visually test websites using Chromatic and Playwright to ensure that web interfaces remain visually consistent and free of bugs.

Le: 18 06 2024 à 08:40 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Information Architecture or as it’s often written for short ‘IA’, is a standard part of the UX Process. This is like a blueprint for the layout and structure of websites, apps, or other digital platforms to ensure that users can navigate and access information intuitively. You get attracted to IA if you love solving problems and organizing complex information in a clear and logical way.

Le: 17 06 2024 à 08:14 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Every illustration and style included in this library has been carefully designed based on market research, this is simply what UI and UX designers are looking for

Le: 17 06 2024 à 08:10 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The experimental CSS function calc-size(auto) can be used so that transitions and animations can go from zero (0) to this value. But that is unlikely to be the final syntax! ⚠️ So be forewarned.

Le: 17 06 2024 à 08:07 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

I have a confession to make; I’m a foodie. I spend a lot of time and effort thinking about food and coffee related things. You can say it’s one of my special interests… This post is an attempt to view this through a UX psychology lens.

Le: 17 06 2024 à 08:02 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

If you are a designer using Figma then you are probably familiar with building prototypes to help take your static designs into realistic versions of your product.

Le: 17 06 2024 à 08:00 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

To us, the good designer Greever describes is an ineffective one. Why? That designer will often leave his best work on the drawing board, because without agreement or support, no customer will ever see it.

Le: 17 06 2024 à 07:56 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

If you’re a budding illustrator, check out our guide to the best drawing tablets and monitors for graphic artists. For the traditional artists out there, take a look at our guide to the best art supplies to get set up with the top kit for all your future projects.

Le: 16 06 2024 à 08:42 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The primary goal of this is to provide a better user experience. I am unsure what are the implications for SEO, but I am hoping that it will be positive. I will keep you updated on this.

Le: 16 06 2024 à 08:40 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Traveling abroad is an exciting adventure, offering new experiences and cultures to explore, but staying safe is crucial, especially when you’re in a foreign country or visiting unfamiliar places for the first time.

Le: 16 06 2024 à 08:38 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

While the assets are important, they’re merely one part of a broader picture. It’s the human systems and the processes by which humans wield technology that overwhelming make or break a design system effort. What we’ve learned is that those same human systems and processes are what truly matter when it comes to innovating and adopting new technologies.

Le: 16 06 2024 à 08:36 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

What are these CSS Container Style Queries, and why should you use them? Juan Diego Rodríguez delves deeply into style queries, and not at the syntax level, but at what exactly they are solving and what sort of use cases you would find yourselves reaching for them in your work if and when they gain browser support.

Le: 15 06 2024 à 09:52 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

This isn’t just a minor hiccup; it’s a full-blown crisis. It all becomes too real as everyone scrambles, once again trying to meet a deadline that can’t be pushed back because that’s not even an option.

Le: 15 06 2024 à 09:51 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Artificial Intelligence has assimilated Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and now Apple. There is no escape: As soon as you open your computer you’re invited to skip thinking and let the machine fill the void. But what if we used AI not to think less but more?

Le: 15 06 2024 à 09:49 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Choosing a clean, minimal design for your Shopify store brings many benefits. It will not only make your store look sleek and professional but also help improve website load times and enhance the user experience.

Le: 15 06 2024 à 09:44 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Apple: compared to WWDC 2023, in which Apple started with a reserved, if not slightly lethargic introduction by Tim Cook, in this year’s edition they’ve decided to go full “rock-and-roll”, with Craig Federighi and Co jumping out of a plane and onto the Apple Loop to the blazing guitar riffs of Mötley Crüe’s “Kickstart My Heart”. It’s a stark contrast to last year, bringing much more energy and excitement to...

Le: 14 06 2024 à 08:28 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The UX Leadership Days, taking place on 8-9 October, 2024 in Berlin, is an exclusive workshop-focused gathering designed for UX decision-makers that want to delve into the strategic and organizational dimensions of AI for User Experience Design.

Le: 14 06 2024 à 08:25 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The web development landscape is constantly evolving and as user requirements also change, developers continue to explore ways to build frontend applications with a balance of performance, flexibility, and maintenance. JavaScript-heavy frameworks help developers build frontend applications, but they often introduce scalability and maintenance challenges and can be complex to manage.

Le: 14 06 2024 à 08:22 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

I save many things each month that I find inspiring for some reason, and I like organized lists, so I figured I’d share those lists and maybe help someone out of a creative block.

Le: 14 06 2024 à 08:15 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The relationship between people and digital experiences via screens is a constant dialogue of design. And that language is always changing.

Le: 14 06 2024 à 08:12 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

When I was 19 years old, I dropped out of college and moved to San Francisco. I had a job offer in hand to be a Unix sysadmin for Taos Consulting. However, before my first day of work I was lured away to a startup in the city, where I worked as a software engineer on mail subsystems.

