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Le: 29 06 2020 à 07:39 Auteur: Marco

Xamarin recently added new functionality for developers to build mobile apps: Xamarin.Forms Shapes. As the name suggest, it allows developers to create shapes without being restricted to rectangles or ellipses. At this time, this power is only unleashed when setting the “Shapes_Experimental“-flag but it has some great potential. I wanted to build something using Shapes and went looking for some design inspiration. Luckily, an old friend of mine helped me out without knowing it! The design is completely inspired by Chris Spooner from SpoonGraphics. His article “How to Create a Colourful Geometric Pattern in Illustrator” made me think “Hey, I can code this!“. I was lucky enough to interview this talented creative back in 2009 and I would still recommend you to follow him if you want the highest quality design tutorials and resources out there. Let’s get to it! The result Let’s start with the result in mind. The colorful geometric background will look like the sample you see on the left. Xamarin.Forms Shapes makes building this easy & cross-platform usable without using any images! You can view the complete result on Github. All this background is, is a collection of triangles. Four of them make a square or

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Le: 16 06 2020 à 07:07 Auteur: Marco

If you’re trying to create automated tests for your Xamarin app, you must have stumbled across Xamarin.UITest. It’s a great way to bring the quality of your application to the next level. Just make sure to apply the best practices when using Xamarin.UITest (especially the Page Object Pattern) otherwise your code can get messy really fast. But when everything is set up properly, you can automatically test your application through the UI on over 1000 devices using Visual Studio App Center! When creating a new app in Visual Studio, simply select the checkbox “Add an automated UI Test project” to add an UITest to your application. Now let’s see what kind of code or functionality I use from Xamarin.UITest to create useful tests! In this sample I’ll be using the following XAML code to create a very simple Xamarin.Forms (or Maui?) application with an input field that validates if the input is using only digits. Take special note of the usage of AutomationId, since we’ll be using it later. <StackLayout Margin="20"> <Label Text="Only enter digits" /> <Entry AutomationId="entryDigits" /> <Button Text="Validate" /> <Label AutomationId="lblResult" IsVisible="false" /> </StackLayout> Using this simple example, we can also cover the most commonly used actions

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