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Le: 07 07 2020 à 18:07 Auteur: Marco

Filling text with images seems like an easy thing to do with tools like Photoshop, but can be a tedious task when developing it for mobile apps. I wanted to see if this was possible and got it working using the Experimental Xamarin.Forms Shapes. Read the steps below to learn how to fill text with images in Xamarin.Forms, or dive directly in the demo code on Github. The demo that I created is fully inspired by some retro games, can you name them all? I’ll give you a hint: they were part of the Pixels-movie as well. Answers can be found at the bottom of this post! Draw text from a Path First we’ll need to get the Path data from the font that we want to use. The Google font to SVG path converter is an excellent source to convert any Google Font to Path data. I selected the Press Start 2P-font since it has that retro vibe and is thick enough to keep the image visible. Simply fill in the text that you want to convert to Path data and the tool will generate it for you. Copy this data into your Xamarin.Forms application and use the Path-shape

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