Le: 14 06 2024 à 08:10 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

How many words per minute can you type? In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a typing test game with JavaScript. The app will feature a timer that runs for 1 minute, then displays the result.

Le: 13 06 2024 à 08:12 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

I want to understand a designer’s motivations, experiences, inspirations, and anything else that gives context to their work. OGs may recall the headline from the early days: “What are you working on? Dribbble is show and tell for designers.”

Le: 13 06 2024 à 08:09 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

We’ve all witnessed an avalanche of AI-powered tools flood the landscape over the last year and a half. At Big Medium, we help complex organizations design at scale and pragmatically adopt new technologies, so naturally we’ve been putting AI tools through their paces in order to uncover opportunities to help people produce better digital products and work better together.

Le: 12 06 2024 à 16:56 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

In this video, I will cover my Figma file structure and pages organisation. I will walk you through my design process for a branding and app design project, from research through concept to final design and asset export. You will learn how following this design process and organisation method will streamline your design and reduce clutter in your design work.

Le: 12 06 2024 à 08:28 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Without fail, in spring of every year, the discussion around low fidelity vs high fidelity design makes a comeback. Both sides make very good points: low fidelity allows the designers to make more quick, rough sketches and test them more rapidly, therefore it’s higher up the value chain, meanwhile high fidelity is easier to test because it looks like a real interface so when you prototype you can suspend disbelief...

Le: 12 06 2024 à 08:25 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

This isn’t just a minor hiccup; it’s a full-blown crisis. It all becomes too real as everyone scrambles, once again trying to meet a deadline that can’t be pushed back because that’s not even an option.

Le: 12 06 2024 à 08:22 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

WordPress has been around for over 20 years. Part of its continuing popularity stems from how extensible it is. A skilled developer can make the content management system (CMS) do just about anything.

Le: 12 06 2024 à 08:17 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Upload an image, and our AI-powered font finder will match it with over 990K+ fonts, including both commercial and free options. We’ll then show you more than 60 similar fonts.

Le: 12 06 2024 à 08:14 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Do perfect Lighthouse scores mean the performance of your website is perfect? As it turns out, Lighthouse is influenced by a number of things that can be manipulated and bent to make sites seem more performant than they really are, as Salma Alam-Naylor demonstrates in several experiments.

Le: 11 06 2024 à 07:50 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

A grid animation based on Rémi Clauss’ concept where grid items move to a specific position relative to their initial one.

Le: 11 06 2024 à 07:48 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

On an impulse in the Getty bookshop this April I picked up a book of essays called Just Enough Design by a designer called Taku Satoh who I confess I had never heard of.

Le: 11 06 2024 à 07:44 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

User experience (UX) design must consider the varied needs of all audience members. Accessibility in design matters for those with visual or physical differences. However, one thing designers sometimes fail to consider is neurodiverse people.

Le: 11 06 2024 à 07:42 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

With the development of technology and society’s changing needs, the design profession will undergo certain transformations. I am sure that in the coming years, we will witness the emergence of new specialisations in design that combine creativity with the latest technologies.

Le: 11 06 2024 à 07:39 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The main idea of CSS Container Queries is to register an element as a “container” and apply styles to other elements when the container element meets certain conditions.

Le: 10 06 2024 à 08:47 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Generative AI is reshaping the landscape of design, ushering us into an era where deeply individualized user experiences become the norm. Personalization reaches beyond the tailored, transcending into the realm of the deeply individualized, fostering one-on-one connections at scale — true hyper-personalization. I’m not calling for the abandonment of established design principles but for their evolution, to harness the potential of GenAI in a human-centric way.

Le: 10 06 2024 à 08:40 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Glassmorphism is a visual design style that utilizes different levels of translucency to create depth and contrast between foreground and background elements, mimicking frosted glass.

Le: 10 06 2024 à 08:38 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

From time immemorial, the Evil Martians team has worked on dozens of Ruby on Rails projects every year. Naturally, this process involves a lot of Ruby gems. Some reflect our desire to be cutting-edge and to use modern tools (or build our own!) Other gems are so flexible they’ve been used in most of our projects. Our development philosophies, programming habits, and soul are within this universe of Martian gems. So...

Le: 10 06 2024 à 08:36 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The answer lies in team collaboration software. These simple but powerful aids act as bridges that allow designers, clients, and stakeholders to share their thoughts in a way that help minimize misunderstandings. You can use them to transform abstract ideas into tangible changes and refine concepts with clear direction.

Le: 10 06 2024 à 08:32 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Next.js is a popular React framework that enables developers to build fast, SEO-friendly, and scalable web applications. It offers powerful features like server-side rendering, static site generation, and API routes, making it an excellent choice for modern web development. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk through the process of building your first Next.js application from scratch.

