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Le: 04 07 2019 à 06:27 Auteur: Marco

One of the things I really like about web development, is the usage of the background-position CSS property. It allows you to move a background image around within its container. jFancyTile: A jQuery tile shifting image viewer plugin, realies heavily on this technique. Sadly, Xamarin doesn’t have a property like CSS that we can use out-of-the-box to recreate that effect. But, with some help of FFImageLoading, we can get the same results. In particular, the CropTransformation can crop away parts of an image so we can have some fun with each individual tile that makes up the complete image. So today, we’ll see how to build beautiful tiled image animations with Xamarin.Forms. You can view the source on Github if you directly want to dive into the code. Since it’s 4th of July, I’ve made sure the demos include some fireworks as well! Demo Let’s take a look at what we’ll be creating. The text and images for this demo are from PopOptiq, but can easily be changed to suit your needs. The concept The idea can be broken down into several steps: Split an image into sevaral tiles that together make up the complete image. The CropTransformation from FFImageLoading

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