Le: 10 06 2024 à 08:24 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The problem with magic, of course, is that it’s not easy to define—and even harder to replicate. According to Charmaine, it’s tempting to judge the merits of a product based on its UI, but this is, in fact, a trap. “Even the most experienced product managers occasionally forget that a sleeker design doesn’t necessarily equate to a better product for users,” she says. So what does it take to build a developer...

Le: 10 06 2024 à 08:22 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Premiere Pro was already a formidable video editor with unmatched features in the software marketplace, even before Adobe introduced all the AI features.

Le: 10 06 2024 à 08:19 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The times for CSS have probably never been more exciting than today. In this quick read, we’ve got some useful CSS tips and techniques for you that you can apply to your work right away. Let’s dive deeper into self-modifying CSS variables, hanging punctuation, and more.

Le: 08 06 2024 à 07:59 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Can you imagine a world where interfaces adapt to your needs as if by magic? In the near future, artificial intelligence (AI) will transform our digital interactions.

Le: 08 06 2024 à 07:57 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Sign-up forms, they’re pretty common! What’s also common is for the submit button to float above the input, like this:

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The other day I spotted these lovely VHS posters and wondered how you might make that slanted background pattern there with just CSS. So I took a crack at it and got pretty close:

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‍When we think about what would make a website stand out from the rest, what goes to our mind? If it’s text animation, possibly it would be one of the latter options that we would think of.

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Learn how to create a custom range slider with smooth motion effects using only CSS. This guide covers the necessary techniques to enhance your web design with dynamic and interactive sliders, eliminating the need for JavaScript. Perfect for adding a polished and modern touch to your user interface.

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Do you work to live or live to work? Freelance designers often start with the idea that their work will be flexible because they can set their own schedules. However, constant project demands can lead to burnout. We all know that when we can’t balance work and life, it affects us emotionally. Ironically, being a workaholic can actually hinder your ability to achieve your goals.

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In this month’s roundup of the best tools for web designers and developers, we’ll explore a range of new and noteworthy tools designed to enhance various aspects of your daily tasks. Whether you’re looking to balance your work and life more effectively, find inspiration for web interactions, or streamline your development process, there’s something here for everyone.

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A Google search for generative UI will take you to a set of articles with loosely defined definitions of how it is a concept of generating dynamic user interfaces in real-time, much like a conversational AI generates an answer to your query. As technology capabilities evolve across both hardware and software, there may be a home soon for experiences leveraging generative UI in unique use cases, but certainly does not...

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In today’s competitive financial landscape, exceptional user experience (UX) is not just a differentiator-it’s a must. Financial apps and services can either simplify our financial lives or add to our stress. Understanding the psychology behind user behavior is crucial for designing products that are not only functional but also engaging and stress-free. This article explores the key psychological principles that can transform financial UX design from a source of frustration...

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For users on a Starter or Professional team, we’re relocating where your drafts live. Starting this week, you’ll be asked to move your drafts into a team space.

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Check out our latest motion design collection, featuring the best selections from Dribbble to spark your creativity.

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It’s been a horrible year for design. Mass layoffs from 2023 continued and got even worse. AI is threatening to take creatives’ jobs, designers need to go through up to 11 rounds of interviews to finally land a job. Once they do, they’re asked to perform the work that would take at least two or three designers to complete.

Le: 06 06 2024 à 08:42 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

text-decoration-offset is a good use case for em units. Most of the time we favor rems over ems, but in this case we want the text underline offset to proportionally scale with the `font-size` property. Here’s a quick demo:

Le: 06 06 2024 à 08:40 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

None of their products were visually consistent. You could easily see 4 different eras of styling throughout their products. It was visually unappealing. They wanted a system that could be used across their apps to unify their feel and user experience.

Le: 06 06 2024 à 08:35 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a constantly changing field and as a professional, you should always adapt according to the trends in this industry.

Le: 06 06 2024 à 08:33 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

here’s more to achieving good UX than research and design. We need to effectively communicate our ideas to gain buy-in from key stakeholders. How do we share our findings with diverse audiences in a way that will empower them to make smart UX decisions?

Le: 05 06 2024 à 16:41 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Turning a website into an application involves adapting and extending the functionalities and design of the website to fit the framework and user expectations of a mobile, desktop or web app. Let’s see how to make website an app, when is the right time to do so, and which websites became apps.

Le: 05 06 2024 à 10:37 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Canva. if you talk to a professional designer about Canva, the first reaction is usually an eye roll, followed by a joke about Word Art (Anyone remember Office 2000?). It is there, it’s free-ish, but would we use it?

Le: 05 06 2024 à 09:04 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Voice user interfaces (VUIs) are rapidly gaining popularity, allowing users to interact with devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home using voice commands.

Le: 05 06 2024 à 08:59 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

You can test your websites on multiple devices under multiple conditions in parallel. A set of well-thought tools and features allow you to develop and test for all use-cases without having to manually simulate them in a regular browser.

Le: 05 06 2024 à 08:56 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

There are so many twisty contradictions in our experiences with AI and the messages we receive about it. It’s smart, but it’s dumb. It’s here, but it’s yet to come. It’s big, but it’s small. So much opportunity, but so much risk.

Le: 05 06 2024 à 08:51 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

he web is still a young platform, and we’re only now beginning to recognize what “success” looks like for large projects. In his recent Smashing book, Success at Scale, Addy Osmani presents practical case studies featuring the web’s most renowned companies and their efforts to make big changes to existing apps and sites. In this article, Addy shows some of the key insights he has learned.

Le: 05 06 2024 à 08:47 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Are you tired of constantly feeling like you’re playing catch-up with the ever-evolving world of web design trends? You create a concept and — the next day you find out that it’s outdated. You google the latest tendencies and you’re overwhelmed with the suggestions. Which of them will work?

Le: 04 06 2024 à 10:08 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Telegram has rolled out a new update that brings a range of exciting features to users, including the ability to add animated effects to messages, place captions above media, discover public posts using global hashtags, hide text snippets with collapsible quote blocks, and much more.

Le: 04 06 2024 à 10:07 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The worlds of B2B and B2C product management have long been viewed as inherently different. But is this really the case?

Le: 04 06 2024 à 09:36 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

On average, a web page produces 4.61 grams of CO2 for every page view; for whole sites, that amounts to hundreds of KG of CO2 annually.

Le: 04 06 2024 à 09:34 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

The design of alarm clocks has changed a lot over the years, and perhaps many of us will remember some iconic examples that integrated the snooze mode, such as the Braun Classic Analogue Travel Alarm Clock with Snooze and Light, produced in the late ’80s.

Le: 04 06 2024 à 09:26 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

CSS has an infinity constant. When I first learned about this, my brain lit up with all kinds of absurd possibilities. Let’s discuss! There might even be some practical use cases.

Le: 04 06 2024 à 08:04 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Freeble provides a curated list of the best free online resources and tools.

Le: 03 06 2024 à 08:07 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Designers are the 6th pillar of a business but still, they get paid in peanuts and also don’t get much recognition in an industry. This article explains the power of a designer as an individual in any industry and how as a newbie entering into a design industry you can do the same.

Le: 03 06 2024 à 08:04 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

It’s time to come to terms with what we’re actually doing when we design websites, native and web apps, why it’s important, and where the future of our design environments is headed.

Le: 03 06 2024 à 08:02 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Not long ago, when managing spacing on the web, our first thought would often be to use margin. Consider a card component, for instance, which includes an image, title, and description. In such a layout, margin was the go-to solution for controlling the spacing between these elements.

Le: 03 06 2024 à 07:54 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

This style can add personality and uniqueness to your interface, making it feel more approachable and creative.

Le: 03 06 2024 à 07:50 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

A little hover motion effect on a grid and an intro animation.

Le: 02 06 2024 à 10:16 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

As a freelance designer, you’ve probably come across the terms LLC and S Corp, but deciding between the two can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to know when it comes to comparing the two and choosing the right one can make a big difference in the success of your freelance design career. In this guide, we’ll break down the differences between LLCs and S Corps, and help you determine which...

Le: 02 06 2024 à 10:12 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Perhaps we want to time a quiz or put pressure on a survey. Maybe we are just trying to making a dramatic countdown after a user has done something great like successfully booking a concert ticket.

Le: 02 06 2024 à 10:08 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Well-designed interfaces don’t just happen. Great product experiences are the result of great people, tools, and of course, processes.

Le: 01 06 2024 à 09:32 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

This article delves into the effects of these changes, exploring how they influence content creators’ strategies and YouTube’s overall user engagement.

Le: 01 06 2024 à 09:30 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

It’s that time again to check out some tools, libraries, and frameworks for our web developer friends. This month’s collection has a bunch of goodies, from cool JavaScript libraries to handy tools for GitHub releases, and even a DIY version of Heroku you can host yourself.

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It’s sad to say, but many have come to see research as being expendable. If budgets or timelines are tight, research tends to be one of the first things to go. Instead of investing in research, some product managers rely on designers or—worse—their own opinion to make the “right” choices for users based on their experience or accepted best practices.

Le: 01 06 2024 à 09:24 Auteur: Robert Tanislav

Welcome to the second (and final) instalment of the UX research methods playbook. Hopefully splitting it makes the content less cumbersome and easier to use.